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One of the things we love about Tokyo is how it’s such a modern city, yet it’s so rich with ancient Japanese culture 🇯🇵 We had an amazing time slipping out of the busy neighbourhoods to have a look at the beautiful Shinto shrines that are scattered around the city. Even though Tokyo is hectic and busy, these spots were incredibly peaceful. We loved watching locals take time out of their day to come and quietly reflect, and honour Japanese tradition. It was the perfect way for us to also take a moment to let our experiences soak in, before getting back to craziness of the city. Do enjoy visiting temples or shrines while you’re travelling? ❤️ lezseetheworld

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One year, one dog, one pumpkin and a million amazing memories later 🎃

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The Achillion Palace had these massive mirrors on the stairs, which made it trippy as hell walking down them! 🤩 But naturally we had to stop and take a photo 📸 _______ We wish we could be back in Corfu! Highly recommend mayorlagrotta - all rooms were sea view rooms and just simply amazing!🌊😍 _______ We’re currently in Australia - if anyone has any must see places - comment so we can check them out!! 💜🌍🇦🇺

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