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6 days ago

Starting work early in the morning needs all the motivation and inspiration I can muster! srkgettingdarker

1 week ago

Added a touch of fall into this Bombshells hair

1 week ago

victory is when you make it up from the city in time to see the sunset. Happy weekend.

1 week ago

After another long day at the office it feels so got the change in to sportswear and get out. Today offered hill repeats with SIF. Or as skiers calls it when running uphill by ski sticks älglufs. It's like running but at the same time it's the straight opposite.. Have to confess that I mixed the together every now and the but anyhow it's hard work! 5x 40s the time walking back down is your only rest. The around 1,5min rest between the sets, 3sets. Puls got high today again but had my old garmin today just to confirm that I haven't turned in to a colebri.. hillrepeats intervaller runninghard afterwork gettingdarker endorfin vasaloppet trainingingroups träningsglädje justforfun uphill

1 week ago

柄の色について About the handle 新品の柄は白いですが、しばらく使っているうちに画像のように深みのある濃い茶色に変化していきます。 New handle is white but it will change after a few month. The color of the handle is getting darker! Eventually it will get beautiful deep color! sugimoto sugimotohamono tokyotsukiji tsukijifishmarket knifeshop cookingknife cooking japaneseknife handmade 包丁 築地 柳刃 yanagiba sashimi slicer handle wooden woodenhandle magnolia magnoliahandle 朴の木 deepcolor gettingdarker 茶色