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i keep reposting edits people don’t want me to repost lol OOPS (xmayfields)

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Im just gonna start posting these with random captions so i can say whatever i want even if its not related to the picture or the twins

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i ALWAYS get lost on walmart w my mom . i always have to call her . - - - - - - - - - no self advertisement please ! will be removed from comments ! 💓💓 - tag if you repost please ! - follow for more things dolan ! - ethandolan - graysondolan dolantwinsdolantwinseditsdolantwinsimaginesethandolangraysondolandolantwinsdolaneditsdolantwineditslizakoshydolantwinsfanfictionnategarnerkianlawleyjacobsartoriusjccaylenstan4ou4ou2nolandolannolanjusticefornolandaviddobrikheathhussarzanehijaziscottysire

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[simple scrap] now this edit sounded and looked better in my mind and it came out like this I'm sorry :,) ______ dt:wdw._.dolxns ac: u m fc:991 ___ [hostagegrp]

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me looking at the weird bitches in school who literally make everything mad hype. like oH sHiT yOu gOt LuNcH fUcK mY LiFe wOw tHaTs sO cOoL1!1!1! 🤠😎😂🤪😤😊😘🤩😍😁😥😍🤩😩👊🏻😥😁👏🏻🤪😊👋🏻 no shit dude.

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some 10/10 stories i recommend to fill ur ethma hearts💓🤧 - in “Friends to Lovers” there’s also grellie😎 - they’re on wattpad before anyone asks

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Story time: (read my other captions of my other posts to understand what I’m talking about) so it now my second class and I walk in all happy cuz I just fucking hugged a boy that I like. In class people were looking at me like I was CRAZY, cuz I was so happy and excited. Anyways, I look at my phone to see that I’ve gotten and snap from him, and again..I WAS SISTER SHOOK. I open it up and he said “u are honestly so cute” BITCHHHH IM CRYING!! He’s called me cute and beautiful before (get u a man that calls you beautiful not hot) but I was just so happy cuz I just talked to him for the first time in real life and not just on snap, AND HE THOUGHT I WAS CUTE!! But u already know I went home to tell my bestfriend and she’s happy for me. And my other friend is already planning a wedding😂 graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins . Tag them?? . . . dolantwinsedits dolantwins dolantwinstuesdaydolantwins4lifedolantwinsimaginelovethedolantwinsforeverdolantwingraysondolanethandolangraysondolaneditethendolaneditethanslanegraysonslanenolanslanedolantwinmemesdolantwinsmemegraysondolanmemeethandolanmeme4outour4ou

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when i started this account 2 years ago i never imagined that one day i’d have 1k followers. in the past two years ethan and grayson both followed me on twitter, ethan liked one of my posts, i went to 4ou, ethan answered my question on their livestream, i’ve given away at least 50, if not more, dms with the twins on twitter, spammed the fuck out of y’all with pictures, and met some absolutely amazing people. i couldn’t be more thankful for each and every one of you and for all the memories this account has created for me. i love you all 💛

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t posted an imagine in a minute but be ready! New ones are coming! I might post them every 30mins to make up for it! • “CLIFF JUMPINGGGGGG!” Ethan shouts as he throws a flip off the side of the rock. “DUDE BE CAREFUL!” You shout as he throws a back flip. You shake your head and look at Grayson. You had been best friends with them for years and you had a massive crush on Gray. You’ve been in his lane for as long as you can remember. Grayson looked at you “Hey, hey y/n can you take a picture?!” He says as he tosses your phone. You snap it while Ethan is midflip and Gray looks at you all mysterious. You giggle after the photo is taken. Ethan comes up to the surface and looks up at you and Gray. “Hey y/n! C’mon! Jump! Yo Grayson! Stop looking at her like that!” He shouts as you walk over to the edge. You knew Ethan could tell that Gray liked you. Gray shook his head snapping himself out of his zone. You look at Gray “c’mon! Let’s jump!” You say as you hold your hand out. Gray gets up quickly and grabs your hand and smiles at you “Let’s go!” He shouts while holding onto your hand as you jump together. You hit the water and go down along with him. He looks at you under water and smiles. He grabs you and pulls you into his chest. You hit the surface while he holds you close. “Gray, what are you looking at me like that?” You ask confused as to why he’s looking at you with a dreamy look on your face. You laugh splashing him. “Hey! Stop y/n!” He says still holding you. He laughs and playfully splashes you back. He smirks and stops splashing. He pulls you in and kisses you deeply. • • Ethan throws his hands in the air “GO GRAY!” He says while he watches from above. • • • graysondolanimagine ethandolan graysonimagine graysondolan ethandolanimagine dolantwinsimagines

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i j noticed this WOWEE

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my eye itches hi

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i’m posting for danie

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sorry for not posting hope u like this <3 -f i forgot where i got the presets for some ac: fendilvst

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I love this so much, but Ethans jawline is so perfect😭👄😘 Comment down below if you find ethan's jawline attractive👇 -------------------------------------- * * * * *Follow For More!! * * * * * * hotties cuties brothers ethansabs graysonsabs ethangrantdolan graysonbaileydolan twinzies jawline smexyyy dolantwins dolans tunesday tuesdayvideos e gray graysondolan ethandolan jawline everythingwewishfor miracles grethan hotties edit welovethetwins welovethedolantwins ethandolan graysondolan dolantwins