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Kenangan silam 10 tahun yang lepas. Gambar yang diciplak oleh khrlhzmr . Aku pun dah lupa gambar ni ke mana. Ayat budak tingkatan 2 masa tu memang macm tu. Hahahaha. Thank you bro. Pengalaman yang tak akan dilupakan. Aku taknak tag siapa siapa kat gambar ni. Kang ada yang maki. Hahahahaha. Muka aku memang muka wanted do. Serious. Silakan kecam 😂 Btw member member yang dah berjaya tu, teruskan dengan jayanya. Aku support korang. Ada tiket lebih jangan lupa aku! Liga Super ke Liga Perdana ke Liga FAM ke, dapat tiket free aku mesti pergi punya 😂 tak dapat tiket pun aku akan pergi support juga. InshaAllah kalau ada kelapangan. selangor 2008 ligakpm goodtimes

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When your cook up game is crazy and benihana let's you cook for the night. goodtimes benihana

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Colombia es pura magia!

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. 今日は埼玉の桶川市に✨開院✨された「鍼とお灸の治療院 ほほほ」に行ってきました🎵😉🎵 . こちらの治療院は🌟ほっと力が抜けて、ほっと一息つけて、ほっと笑顔になれる🌟素敵な治療院です🙆‍♂💯🙆 . 鍼・お灸による治療👋に加えて自然治癒力🌱を引き出し、症状を和らげるお手伝いをしてくれます😊💪💪 最近注目👀✨の美容鍼💡や親御様方に嬉しい​🌟学生コース🌟の施術もあるのでこちらもオススメです😉💕 . お身体の健康☘️から美容💕まで事を全てお願いできる素敵な治療院✨✨「鍼とお灸の治療院 ほほほ」のお問い合わせはこちらから🎶💁🏻‍♂🎶 . ☎048-871-7876 埼玉県桶川市坂田794‐7 最寄り駅 桶川駅🚉 . . . 鍼とお灸の治療院ほほほ 埼玉桶川市 北本上尾 鴻巣ほほほ 治療鍼灸 アロマ整体 オススメリラックス 改善美容鍼 美容鍼美容 健康メンテナンス メディカルアロマ ニューオープン オープン記念 healththerapy bodycare osteopathy goodtimes massage instagood

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⚔️ I WILL NEVER LET GO ⚔️ I AM BV ⚔️ I AM MARKED FOR LIFE ⚔️ ➖➖⚔ ΒΣΛЯDΣD VILLΛΙИS ⚔ BVEA ⚔BV⚔➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖➖👊🏻🍻🎩🔪🐺🇬🇧➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ My Captain: borough_boi
 My Chapter: beardedvillains_ea
 My Alliance: beardedvillains_europe
 My Club: beardedvillains
 My President: von_knox ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ bvscouting beardedvillainsengland bvnorthernmonkeys bvmidlands beardedvillains.london beardedvillains_scotland beardedvillainswales beardedvillains.ireland beardedvillains_queens bvqueensuk beardedvillains_charitywork bvcharity thebritishbeardclub ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ beardedvillains bv ukvillains bvea beardedvillainseastanglia beardedvillainsea beardedvillainseurope bveurope beardedvillainsworldwide riseofthebrotherhood beardedvillainsqueens villainfamily villainsalute stayvillain staybearded stayloyal respect loyaltymakesyoufamily loyalvillain oneshiponebrotherhood beard beardlife pognophile beardedmen beardgame friends family goodtimes memories

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Places and spaces.

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Baby Messiah being friendly , lol towards the end they pump pump called .lol shows where the loyalty resides lol family goodtimes nephew nieces

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Repost _simonreeve legend 🙌🏻 ・・・ To my delight, Jimmy Wong jimmywongeats and I have crossed paths through our connection with a small charity we are immensely proud of. We're ambassadors for the becentrefoundation a special place for kids on Sydney's northern beaches. (Our fellow ambassadors are legends niciandronicus1 and thomasvictorcarroll ) Jimmy was born in the Singapore of the 60's, the year after Singapore was born, when Malaysia granted independence to what is now an economic powerhouse. The family arrived in Sydney from Canada in 1981. Dad Steven and Mum Anna barely paused for breath, before establishing a much loved Chinese restaurant on the northern beaches. After Kim Sang in Collaroy came Golden Singapura in Brookvale and Wong's in Dee Why. Steven became known as a loveable karaoke singing restaurateur. Sadly, Steven passed away just a few years ago, a loss keenly felt by all the family. Jimmy and his sister Theresa went ahead and made a big name for themselves on Masterchef in 2016. Their Dad would have been mighty proud. After years in the corporate world, Jimmy stepped off to follow his passion for food, which continues at pace and with real momentum today. The best word for Jimmy I can think of is effervescent. He bubbles with infectious energy and enthusiasm. His culinary skills, outstanding photography and his presenting charms are all part of his work now, not to mention his cherished maka_leathergoods knife roll ! At the becentrefoundation the work of the incredible staff and play therapists is never ending, while there are kids who don't have the words to express their pain. Play therapy helps heal children exposed to all manner of trauma, from the death of a sibling or parent, to witnessing domestic violence and everything in between. The things we rarely talk about. The results for broken kids and their families are astonishing. Sadly demand for their services is significant. There are still tickets for the big annual Gala Ball in Sydney on Friday August 31st. It is always a sensational affair. Hopefully Jimmy and I will see you there. coloursofaustralia becentre kids trauma playtherapy children diversity inclusion

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Hector, Thank You for giving me a hand when I have been needing it the most. I will always be thankful to you, for giving me the opportunity and ofcourse been eating the best Fish Tacos in Freakin Cali casanovafishtacos fishtacos sd tacos sandiego california instafood food truetacos Life Lesson ALWAYS BE THANKFUL and APRETIATE I cant believe we met deniserichards and she actually ate your tacos and all the pictures you always take, that time you didn't take any with her charliesheen goodtimes

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夏天吃壽司真的好爽💁🏼‍♂️ 熟識我的人會知道我有多麼愛吃壽司🍣 特別是三文魚❤️ 可以吃自己喜歡的食物實在太快樂😘 元氣壽司 genkisushi lifeislikesushi