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This happened a few days ago now - my baby girl turned 8 😱 I have no idea where the years have gone. All I know is that she lights up my life each and every day 💗

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Nothing makes me happier than being outdoors... ⛄️💕⛷

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“Be what you are. This is the first step to becoming better than you are.” - Julius Charles Hare (Taken from Becoming A Woman Of Extraordinary Faith by Julie Clinton.) ➰ I’m learning so much from this Wednesday night study. Sometimes we all need a reminder that we were born us for a reason. We weren’t put here to be anyone other than who we were created to be and I’m so glad I was born “me.” ———————————————— IAmMe BuildingABetterMe BecomingAWomanOfExtraordinaryFaith Psalm139 Wise Bold Fearless ImStillLearning WomensMinistry BeYouTiful WordsOfWisdom Content TodayWasAGoodDay HappyGirl Selfie UselessSelfie ILoveMe BetterThanIUsedToBe

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Always be positive 🤗

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I NEED help PA-LEASE! I am looking for 4 more ppl to sign up for our rewards program and place a 25.00 order before taxes and shipping! Anyone who helps me out will be entered into a drawing for a FREE FULL SIZE PRODUCT! I'll do the drawing for the FREE product right here in IG! Help a girl out!! * * * * * * * * * helpagirlout naturalbased metime pamperingtime poshhappy posh happygirl veganfriendly veganchoices noparabens nosulfates nosls noglutenfillers nosoyfillers goodforyou

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Мою голову чаще начинают посещать безумные идеи. И меня они не пугают, и я думаю а что если? . Может я одержима бесами? 😆😂 olyaolechkaaa помнишь мы ходили с тобой на изгнание бесов? Как назывался этот фильм? . С моей головы никакими священниками не выбить любовь❤️ к путешествиям никакая свящанная вода не спасет меня 😂. Я никогда в жизни не откажусь от этого. Уже от много пришлось отказаться и с недавних пор знаю от чего еще откажусь. И точно знаю, что я на верном пути. Я на большом пути, следующий к мечте всей моей жизни. розы путешествие dream мечта турция ysbh еслиоченьзахотеть красивая dreamtrips traveltime sea vacation UFA lovely happygirl rose путешествуйизарабатывай

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Tonight my Mom and I had shared in some mother-daughter time together👭 and while we were out my hubs sent me this pic of Scarlett, they had gone out to Swiss Chalet with the boys (my Dad, bro and Anth). She had an absolute BLAST and was told Swiss Chalet is her new favourite restaurant🍽 (P.S.: when I saw this face I just wanted to run home and 😘😘😘😘😘 her face!) Question for you lovelies...whats your FAVORITE family-friendly restaurant and why? I love adding to our list and trying out new ones🥂🍽 little tidbit: we are HUGE foodies (part of the reason why we are scared to start keto🤔🤔). . . . . . . . . . . . . familyrestaurant littlegem littlegirl toddler terrifictwos happygirl blogger momwithablog socialmedia motherhoodunited momylife motherhood parentlife parenting momsofsocialmedia mommyinfluencer influencing socialmediamom influencer foodies toronto gta woodbridge burlington

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My husband is the cutest! I had him grill some chicken for the week’s meal prep and he made my own batch, seasoned just for me with the skin off. My husband has been such a great supporter on my wellness journey. All it took was some open and honest conversation about what he could do to help me. We’re a great team. Even the produce guy at nuggetmarkets is impressed with our divide-and-conquer strategy when we shop. Lol. mealprep happygirl teamworkmakesthedreamwork justask communication support healthjourney wlsstories wlsjourney rnyeats

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Dancing for joy because I just found my favorite new online shop revolve ✨ I know it’s not new, but it’s new to me and I am in love! Thank you hailie.lane & californiakidzz for showing me everything I’ve been missing! . . . shoptillyoudrop revolve revolvearoundtheworld fashionobsessed styleblogger styleblog fashionblog beachblog beachblogger brunetteblogger ootdfashion ootd downtownsandiego downtown summerlovin summertimestyle summeroutfits laughing happygirl sunkissed wrapskirt croptop socalblogger socalbloggerbabes sdblogger sdbloggerbabe sandiegoblogger

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Some things that come in mind for today: * Had a great call with a potential photographer 📷 * Planned out my virtual fitness/nutrition bootcamp for August and so excited to run it with activelii 🙌✌️ * Got to enjoy watching the sunrise this morning 🌅

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Freedom ride from the vet and the not JRT tested "indestructible" dino toy Pa got me for being a good girl. I'm sure lucky to have the family I do. Grandma, Pa, and Uncle Richard broke me out😏 I'm okay, just having another obnoxious recurrence of the UTI I had a few months ago. Mom is obsessing over naturalremedies to help and keeps kissing me and rubbing my ears and saying "mama loves you." 🙄 Okay mom. Chill. Loveyoutoo. primrosethepup sickpuppy poorbaby happygirl trooper jackrussellmoments jackrussellofinstagram dogsofutah toykiller

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