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Does your pup have chicken or beef allergies? Are you having a hard time finding treats that are safe for your pups tummy? These mixed Berry Waffles - only contain 3 ingredients!! 1️⃣ Flour 2️⃣ Baking Soda 3️⃣ Mixed Berries - they are a sweet and safe treat for all those pups suffering with protein allergies! • • • homemadedogtreats doggiewaffles humangradeingredients nopreservatives allnatural madelocally dogtreats madewithlove madeinusa madeinmaryland supportsmallbusinesses girlboss gotwaffles supportlocal shoplocal humanegradedogfood happydogs spoiledpups healthydogtreats mixedberries mixedberry berrywaffle berrywaffles allergies proteinallergy nochicken nobeef only3ingredients

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. . . 明後日から宮古島行こうと思ってアフはおばあちゃん家に預けたのに…… . . . . . 台風じゃん〰️〰️💦💦💦💦💦 . . . . 週末、迎えに行くまで寂しぃ😢 . . . アフに逢いたいな~ ahp all_dog_japan_ aphroditebestwoofdog bestwooeast_dog_japan excellentdogs toypoodlegram toypoodlelover todayswanko west_dog_japan whimwoof poodlelove いぬとの暮らし いとしいわが子 少しダークな仕上りかめらすきな人と繋がりたいてぃーかっぷぷーどる petstagram happydogs ig_dogphotodaily_photo_japan dog_featurers

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Another new friend named Duffy the Doodle. He’s on the younger side, and looking to improve his skillset and gain some confidence. We always start our dogs in an environment with limited distractions. That way, we can start where they’re much more likely to succeed, and slowly build them up into busier and more distracting and exciting environments. Duffy’s first day was great. duffysfirstday mustlovedogs dogparty sonomadogs doodleboy

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Get ready for some photo spam! 😁 The 12 today had a great day. The sun was hesitant to come out today but it finally did! They supervised and complained of my cleaning antics. They played chase, wrestled, surprisingly didn’t really dig in their hole too much - and kept trying to bring sticks inside. It was a good Tuesday! Hope everyone also had a great day! Tomorrow is my daycare day off- so be sure to check out our FB page for R’s posts on the furkids! Now on with the photo spam :)😁🐾🐶 . . . . . . . houseofwagdfw dogdaycare dogboarding dogsitting doggrooming doglife happyplace happydogs dogdad dogmom dfwdogs dfw dfwlocal fortworth texas tuesday

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Teaching me sissy how to be cray cray when I see doggies on da TV set! Take notes Lulu! BAM 💥- Trixie Pix 👊👿😡 PS check out me twisty paw! 😍

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Lots of space on our Monday evening group walk - everyone was so respectful and all the dogs stayed under threshold because we were careful and took our time. By the end, a few dogs were able to meet, and few kept their distance - both scenarios are total successes! It's all about knowing your own dogs needs and working within their comfort zone.

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Don't forget to check out treatrepeat for the yummiest treats around! Coupon code ABDT will get you 50% off of your first 2 months subscription to their treat auto delivery subscription service. 💙💚💛💙💚💛💙💚💛💙💚💛💙💚💛💙 😎😎😎😎😎😎🐶🐶🐶🐶😎😎😎😎😎😎 ambassadorbullies dogsofinstagram instagood instagram doodlesofinstagram frenchbulldog pitbull besties happydogs bestinbrevard spacecoast florida labsofinstagram florida dogstagram dogsrule newleashonlife structure balance teachingcalm traininghumans

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Beautiful day, beautiful dogs☀️💦 Khonsu and Woola

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The Tuesday hike group made a movie. They are all stars! Thanks to Rory, Brady, Macey, Zoey, and Neko for being such willing participants. And thanks to their awesome dog-parents for letting them come hiking every week! allgooddogsslc happydogs doghikes dogwalker slcdogs