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Straight to the heart ... Amazing ! Give this post a title.

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This procedure is called gonioscopy. It involves placing a device with titled mirrors onto the surface of the eye. The mirrors are tilted at an angle that allows the examiner to view the important structures of the anterior chamber angle! The anterior chamber angle drains the aqueous humor out of the eye. If it is clogged, blocked, recessed, etc- the aqueous humor won't be able to properly drain. Plug the drain, and the pressure inside of the eye builds up! Increased pressure can cause conditions like corneal edema and glaucoma. - optometry nature animals optometryschool optometrystudent optometrylife glasses science optometrygirl eyes fashion refraction sight eyehealth eyeballs gonio gonioscopy 3mirror anteriorchamber aqueous aqueoushumor

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* * 前々回発見して鎌倉行くと 必ず立ち寄るようになった butter_vntg_kamakura さん スタッフさんの物腰も柔らかくて素敵 キッズやレディースも少しありました * 横浜店もあるようなので近くの方はどんなお店か教えてください buttervintage * 眼鏡はずっと度入り用のを探してるのに相場よりかなり安く見つけてしまったのでついつい・・・ ブラックやアンバーかっこいいけど価格がえげつない上昇でとてもじゃないが手が出ない 20万ならいい眼鏡5本買うよね また度入り眼鏡が遠のく。 * * あ、オチないです * 50starttartopticalarneltartarnelタートタートオプティカルglassesvintageAmericanvintage

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Our latest design on redbubble This one is our first attempt to make a design about a type of awareness, and we wanted to start simple. Many people can't see well and those who can cannot understand what it's like. This design has a large number of alterations on the right that make it very similar to looking at the image without glasses. . . . . . . independentartist artrexartworks art redbubbleartist redbubbleart pink glasses vision awareness adobeillustrator photoshop illustrator adobephotoshop flower

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Celebrating Wink’s 2nd anniversary with dinner & laser tag 🎉🎊🏆 Top shooter: Raj aka “Aceshot” Most enthusiastic: Zahir Most stealth: Ana & Yusuf Most polite: Monika Best newbie: Niki Best sport fighting through sickness: Linnea Best footwear: Wendy Meanest husband for shooting his wife: Teddy Winner of the lowest score: Noreen 😂 whereischarlotteandmichelle

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Hope everyone's weekend is going well^^

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Today was so much more productive than I expected! Got some grading done at Barnes and Noble, Picked up some goodies from hobby lobby, checked off some wedding planning items, worked on my team’s field day flag AND got in some quality time with my dude 👍🏼 You can’t do it all, but if you can find balance then you can find yourself satisfied with your production by the end of the day :) Perfection doesn’t exist, cut yourself a break 💕

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👋 ayyyy

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🧚🏼‍♀️🙊🤭😏🤭🙊🧚🏼‍♀️ “Boy, so what's been on your mind?
For me, it's just you all the time”... “You, you're finer than some wine We don't need to go nowhere tonight
It's you and I
We'll be alright” DerekCardigan Glasses GeekChic Geek Chic BossAssBitch Vancouver Surrey YVR Blogger Writing Selfie Picture Pictures Photography iPhoneography Love Life World Beautiful Beauty Inspiration Passion Fashion Food Favorite Vegetarian Vegan Organic Lifestyle