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— without a mention [i edited the grayson dolan, woah] 🤠 - app; vs - coloring; me - song; nice for what by drake - dt; moria, andrea, cynthia, ethan’s hoe, grayson’s fiancé, janalyse, gina, leoni <3 ————————————————————————— dolanfandom dolantwinedits dolantwins ethandolanedits ethandolan graysondolan ethandolanssmile dolantwinsedits bromieomie graysondolanedits dolantwinsfanpage dolan ethan ethandolanimagine fanedit edits graysonslane graysondolanimagine graysondolansmile explorepage grethan explorepage

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heyo — — no caption because it got deleted — i made this with boujeenuggett

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This is a healthy reminder that everything will get better if you guys ever need anyone to talk to you always have me *i was up working on this at 4 AM* graysondolan • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • graysondolan ethandolan dolantwintuesday graysondolanedits graysondolanpicture graysondolanfanpage ethandolanfanpage graysondolanisperfect graysonslane textpost textimagine dolantwinsimagines dolantwinstextimagines dolantwinstextimagine ethantextimagine ethantextimagines graysontextimagines graysontextimagine

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hey guys, I know that this is a serious topic but for real, is Grayson okay? Lately he’s been acting ... off, he’s been in this depressed kinda state you would say? but all I know is that he’s not doing well with X’s death. I just really hope he’s doing better and gets better. -tags dolan dolantwins dolantwinmemes ethandolan ethanslane graysonslane nolandolan nolan nolanslane ethandolanisbae graysondolanisbae graysonbaileydolan ethangrantdolan dolantwinsimagines ethandolanimagine graysondolanimagine