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Do you know who needs cupping? • runners • crossfitters • cyclists • a 9-5er at a desk all day • people with tight IT bands • people with tight traps • your mom • dad • you • your babysitter ➡️ You catching on? . . . Cupping promotes healthy blood flow and eliminates stagnant blood that causes soreness, inflammations and tenderness. So when you’re feeling that kink in your neck, ache in your shoulder or a pain that stems from your hip to your toes, you NEED to get in! . . . betterbalanceacupuncture acupuncture obtainbetterbalance acupunctureworks acupuncturist tcm traditionalchinesemedicine mindfulmedicine preventativemedicine alternativemedicine treatyoself feelbetter healthylifestyle wellness healthy sacmag sacramento local localbusiness supportlocal midtownsac downtownsac womeninbusiness

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El 24 de julio ven a celebrar la amistad con nuestra Masterclass de Zumba impartida por rayco_vinoly en el parque anexo al Auditorio Alfredo Kraus. Invita a un amigo y disfruta de una actividad diferente a las 10 y 18 h . ¿celebramos la amistad?🙋💃🕺 health fitness fit socialenvy zumba fitnessmodel fitnessaddict fitspo workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training health healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation instagood determination lifestyle diet getfit gimnasiolasarenas eatclean exercise

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TacoFriday comes after TacoThursday, which comes after TacoWednesday and TacoTussday 🌮🌮🌮🌮 — it makes for such an epic week 👊🏼😎 — cenavegan TacoTrios and aguasveganas AguaFrescas are on the menu for me tonight 👍🏼

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It’s been awhile since I had lunch at home. I forgot about this dried sardines which is my favorite when I was a kid. ひさびさのお家ランチ。イワシのみりん干しを買っていた事を忘れていて、冷蔵庫を開けたら見つけました! 子供の頃大好きだった味。😍 paleo bulletproof autoimmunedisease nutrition healthy sardines lunch driedfish パレオ ブレットプルーフ 自己免疫疾患 栄養 健康 イワシ みりん干し ランチ

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Been eating...

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Some great info on today's BOGO items! On Guard oil blend & the foaming hand soap are staples in our home! This blend is incredible for immune support, & my favorite to clean with. It kills all the bad bacteria while leaving the good bacteria! On Guard foaming hand soap is the only hand soap we use! 💕 Plus this blend smells like Christmas! 😍 And as fate would have it, my post on oils for horses today is On Guard! Keep an eye out for that post later today. 🐎

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OMFG just look at it 👀 LOOK AT IT! 😍 Smooshed (totally a word) avocado with spinach and spring onions with chilli flakes and pepper 🥑 🌶 Cherry Tomatoes 🍅 piled up of Wholewheat Toast with a big, runny poached egg on top 🥚 🍞 Honestly the best Breakfast 🍳 (or even lunch or dinner 🍴) happy healthy homemade homecooking cooking breakfast avocado springonions spinach wholemeal toast bread poached egg chilli flakes cherry tomatoes healthyeating healthyfood vegetarian healthydinner healthyinspiration healthybreakfast

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Did you get your workout done today? It’s Friday!!!! Just like you should never miss a Monday, never miss a Friday 😉💪🏼 Let’s close this week right! I almost missed my run today because I went to bed late and I had a couple of drinks 😉, but I said to myself this morning I am going to go for a walk and maybe run/walk, well I did it! 4 Miles of run/walk. - - - - - - - - - if intermmittenfasting keto lowcarb ketodiet ketogenic weightloss ketosis ketogenicdiet fitness ketolife weightlossjourney healthy ketolifestyle health motivation ketoweightloss fitnessmotivation fit sugarfree healthyfood crossfit fuelbyfat ketorunner fat goals motivation happyfriday

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It’s 2018. How do we not have benefit coverage for yoga? I think we need to start a petition or something! I have been seriously stressing all week, to the point I was brought to tears at work yesterday. I probably cried on and off for a good hour. I talked, journaled, tried reading, but the only thing that centred me was yesterday’s roof top yoga. There’s something about yoga that just brings me back to me. It’s something that cannot be explained, but felt. Also!! I was finally able to hold crow pose for like a few seconds! But still so proud!! And look guys! We made it to Friday! It just took all week😜. I’m excited to have the next six days off, I could really use the break! Happy 🍟 day! ... healthy active balance selflove yeg edmonton confidence inspire loveyourself newappreciation goodvibesonly happiness ivegotthis chinupbabe justanotherday recovery meditation relax relaxation physiotherapy ohhappydays mentalhealth progress muscle getmoving proud inspire overcome yoga rooftopyoga

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Iki Gözümün Çiçeği Geldi ❤❤

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Sexxxtoou...😋😜 Hoje é dia de colocar o pé na jaca.. • Feijoada R$17,00. E pratos especiais a R$12,99 • Drumet ao molho barbecue • Cupim ao vinho • Almôndegas c/ purê de batata. E muito mais.... Venham conferir o melhor self-service da Taquara e melhor ainda, sem balança 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . nutricao dieta emagrecer saude detox fit fitness instafood comidadeverdade nutrition foconadieta bemestar nutricaoesportiva nopainnogain gym bodybuilding healthy healthyfood food que corpofit AQ lifestyle healthylifestile health instafit musculacao diety.

