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Good morning on this overcast and somewhat blowy Saturday morning but it's not cold 👏 I'm off to the nursery, Hugo is off fishing with some mates in the Channel (maybe 🌬️) but we begin our day together with breakfast on the front verandah, watering our seedlings and a quick garden wander with the pup. Always starts my day right. Happy weekend folks! PS for those of you with us a long time you'll remember I rescued a poorly planted lilac from my mum's many moons ago, planted by the previous owner.....well this is it today and I just wish you could smell it. Got to love lilac in a vase in the house 👃💜 . . raindays gardeninspo spring countryhome farmlife happiness country gardendesign tree_brilliance farmhouse cottagelife cottagegarden gardensofinstagram gardeningaustralia gardendesign houseandgarden farmhousestyle farmhousedecor whitehouse whitedecor countrystylemag countrystyle countryhome countrylife huonvalley tasmania

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Off into the weekend like ⛵byeeeeeeeeeeee . 💙Lately I have been wanting to sail off into the sunset, find an uninhabited island and call it a day lol ... will definitely take a lot of me-time this weekend and I cannot even wait🧜🏾‍♀️

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Одна хорошо , две лучше , а три.... . •✅Для уточнения деталей и оформления заказа: •📩Пишите в директ. •☎Звоните по телефону: •+7 910 742 25 48 •📲(есть Viber и WhatsApp) . galeryrose_lip Розавколбе Вечнаяроза РозыЛипецк Rose Подароклюбимой Love GaleryRose Подарки Живаяроза Happiness Love РозаЛипецк Rose lipetskLife lipetsk rozalipetsk rozavkolbe kolba rozavkolbelip

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В нашей семье патриархат. И я это обожаю, муж мой наставник, учитель, он невероятно мудрый, а я смотрю на него глазами ребёнка снизу вверх и восхищаюсь. Хочу расти и радовать его своими успехами., признавайте девочки, а у вас как в семье?)) вы за патриархат тли считаете это старомодным?)) семьялюбовьженатымужженаженамужпарижлюбовьмоянаслаждайсяшуткавайнвайнерыhappinessvscovscotravel

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Ecco, vedete queste due bellissime principesse accanto a me? Loro sono la mia famiglia, la mia forza, il mio punto di riferimento, il mio sorriso, i miei occhi bagnati, il mio riparo, il mio caldo abbraccio, il mio dolce bacio della buonanotte, le mie compagne di viaggio, le mie fotografe e anche le mie modelle (perché sono bellissime), le mie migliori amiche, le uniche che ci sono sempre, per qualsiasi cosa, per ridere fino a stare male o per piangere fino a sentirsi meglio, loro sono la mia mamma e la mia sorellina. Loro farebbero e fanno di tutto per me, pur di vedermi felice, anche quando sembra tutto nero, loro riportano l'arcobaleno, con gesti semplici ma di grande importanza. A loro devo tutto quello che ho, tutte le belle esperienze e i bei ricordi, tutti i momenti felici e soprattutto la costante certezza che sono e saranno per sempre al mio fianco. É per questo che vi dico GRAZIE, questo è il mio fiore per voi. questoèilmiofioreperte Ohana Famiglia LaMiaFamiglia LeMieDonne Principesse SempreInsieme TantoAmore LaMiaFelicità LoveYou Happiness MyLadies Certezza AmorePuro AmoreInfinito LeTrePorcelline Noi SemplicementeNoi LiebenUndLeben BessiaTravel DadozzaTravel Grazie ThankYou Danke Merci Gracias 👩‍👩‍👧❤️ _bessia_ annamariaformica camihawke

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“Az igazi változás mindig belül, nem pedig kívül megy végbe. Találd meg belül a Mostot! Bárkivel is kerülsz kapcsolatba, jelenléted megérinti, s hatással lesz rá a belőled sugárzó béke - akár tud róla, akár nem.” eckharttolle ♌️💜

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Wind in my hair, holding your hand, listen to a song🌵

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“Buon viaggio a te, buon viaggio a te che non ritorni a casa, non fai rotta verso casa..” (SbS) ✈️🌤

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🏆A few ways to take care of yourself: • ✅Sleep well.😴 ✅Start your day off with meditation.🧘🏾‍♂️ ✅Work out.💪🏾 ✅Eat well.🥗 ✅Read a book.📚 ✅Find a hobby. ⛹🏾‍♂️ ✅Hug your loved ones.😍🤗 ✅Don’t be afraid to say “yes” or “no”🤔 ✅Stay away from negative people. 🙅🏾‍♂️ ✅Trust your instincts.💯 🦁🖤✨🌟🔥

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🏆You already possess everything necessary to become great‼️😎👍🏾 But remember one ☝🏾 thing...💭 🤔 If you continuously COMPETE with others, you become bitter, but if you continuously COMPETE with yourself, you become BETTER ‼️🔥💯🦁🖤✨🧘🏾‍♂️ Go Be Great 👌🏾

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🏆Your thoughts 💭 one ☝🏾 day will become REAL❗️ So whatever you think 🤔 about, make sure they are positive 😎🤙🏾/ ambitious.✨🔥 Your thoughts 💭 are what shape the world 🗺 around you. Start controlling 🎮them and you will change your life. 🦁🖤✨🧘🏾‍♂️💯 •

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🏆Many people think 🤔 💭they want things, but they don’t really have the strength, 💪🏾the discipline, the willingness to be different. Most are weak and I believe that you get what you want and if you want it badly enough. My advice❓ Don’t be basic, don’t be basic, and don’t be basic. Oh yea and don’t be basic. • There you go. 😉 🦁💙✨🧘🏾‍♂️💯🔥