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На что мы тратим жизнь!На мелочные ссоры, На глупые слова,пустые разговоры, На суету обид, на злобу-вновь и вновь. На что мы тратим жизнь... А надо б на любовь. Сжигаем жизнь до тла всё на пустое что-то- На нудные дела, ненужные заботы... В угоду обществу придумываем маски... На что мы тратим жизнь! А надо бы на ласки. Мы распыляем жизнь на сумрачную скуку, На "имидж" и "престиж", ненужную науку, На ложь и хвастовство, на дармовую службу. На что мы тратим жизнь?... А нужно бы на дружбу. Куда-то всё спешим, чего-то добываем. Чего-то ищем все - а более теряем; Всё копим-золото, тряпьё и серебро... На что мы тратим жизнь! А надо б на добро. Волнуемся, кричим, по пустякам страдаем; С серьёзностью смешной вещички выбираем. Но сколько не гадай - всё выберешь не ту. На что мы тратим жизнь... А надо б на мечту. Боимся радости ,боимся верить в сказки, Боимся и мечты, и нежности, и ласки; Боимся полюбить, чтоб после не тужить... На что мы тратим жизнь ?! А надо просто жить ! follow4followlike4likelifeinstagoodnightinstagram_almatyfollow4followersalmatycitytoursgoodnightgoodtimesalmatydaylike4likelike4likefollow4followэлинуржармаганбетова

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There's no better feeling than this 💕 Goodnight

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Superar é preciso. Seguir em frente é essencial. Olhar pra trás é perda de tempo. Passado se fosse bom era presente. E guardemos a certeza pelas próprias dificuldades já superadas que não há mal que dure para sempre. GoodNight GODinCHARGE Follow FollowMe Insta

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Better to be somebody for one day, than to be a nobody your whole life... goodnight

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"It doesn't matter whether or not you have a personal connection, it's just a simple display of right and wrong and this is ALL SORTS OF WRONG. Children are being ripped away from their families Transported to unknown places. knowing if they'1l ever see their families again. The unthinkable amount of toxic stress placed on these children i:s literally cutting their lives short. This should make you feel uncomfortable. This should to ignite change." familiesbelongtogether // selfiegay gayselfie selfies instaselfie instagood goodinstagram goodnight selfies tumblrsave gayboy gayteen gaybrasil 35mm 35mmphotograph 35mmclub vsco vscocam snapseed 100likes 50likes likesforlikes 3x3 comentforcoment follow4follow boanoite mood 안녕하세요 currentlymood aesthetic aestheticboy

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I only see my goals, I don’t believe in failure. • • • Shitty phone vid because I forgot my camera...but I wanted to post this video for one specific reason. I’ve always HATED deadlifts...they’ve always intimidated me and because of that I’ve always avoided doing them...my friend and gym partner lucky_lucks26 and I alternate who creates our workouts each week...and unfortunately for me, she LOVES deadlifts. A few weeks ago, I tried lifting this exact weight and only got 4 Reps before my forearms felt like they couldn’t support the weight and my legs felt like jelly...and though this weight is butter for most ppl, it defeated the heck out of me physically and mentally. FORTUNATELY for me, this deadlift-loving-sickening-gym partner-bestie of mine never allows me to give up. Left up to me I would be deadlifting some pussy ass weight every single hammies day, if at all...so we worked and we worked at it. Monday I stalled for maybe 10 mins before I didn’t feel as intimidated to lift it and when I finally did, while holding the weight in my hand I started to smile and I just looked at her and said “this feels light”... • Long post to say, “Be Patient, Be Consistent and Trust the Process”. You WILL get better! Sidenote and small rant: I paid $65 canadian for these adidas gym tights and they’re goddamn see through 🤬...but I paid my money so I’m wearing the heck outta them...maybe on upper body day from now on tho 🤦🏽‍♀️ thatisall goodnight hamstrings deadlifts legday legs quads squats fitfam fitspo fit fitness health fitspiration fitgirls gym gymaddict healthy girlswholift motivation gymlife bootyworkout lowerbody gains booty obsessed fitnessmotivation wellness eatclean beastmode

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JAGUAR Representación del Marakame (Chaman) Material: Papel Maché Decorado: Hilo Dimensiones: 20 x 10 cm