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Been drinking Body Love shakes every morning for a week now. Found a protein powder I’m excited about using. Love adding the greens and limited fruit. Love the energy boost that last all morning. Feeling better. Losing inflammation and down 5 pounds. I’d say something is working. Can’t wait to implement meals with this. I’ve just been eating “whatever” for lunch and evening meals. Here’s to the next phase of bodylove healthy living nutrition autoimmune battle

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C.A.R.A.C.A.S Taller de Cocina Natural SIN Gluten incluyendo recetas para NAVIDAD Sábado 25 de Agosto o Domingo 26 de Agosto Restaurante Vista Grill (Macaracuay) 930am - 130pm Sólo 15 cupos por día Te enseñaré a Cocinar platos tradicionales salados y dulces para tus desayunos, almuerzos y postres más nuestras hallacas, pan de jamón y torta negra. Utilizando sólo Insumos Naturales y Venezolanos 🤗 🇻🇪 💯 ✔️>>> Hallacas sin onoto, aceite y harina de maíz? Pan de jamón sin harina de trigo? Te darás cuenta que ya NO necesitas los ingredientes tradicionales, escasos, costosísimos y además totalmente tóxicos. Inscripciones abiertas desde Ya! Escribe al 0424 2897118 Cupos Limitados yolirivera saludableya glutenfree vegan Paleo Healthy

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4 STEPS TO TACKLE RESISTANCE (FEAR)🏆 . Of course we all experience it! Whether you’re thinking about a new job, wanting to date again after a breakup, or trying to be a better version of yourself resistance (that little b) always seems to come up 👿 . Let’s just take minute to acknowledge the life unlived within us. What was unlived for you??? Put in the comments below⬇️⬇️⬇️ . It’s really fear of the unknown and unfortunately it prevents us from doing the things we want really badly for ourselves 🤔 . So how do you deal with it ⁉️ ✅Step 1 is you have to acknowledge that it’s there in the first place. ✅Step 2 is that you have to take your emotions out of it and logically breakdown what happens if you let resistance (or fear) win and what happens if you show that little b who’s boss. What do you really want and can you get it if you let resistance stand in your way? ✅Step 3 is you move through the resistance even though it’s there. ✅Step 4 is you feel massive confidence and freedom from that little b. . . Was this helpful? Are you going to try this the next time resistance comes up for you?

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Flex Friday: The process has changed my mindset. Strength has changed my life. Be happy with what you have, while working for what you want. I’ll keep grinding until I can’t anymore. Happy Friday! 💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️💫 Trainer: machinefitness26. fitness healthy fitfam weightlossjourney motivation workout fit gym eatclean fitspo exercise nutrition bodybuilding healthyeating getfit instafit powerliftingwomen inspiration training goals fatloss lifestyle healthyliving girlswholift igbodytransformationweightlossinspo beastmode fuckexcuses girlswhopowerlift

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Per “colpa” di mabka7, anche oggi pomodori! Ma questa volta, bruschetta con carpaccio di pesce spada 🍴

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Beoefenen jullie yoga? Een aantal jaren geleden had ik grote gezondheidsproblemen. Hierdoor mocht ik niet hardlopen, springen, dansen und so weiter. Juist dit was mijn uitlaatklep. Door actief te sporten klopt mijn hart sneller en dat gevoel geeft mij een kick. Gepieker verdwijnt als sneeuw voor de zon. Hoe moest ik nu mijn emoties, herinneringen, gevoelens en gedachten te baas blijven? Ik begon aan yoga, dat mocht wel zei mijn arts. Wat was het lastig in het begin. Ik voelde mij zo onrustig. Terwijl ik het tegenovergestelde wilde bereiken. Ik kreeg letterlijk vluchtneigingen. Tot ik leerde mij te focussen op mijn lichaam. Het lichaam wat mij toen zo in de steek liet. Door die concentratie werd mijn gedachtenstroom verminderd en kon ik genieten. Het heeft mij geholpen om door deze periode heen te komen. Ik raad het iedereen aan. Fijne dag, liefs Toke hardlopen ikloophard nevernotrunning yoga fit outsideisfree ikloophard fitfamnl fitgirlsnl runnergirls gezondleven  fitdutchies gezondeten blogger yogagirl healthymind healthylifestyle workout sporten gezond trainen love2run sport runrunrun running instarunner runninggirls gezondheid imoveme hsp healthy

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今日のかんたんお昼ごはん🍚 今日もカレー🤭 今日はシーフードカレーにしました🙂 冷凍のシーフードミックス とお野菜と ミックスベジタブルを オリーブオイルでさっと炒めて レトルトのカレールーを合わせて、豆乳と私は辛いのがとても 苦手なので ハチミツとケチャップで 味付けしました🎵 お子様向けの 甘いカレーになりました😊 美味しかったですー💙💙 お昼のカレーライスは ここのところずっと続いています🤔一度ハマるとしばらく続くタイプなのですが、今回はちょっと長めかも、、、 おひるごはん ランチ 手料理 かんたんごはん 手作り fashion 料理 ごはん обед 점심 pranzo dinner healthy healthyfood japanesefood japanese food 저녁밥 Dîner 晚餐 ужин cooking lunch 午餐 almuerzo mittagessen カレー シーフードカレー 節約 delicious

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Those good old days🍃

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Before the Sunset

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Yummy and healthy.

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Fineapple over here 😂🌊

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Eating out is definitely something I enjoy doing and used to do quite a lot, as well as eating a lot of processed junk foods. Recently I’ve been cutting down on these types of foods and have been feeling a lot better health wise (apart from the withdrawals) 😂 One handy tip I use when grocery shopping is to not go down the aisles and stick to the fresh food/meats section, which is usually on the outsides. In my grocery store they are in the same area so I don’t need to wander into the processed foods aisles and feel tempted to buy unhealthy snacks ❌ • • • gym motivation fitness bulking health shredding bodybuilding abs booty fitchicks fitnessgoals progress healthy training gains goals workout fit results toned muscle gym recipes food fitnessinspo fitspo weightlifting nutrition bootybuilding melbournecafe

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Resumen enfimal de la noche.