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Hello There Good IG Friends! 🙋‍♀️ Saturday night dinner🍽🍽 Oven roast chicken with lavander, olive oil and rosemarie. This goes with roast celeriac oven chips steamed cauliflower and green beans. Happy Dinner and best wishes to all. floridameakinfm fmsouthwell💟 . . . . . . saturdaynight homemadecuisine homefoodie yummyfood floridameakinfm fmsouthwell💟 foodbloger foodphograph healthyfood eatin mykitchen homesweethome lavander relax oliveoil celeriac roastdinner familydinner🍽

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You all went crazy for the recipe when I put this up before and I made it again the other day so thought I would share what I used! 👇🏻🤪💃🏼 . . 1 block of tofu 2tsp of cornflour 1tsp of coconut oil Chop tofu into cubes and coat in cornflour and fry in coconut oil over medium heat for 15minutes Sauce; 2tbs ketchup 1tbs sweet chilli sauce 2tsp soy sauce 1/2tsp ginger grated 1/2 garlic and onion powder 2tbs of water Mix sauce together and throw in the pan once the tofu is crispy, cook for a further few minutes until sticky and coated. Serve and enjoy 😉 . . 👆🏻 served with steamed kale and cauliflower rice 😋 . . .

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I start my senior year of college in two days!🍎 I will be student teaching all year, meaning that I’ll need to pack my lunch every day. This honestly helps me stay on track with my eating so much because I only eat what I bring👌👌 Although it’s going to be a lot of work and late study nights, I’m excited to finally be in the classroom all day every day and pursue my passion (next to fitness of course😉) • • • • • backtoschool healthy healthyfood healthylifestyle collegefitness weightlossgoals fitness school teacher healthyteacher teacherlife

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When your daughter’s Friday night is more lit than yours, you re-evaluate 😂

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Bonsoir à tous les IG 😘😘😘😘 Comment ça va? Quoi de bons dans vos assiettes ce soi? Moi c'est i e petite omelette qui a l'air d'une pizza😍😍😍😍....hyperdelicieuse.... . . . . . . eat foodporn fitness fit eatgood instafood foodposts foodpornography reequilibrage regimeuse fitfood gymaddict vegangoodshare foodlovers eathealthy eating fitfrenchies fitgirls foodpornography fitmoms food lunch veganfood vegan homemade homesweethome feed garden health healthylifestyle healthyfood

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When I eat this, I tend to eat too much 🙈. If you could only smell this! Tonight cauliflower curry with chicken dumpling. Other ingredients: fresh ginger, garlic, onion, coconut milk and a can wit tomato cubes. Actually it is a matter of putting everything together and start waiting.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wanneer ik dit eet, heb ik de neiging teveel te eten🙈. Als jullie dit eens konden ruiken! Vanavond bloemkool curry met kippendijfilet. Overige ingrediënten: verse gember, knoflook, ui, kokosmelk en tomatenblokjes. Eigenlijk is het een kwestie van alles bij elkaar doen en wachten...

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Have a twisted day☀️🤤 — Stop in and make your own bowl!🍇 — Follow twistedeats for more

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Tarte tatin freestyle

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En días así estar en el agua es lo mejor que hay 😍🌊☀️

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Thanks for the shoutout! Love your stuff and anyone following me should follow garagegymlifemagazine - and just so you know... he said Nutrition Nerd, not nutritioner! . Repost from garagegymlifemagazine using RepostRegramApp .. . Shoutout to Jim Hallinan! Thank you for the follow and tagging us in your Instagram story. Go check out jimmynutrition and give him a follow!

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Merhabaaalaaar 🙋🏻‍♂️ Çayın yanında tüketebileceğiniz şekersiz tuzsuz fit bir kraker tarifi veriyorum not alın 📝 ✨ 2 su bardağı tam buğday unu ✨ 15 adet zeytin (çekirdeklerini çıkartıyoruz) ✨ Kuru domates (2 yemek kaşığı kadar) ✨ 1 orta boy yumurta ✨ 1 tatlı kaşığı kekik ✨ Yarım çay bardağı su malzemelerin hepsini derin bir kapta hamur kıvamı alıncaya dek karıştırıyoruz. Daha sonra yağlı kağıt serdiğimiz fırın tepsisine diziyoruz. Üzerinin sosu için; ✨ 3 yemek kaşığı zeytinyağı ✨ 1 tatlı kaşığı karbonat ✨ 2 diş sarımsak ✨ 1 tatlı kaşığı kekik karıştırıp üzerine sürüyoruz. Ardından 180 derecede ısıttığımız fırınımızda yaklaşık 20-25 dakika pişirdikten sonra afiyetle yiyoruz 😋 nutrition fitness diet onlinediyet health healtyfood healthylifestyle diyet sağlık eat eating eatwell eatclean fit fitnessmotivation yummy grissini dinner workout foodporn fitlife gym diyetteyiz getfit fitlifestyle life lifestyle istanbul healtydinner healthyfood