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Thieves toothpaste with a drop of orange is all you need for healthy and sparkling white teeth free from fluoride, toxins, synthetic dyes and preservatives 🙌🏼✨So good!🍊🍊🍊😁

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Sure, you have probably heard of stainless steel straws, but have you heard of reusable bamboo straws? These awesome straws are great to take with you when you go out, or just to keep at home to reduce your plastic use. Order today: link in bio. ♻️

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Always a good vibe back in the EL. gogreen 💚

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Red pumpkin-tofu-curry🍂🍁🍲 Perfect vegan meal with a flavour of chili and pumpkin ❤ ✖ INGREDIENTS (Coconut) oil Red curry Onion Can of coconut milk 2dl Vegetable bouillon Soy sauce 1kg pumpkin Fresh chili Kale 200g tofu Chive Rice noodles ✖ HOW TO: Heat red curry in oil and add onion. Add coconut milk, soy sauce and veggie bouillon. Add pumpkin and boil until its soft. Add tofu, chives, chili and kale. Add coriander if wanted. Boil couple more minutes and check flavor. Serve with rice noodles and pumpkin seeds. ✖ vegan eatclean gogreen veganfood heresmyfood food instafood instagood foodporn govegan f52grams vegetarian whatveganseat plantbased flowermadness vegangreentree vegangreentree thrivemags thefeedfeed thefeedfeed.vegan vegan.spotlight veganvultures hautescuisines hautescuisines thefeedfeed letscookvegan beautifulcuisines beautifulcuisines worldwidevefanfood veganfoodspace foodblogfeed foodblogfeed veganstopco vegandefined lovefood love_food kitchn thekitchn huffposttaste huffposttaste thevegansclub best.of.vegans absoluteveganrecipes vegandaily1 veganbowls coconutbowls bestofvegan veggiedise veggiedise welove_vegan welove_vegan foody.post healthycuisines thevegansclub veganfoodsnaps fridgg lakkerstuff seekmoments the.grateful.vegan thegratefulvegan

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HEMP GIFT BOX SET!!! 🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁🎁 1 - 8oz hemp candle 1 - hemp bath bomb 1 - wax melt pack 1 - 4oz hemp bar soap 1 - 2oz hemp bar soap 🌱 🌱 🌱 Visit www.gogreenhempproducts.com to order yours today!😎✌🌱💚!! 🌱 🌱 🌱 For wholesale inquiries DM US😉✌🌱 gogreen hemp hempwick clean candles stoner 420life handmade austin texas instagood gogreenhempproducts cannabisculture 420girls art weedstagram420 marijuana cannabis smokeshop 420everyday hippie vapeshops ganjagirls 420photography hightimes ganja hemplifestyle onelove 420

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Grow like the pros! Get your Trolmaster at Mighty! Speak to one of our professional Mighty team members to configure the right set-up for your grow. trolmaster mightyhydro sandiego

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at least we didn’t get the mumps gogreen

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Felt amazing to be home again. The energy of campus, visiting old places, remembering the memories, eating Brody food and being with my best friend. 🏈

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My current side hustle is working as a bath attendant. Handing out paper towels is a big part of making a living in that job. For every roll and box I burn through, there are a few that say no having a towel. Air dryers are not very sanitary so there is that. When I see all the waste thrown, I wonder if there really needs to be so much made and why it’s normalized. And so, I search for bulk reusable hand towels that are affordable. I hear bamboo is the latest earth-friendly thing. Back home on my bike rides through the country, I came across beer cans, to-go cups, plastic bottles, gun shells, cigarette butts, wrappers—it never ends. I too am guilty of chomping on a meal bars because I was too lazy to bring snacks to work. I have not found a good answer in this question of wanting to be responsible in a ‘developed country’. I will still need a car or plane to visit family, a computing device for my work, cameras, shoes, clothes, medical devices for health complications, groceries, electricity––you name it. Should my niece and nephew reach elderly age, may they know what comfort and privilege is like in the world of ‘abundance’. That they too can accumulate boxes from Amazon, have a meal delivered to their homes via Postmates, buy one Dasani and get the second one free, enroll in a phone upgrade program or enjoy a healthy can of Shasta. On an indulgent note, I’ll be posting images of nature for a few days. . . . . . photograph abstractart environment abstract climatechange photos abstractpainting modernart contemporaryart conservation photogram sustainability abstraction gogreen photoofday sustainable recycle picture photographers photographie photoftheday photodaily abstractexpressionism photographylovers photoaday abstractartist outdoors photogrid photoshop fotografia

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Be eco-friendly but don't chastise people for not being eco-friendly when no one lives a 100% eco-friendly life.

