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Some stabilizedwood penblanks that I'm going to have my mom turn into pens and pencils! Absolutely love the materials from vividstabilizedwoods. Great for boxmods as well! Hopefully these come out nice, I've been wanting another turnedpen from my mother as the one I currently have always gets noticed! It has since driedout, I need a refill for it but these new styles are sosexy. stabwood burlwood stabilizedburl stabilizedburlwood machining subtractive sparkle blue yellow green red black art functionalart turningwood turnedwood powermom momsarethebest mompower

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مشرق و مغرب اَر روَم، وَر سوی آسمان شوم، نیست نشانِ زندگی.

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💣 MATCHDAY 💣 GO Poland! 😎 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 👤Like and Comment🎁Thanks __________________________________________________ Use automotorsport_ to get featured! 👤Credits to Photographers 📸 _____________________________________________________ --------------Have a Wonderful Day!--------------

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Out with the green and in with the blue! Our main walls will be a rich blue for our nautical-themed show, "Summer Members Show: Anchors Aweigh!"

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Old 1987 rolex advert

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mudwife; not midwife please don’t call us ☓☓☓

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i had to climb all the way up there at 5 am, why not 🤔

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I was probably plane hunting with my favourite nerd app 🌻🍑✈️ (it’s called plane finder and I’m not ashamed)

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so proud of myself for, A. wearing floral print trousers, and B. fitting into the floral print trousers I bought in 2013 ☀️🐝🌺

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The Sugar Cane rails passing over one of my favourite swimming holes up in Northern Australia, missing the tropical climate and landscape 🌞🌴🍍🌊 Shot on - HUAWEI P9

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Живу в Магдебурге уже 10 лет. Город красивый и уютный, но я никак не могу к нему привыкнуть...