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RANT: how tf am I being a bully when this bitch just wants attention. Claiming she is Grayson’s girl the only reason why I posted her cause everyone else did and she is literally gaining followers because of this. She said she’s gonna go live with Grayson today and I’m still waiting sis. I’ll leave the bitch alone when I see Grayson on her live. Don’t be calling me a bully when I didn’t even do shit. Btw she tried to do this before and when she got exposed she disappeared. - - graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins ethandolan ethan eteeweetee ethanslane graysondolan gray grayson graysonslane nolandolannolanslane nolandeservesbetter nolan camerondolan camdol dolan dolans grethan loveforethan blueheartsforethan cantfold dolantwins dolantuesday dt dtt dolantwinstuesday dolantwinstour 4outour 4ou 4ou2

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CONGRATS TO graysondolan FOR HITTING 8 MIL ON IG!! ILYDM AND YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH AND I LOVE SEEING YOU GROW!😭💗🤞🎊⭐😩 // ALSO THIS IS MY 100TH POST!!💗💗💗 AND IM GLAD ITS THIS ONE😩😭💗 // graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins graysonedits gbd graysondolan graysondolanedits egd ethandolan ethanedits edits ethandolanedits dolantwinfanaccount dylandolan dolantwins dolantwinsedits dolanimagines dolantwins7million graysonbaileydolan graysondolanimagine graysonslane graysonsuckmytoenators ethangrantdolan loveforethan ethandolanisbae ethandolansnapchat graysondolan

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I love it when they are hanging out with James 😍

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My babies made it to 7M!!! You don’t even know how happy I am for you guys! You guys are my world 🌎 and the love(s) of my life, graysondolan and ethandolan you guys have come so far into this journey and deserve the whole world. You guys helped me though the hardest, and darkest times and I just love you!♥️ I can’t wait to continue our journey together☺️🤧♥️🤞🏻 dolantwins ethan ethandolan dolanbae omgpage lovedolan loveethan grayson graysondolan dolangrayson gray graysonbae graysonslane ethandolanvideo graysondolanvideo grethan grethanvideo ethanandgraysondolan graysonbdolan graysondolanedit ethandolanedit grethanedit ethanisbae ethma ethmaedit likeforlikes explorepage graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins

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Guys i swear that i’m not becoming an E account but this is so cute ❤️ ————————— credit to lqdols ——————————————————— ethandolan ethan ethan dolan edits ethandolanimagine ethangrantdolan ethandolanhot ethandolansnapchat neverforget hot bb dolantwins +graysondolanedits grayson dolan grayson dolantwins dolantwinsedits happygrayson mybaby graysonslane hot youtube lively hashtag baby sillygrayson extravirgin dt hearts likeforlikes ethandolan ethandolanedits ethandolanimagine dolantwinsedits

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moods cuz i got parent teacher conferences tmrw🤠😓