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Is she the one That I couldn't be for you? Is she the one? Mm, I hate that you're the one That I never get over That I wanna get closer to I'm tired of staying up all night with you on my mind Still I'm laying here Yeah, I'm laying in the shirt you used to like No, I shouldn't mind All I think about is.. vibingonadifferentfrequency📈 iwannaknow NOTD goodvibesonly tan sunbabe firesign leo sunsoutbunsout🍑 tatted toned lookgoodfeelgood motivation cantstopwontstop pushyourself vibewithme smokeone rollup backwoodsonly proper whatsinyourwoods watermelonskittles justoutheretrynafunction fitfam gogreen soisweatitoff

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Who wouldn't want to swim here, in a clean, plastic free ocean. It's not too late to improve the world starting this very minute. . . 🔅Be mindful in all you do. 🔅Buy less, repair, reuse, resell, rot what you no longer need. 🔅Avoid single use anything which won't biodegrade. 🔅Take social action. 🔅Volunteer in an environmental group or start your own. 🔅Educate yourself and others. 🔅Conserve energy output by reducing your carbon footprint. 🔅Buy local. 🔅Pick up litter wherever you see it. 🔅Be kind to yourself and all others. . . Just a few tips to get you started. Please share these with others to help improve our home, our world. . . besustainable environment ecofriendly ecoconscious nature gogreen chemicalfree zerowaste waronwaste wipeoutwaste ditchtheplastic protect earth oneplanet healthy reduce reuse repurpose recycle renew plasticfree socialimpact lowimpact goodhabits savetheplanet zerowasteliving instadaily sustainablefuture bethechange

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Green Afternoon ecofollowers❗️ En este post, quiero compartirles una reflexión personal sobre la idea de este blog, haciéndole honor a una de mis "sustainability bloggers" favoritas ecowarriorprincess. ---------------------------------------------------- Desde hace aproximadamente 7 años; mi preocupación por la contaminación,  cambio climático y la poca accesibilidad a la información ambiental, me envolvió en un mundo, donde me prometí a mi misma, que tenía que hacer algo para cambiar este planeta que tenemos. ---------------------------------------------------- Y por qué!? Simple, porque quiero que mis hijos disfruten los mismos espacios naturales que yo les pueda relatar de mis historias de niñez,  quiero que vivan en mundo más humano, accesible, con más amor, menos consumismo y mayor equidad e igualdad en todos los ámbitos. --------------------------------------------------- Es por esto, que desde mi carrera inicial y mi conocimiento del día a día, busco encontrar la forma de aportar mi granito de arena, y tocar aunque sea de una forma disminuta,  cada persona cercana a mí. ---------------------------------------------------- Dicen que los seres humanos, deben dejar su huella en el paso por la vida terrenal, y es así que quiero que la mía sea recordada, tocar aunque sea un poquito a cada uno de ustedes en esta comunidad de seguidores, para hacer las cosas bien y diferentes. ---------------------------------------------------- Por esta razón, existe este blog, para ser vocera de soluciones y opciones sostenibles, en todos los aspectos de nuestras vidas: salidas, dietas, moda, datos, entre otro de opciones, que buscan hacer de este espacio una guía de autoayuda, para esas personas que como yo, sienten ese tipo de compromiso. ---------------------------------------------------- Gracias a todos mis followers por apoyar esta idea y querer ser partícipes de este estilo de vida que puede revolucionar, desde una perspectiva positiva el mundo 🌍. planetuprd RD earthcare gogreen thinkgreen green socialpost ecofriendly domingosdereflexion ecoreminder

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Cold day for football but always fun tailgating! gogreen

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I have been wanting to do this for a while. Picked up some potted plants to help purify the air. English Ivy and Peace Lily are 2 of the 7 best plants to purify the air of nasty chemicals and toxins that we don’t want our families breathing. Others include Rubber Plant, Weeping Fig, Snake plant and Spider Plant. cleantheair toxicfree toxicfreeliving airfilter plants houseplants peacelily englishivy savetheplanet savetheearth ecowarrior eco green gogreen plasticfreeliving zerowastehome zerowasteliving wastefreeliving greenlife greenlifestyle instagreen environmentallyfriendly oakville oakvillemoms

