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"Please accept those leaves" Yeah thx, I really wanted them 🤔 Model : Emeline athelleen_emeline

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Die letzten paar Tage habe ich viel Zeit auf meinem anderen Account verbracht, weil wir dieses Wochenende ins Süd Tirol eingeladen wurden. Ich freue mich aber darauf, hier auch wieder fleissig zu posten und die Fotos meiner letzten Shootings zu bearbeiten. I have been spending more time on my other account because we were invited to stay in South Tyrol this weekend and we have some other exciting projects coming soon. But I‘m back to posting here and editing the newest photos I shot with l.antunesmakeup 😊 Model: saa_saaa_ swissphotography switzerland zurich portraitphotography swissblogger blogger lifestylephotography naturallightphotography canonswitzerland lifestyle zurichphotographer earth_portraits discoverportrait portraitvision globe_people kdpeoplegallery ftmedevious portraits_mf portraitmood discoverportraits pursuitofportraits artofvisuals creative_portraits portraitcentral visualcreators compositionkillers aovportraits portraitgames portraitpage portraitfestival

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Twinkle in Molly’s eyes

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🌹 👍

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Miss the city life

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My last entry for the Abel insane FFA. Original by abelinsane Model r.iannad Edit by me portsbyady SWIPE FOR DETAILS AND THE RAW FILE 👉🏻

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Gracia's ♥️

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Осень сводит с ума

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A fé é a consolação dos miseráveis e o terror dos felizes.

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"It always seems impossible until it's done." Nelson Mandela ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- آرزوی ما ثبت زیباترین لحظات زندگی شماست...😄 جهت سفارش عکس و هماهنگی دایرکت دهید...📲 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 🔘Photo By: Ramin Bagheri 🔘ramin.bagheri_ir 🔘ramin.bagheri.pv portraitphotography aovportraits ax_caption  ahvazmodel  globe_people photography instagood instagram ir_bestcaptures baartarinha vscoportrait topcaptures ax_matn  art bokeh bokehlicious  istgahe_honar vscocam insiran1  ramin_bagheri_photography📸 portrait portraits portrait_perfection hot awesome photo model

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В последние дни очень много слышу о печальных и страшных событиях... ⠀ Кто-то умирает совсем молодой, в полном расцвете сил.... Кто-то покушается на жизнь ни в чём неповинных студентов.... Кто-то на протяжении десятилетий борется со страшными диагнозами... ⠀ Так хочется прогнать прочь все эти мысли, и стараться думать о хорошем. Но к моему большому сожалению, всё это так рядом с нами... ⠀ Наслаждайтесь каждым вашим денёчком🙏🏻 Дарите друг другу больше улыбок и тепла🙏🏻 Проведайте своих родителей, обнимите их, скажите как сильно вы их любите 🙏🏻❤️ ⠀ И просто цените каждый подаренный вам день🙌🏻 ⠀ На фото моя сестра, которую я очень люблю (хоть и редко об этом говорю)! ❤️ ⠀ ———————————————————————— Photo: bogomazova_photo Model: wow_bambi_ _______________________________________________________ canon canon_photos portrait portrait_ig portrait_shots portraitphotography portrait_vision portrait_mood portrait_mf portraits globe_people canonru canonasia portraitfestival portraitvision portraits_mf portraits_vision earth_portraits

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After eight months we didn't meet each other, what made me more interested in meeting and talking with your whole family, rather than spending that short time with you? • I'm a huge fan of portraits with dark backgrounds. BUT I'm still trying. top_portraits featuremeofh portrait igworldclub way2ill portraitphotography moodyports portraitfestival portraits_mf facesobsessed profile_vision pursuitofportraits portraitmood ig_mood portraitpage portraitshow globe_people portraitsvision discoverportrait bravoportraits

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✒✒من کاری به کار سیاست نداشتم! چشمان تو من بی حواس را به انقلاب کشاند... بعد هم زندانی تبعیدی ای شدم که دستان مردی به بلندی موهایش نرسید که توی آخرین شعر خودش را اعدام کرد! فاطمه_بهروزفخر _m_a_graphy Say your comment✏

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Bem natural

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- - Breathing

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Não pode ver um espelho.. 😂🙆🏽‍♂️

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Des nuits d'amour à plus finir Un grand bonheur qui prend sa place Des ennuis, des chagrins s'effacent Heureux, heureux à en mourir