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As you can see by the horn sticker the stickers I bought are way too small. I traced, cut, sanded, painted, glued all before said stickers arrived. Now I’ve puff painted the eyelashes and have to figure out what to do for a new horn. Other than that I think I’ve got a pretty good surprise birthday gift for my little princess 🦄 ukulele . . . . unicorn walldecor diy woodworker beautiful photooftheday love momlife kidsofinstagram momsofinstagram momswithcameras gorg surprise madewithlove birthdaygift unicorndreams sahm sahmlife girly

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Я очень люблю солнечную погоду. Уже давно убедилась, что мне необходимы такие солнечные ванны каждый день. Эх, жаль, что я не могу выбирать погоду ежедневно с утра💔 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . minskbelarusminskgramminskgirlbelarusgrambelarusgirlcouplelovelovestoryминскбеларусьvscovscobestbeautifulgirlgirlyinstagraminstalikeslikesforlikesfollow4followfollowmefollowbackподпискалайктаймcoupleboyboyfriendstylishgirlgirlfriendfashion

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Danke an mintblogger für die Einladung zu dem Kurs. Hat mich gefreut euch alle kennengelernt zu haben & der Kurstag hat mir auch echt Spaß gemacht! 😊👍🏻_____________________________________________________ Folgt mir doch gerne, wenn euch meine Beiträge gefallen 💕__________________________________________________ girl girls hot beauty love mädchen german deutsch fashion mode model blonde blond teen teengirl blondie blondgirl blondme blondes girly girlpower teengirls mintblogger fitnessgirl tumblrgirl girlsday cute cutegirl

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What a beautiful family 😻✨ (and the print doesn’t look to bad either!) All framed and ready for their first home! Shop this piece and many more via the link in bio! . . Comes A4 printed on 300GSM paper! 🌸✨ Get 10% off of your first Etsy order with code ‘newbie10’ at the checkout! . . . . homeprints prints posters girlboss girls pink red homedecoration homedecor home quote inspiration love girly frame interior interiordesign newhome fashionprints typographyprints graphicprints pet petprints personalised newhome

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I know you’ve been wondering...where IS Thistle Kids?!?! Perhaps you’ve been searching the stars 🔭 💫 ⭐️ for us or sailing the high seas 🚢 🌊 Never you fear —we’re right here. Find us on etsy under ThistleKidsWear! 🙌🏻 ( linkinbio ) Pick your clothing 👚 👕 Pick your design 🚀⚓️🎼 Glitter? ✨ ✨✨ TA-DA! 👍🏻🎉 • • • • princessperspective princePerspective DreamwideHandsome dreambig dreambigprincess girlscan boysCan superheroLife powerprincess thistlekids girlstuff girly girlstufftoo likeagirl adventure dothething ootd wiw wogw wsw girlpower stemgirls stem girlygirl sparklefiercely FindYourWay boystuff

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Aretes con broche de seguridad para bebé! Varios modelos🔝 Pensando en casarte? La princesa de la casa está por cumplir sus 15? Baby en camino? Alguna celebración? O evento? Te Esperamos en Koach Joyeros 👍 tenemos variedad en anillos de Bodas en Oro y plata, anillos para quinceañera, aretitos de seguridad para bebés, juegos de collar, aretes y dijes en plata fina😍 pulseras para cualquier regalito que quieras hacer, collares (yo me llamo), taller de reparaciones de joyas, cambio de batería para relojes y más ... ✌ Visitanos hoy! Tenemos Nuevos Modelos KOACH JOYEROS Ave. 12 de Octubre Entre MEDCOM y el REY Tele (+507) 390-9522 Whatsapp 6500-5070 ElpoderdelaElegancia SegundaGeneracion elegance girly gold ring women glam fashion chic unique classy class ootd vscocam vsco gorgeous diamond fifteen jewerly beautiful joyeria luxury picoftheday Panama Pty 👸

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✔ or ✖ 🔥🔥Si tu veux en voir plus tu n'as qu'à follow sa page juste là ⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️⤵️ ✴✴✴ milaandralph ✴✴✴ 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️ outfitpost ootd outfitpost outfitoftheday outfit fashionista style girl girly like follow beautiful loveit sexy fashion beauty lovely stylefashion love mode baby cute style mens mensweardaily fashionmens 〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️

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here we are🎃proud she’s moving out and becoming independent haleypham

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This week's color combos. I've been adoring the anastasiabeverlyhills norvina palette so much. People seem to pretty much love it or hate it, but it's kind of my perfect palette 😂 I'm so glad it's friday! I'm still feeling under the weather but I've mostly been trying to compensate with lots of rest + water. Things have definitely been slipping this week- I like to be 100 percent organized, over prepared and ready to go so turning in a paper draft that was less than my best stings a little 😬 Lately I've begun to realize its almost self sabotage, in a sense. Instead of being happy with what I did get done, I focus on the leftover to dos that didn't quite make it. I don't know, I'm sure somebody gets what I'm talking about. Hopefully the weekend will bring me lots of rest + productivity on my ongoing personal projects!

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I wanted to open up a bit about body insecurities: Growing up I was always that toothpick kid that couldn’t gain weight no matter how much I ate or what I ate. People that knew me well or seen me eat was always so surprised. Others however bullied me a lot over everything and even nothing; one of them was for being really skinny. Everyday I was reminded how skinny I was; I was told I needed to eat more, I looked like a skeleton , that I should eat a cheeseburger , that I was boney,etc. people would make comments proving that they assumed that why I didn’t eat a lot was because I don’t eat much when really I was just being polite. I had to always make sure I didn’t go to the bathroom after eating really good so people didn’t think I made myself sick. I love food too much and my body needs food so I can’t do those things. After having kids I finally gained a lot of weight; Like 65lbs! Everyone was happy because I finally looked “normal “ and so was I. In a sense I wanted to keep getting bigger because I was afraid of being that small again. After my pregnancy I gained even more and when I had Emily I gained 63lbs more. People still said I looked tiny and I was so frustrated. I have a tiny frame and small bones so how I held it confused them I guess. After having Emily I realized how big and unhealthy I really was. All that weight wasn’t good for my joints/bones. Finally I got tired of how I looked and worked my butt off to lose weight. I did it! I’m about 120lbs now. Unfortunately now people are making the skinny comments again and worried I’m going too far. I’m not even “dieting” or exercising ; now I’m just toning up with muscle routines to keep my shape. I feel a bit insecure again because of it even though I felt so good on how I look. I know how it feels to be the fat girl and the skinny girl. People think skinny people shouldn’t complain but both have To go through issues. After a certain point I was told I was fat a lot; had problems with clothes because I had a huge chest & was still tiny but was huge for it. I felt with being big people complimented me more & made me feel better; almost like lying on how I really look..(continued below)