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Don’t you get zippy with me! *sorry I had to*

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Aloe there? . Aloe (Aloe vera) This easy-to-grow, sun-loving succulent helps clear formaldehyde and benzene, which can be a byproduct of chemical-based cleaners, paints and more. Aloe is a smart choice for a sunny kitchen window. . . . . . . . plant plants indoorplant houseplant indoorplants gurgaonmoms delhi gurgaon gogreen india greenindia pollutionfree airpurifiers purify pure breathe plantpots rakhi rakshabandhan gift gifts giftforhim giftforher giftsfor him giftsforher

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Hi, guys! Hope you're having a great day! I haven't done much this weekend, just spent some time outside and decluttered my wardrobe 😁 also I looked through my photos and thought I'd first share some sea photos with you, and then jump right into autumn atmosphere 🍁 At the beginning of October me and my friends had a small trip to the sea, and here are some of my memories 😌 I hope you'll enjoy the pictures 💙

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A good time had by all, despite the weather (and the score). gogreen nexttime

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SALE! 🎉 Caye Life Drink bottles!! Get ready for Summer with stylish and functional products that don’t cost the earth. Made from double walled stainless steel, they’re insulated keeping drinks cold for 24hrs ❄️ or hot for up to 12hours 🔥 On sale with 10% off until the end of October. Available in 500ml & 750ml sizes in a variety of colours. While stocks last! Located in Household under Food / Drink / Utensils 🍴 SHOP NOW - link in bio 🖥 • • • caye.life reusabledrinkbottles plasticfree weloveearth __onist__ honestliving sustainableliving sustainableoptions sustainablematerials naturalingredients earthfriendly allnatural toxinfree crueltyfree saynotoplastic plasticsux plasticfree biodegradable ecofriendly greenproducts takecareoftheplanet earthfan lovetheplanet changeyourhabit healthyhabits ecohabits maketherightchoice gogreen consciencechoice

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Weekend markets are the place to be for less plastic with your purchases (and a yummy falafelpocket for lunch 😋). We took our own containers and got: falafel, blueberries, and lentils.

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Finally finished planting my fall/winter herb garden filled with my favourite herbs for soups and roasted vegetables. This prevents unnecessary packaging when grabbing herbs at the store in a pinch. herbgarden fall herbs zerowastehome zerowasteliving zerowaste plasticfreeliving plasticfree plasticfreelife eco ecowarrior instagreen sustainable sustainableliving homegarden homegardening growyourown growyourownfood kitchen savetheplanet savetheearth gogreen greenovergreed wastefree wastefreeliving green sage rosemary thyme

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Aujourd’hui j’ai refait mon muesli/granola (je connais pas la différence) ! Même si je le fais depuis un certain temps maintenant, cette fois c’était la première avec des aliments en vrac ! 5 ingrédients sur 7 sont en vrac et donc pas de plastique gaspillé. Je suis pas peu fière 🤓🧡 . Et vous ? Vous en faites vous même ? Vous mettez quoi dedans ? . gogreen granola zerodechet zerowaste muesli homemademuesli homemadegranola natural naturel casa gonatural lesswaste lowwaste reducewaste ecocotton lowwaste buyinbulk reusable ecoconcious noplastic substainable homemade homemadeproduct cookyourself photooftheday cereales diymuesli diy mango mangue coco

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Deli birthday lunch at Foodstock in slovakia ⚡️🥗

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Made some Air Max 1 ID’s for my 21st. They came out pretty well. Although the E is pretty wonky! The year I was born on the left shoe (1997) and obviously my age on the right (21)

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Happy Tuesday everyone! Calling all customers. Firstly thank you so much for all of your orders, it’s amazing to have Ivy and Rigg items out and about joining you on your adventures, it is all down to you guys! Secondly as a big thank you, for the chance to win Customer of the Month and a unique discount code, please tag ivyandrigg in your photos, sharing your adventures you’re having with your Ivy and Rigg items! 🌿🍂🐾 • • • • ivyandrigg northumberland customers happycustomer tag hadrianswall greenaffair environmentallyfriendly eco sustainableclothing sustainablefashion ethicalfashion ethical gogreen organic recycled britishclothing downtoearth countrylife ethical ethicalclothing newbrand britishbrand rustic earthytones menswear womenswear clothingbrand outdoors naturelovers knolling