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i wonder how old i look. did you expect me to look like this? lmao idk i’ll probably delete this later ok cool

3 minutes ago

Grayson’s laugh is the best. graysondolan goodnight guys ❤️❤️

3 minutes ago

If you were given a million dollars, how’d you spend it?

9 minutes ago

i stan (this is awful cause it was kinda rushed) dt: dapurplewizard dxnverslxnced au:me fc: 382 _______________________________ x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x ignore gray grayson graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins emmachamberlian jamescharels shanedawson camilamendes riverdale likeforlike l4l like4like f4f followforfollow camerondolan kjapa colesprouse strangerthings lilireinhart cw onmyblock like omgpage justinbieber selenagomez theweeknd taylorswift arianagrande

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I’ve been very inactive & I kinda changed my account a bit .. hope everyone is having a great night/day .. love all you beauty’s 💘 graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins

19 minutes ago

emma and Ellie with fans today at the fair 💫 emmachamberlain

20 minutes ago

guys I’m really really sorry I know you guys have been supportive on this acc like I reached over 100 followers in less than a week which was amazing but like I only post on this acc like once or twice a week truth is I bit off more than I can chew. I have my main acc, my Ariana acc, 2 Melanie acc, and my James acc. my one Melanie acc has a really good following and I’m active on there all the time because I have to keep up with it, my Ariana acc isn’t that big it’s bigger than this acc for sure but not that big and honestly idk I just don’t feel I have time for this acc anymore I’ll still love James forever I just don’t have time to post on here cause of my a hundred other accs plus I kinda have a life 😂😂 I’m really sorry I love you all and idk what I’ll do with this acc maybe I’ll do a giveaway yes along with the too 😭😭💕 idk maybe ill come back but bye guys for now I’ll miss u jamescharles jamescharles arianagrande tanamongeau dolantwins ethandolan graysondolan shanedawson tanamongeau beautyguru l4l f4f

25 minutes ago

Happy bday Shane!😭 I love you so Much I've been watching your videos litterly since 2015 back to when I litterly had no fucking friends and I was alone all the time watching your videos made me so happy you have no idea I still love you till this day but even more you never fail to make me smile even if it's threw a screen 😪 butt happy bday shanedawson 💛, you deserve the world and so much more •ac: oblivionlvst I copied her transitions and style of this edit lol ^^ •dt: Shane stans .... •cc: cutecut_tuts ..... •PLZ IGNORE THE GLITCHES THIS EDIT WENT THREW ALOOTT!! bc it's so fucking long🙄 anyway my apologies🥑 • •Avocados shanedawson shanedawsonedit happybirthdayshanedawson ccp ccpedit edit fanedit video okurgrp badgirlgrp audiosforedits rylandadams morganadams andrewsiwicki garrettwatts jamescharles ethandolan graysondolan alissaviolet dolantwins drewmonson avocados

25 minutes ago

Y’all wanna see my poster for same sex marriage ?? I think it looks pretty good! Haha - Ricky_Martin