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Changing it up with a video today, my fav exercise barbell curls. Always change the width of your grip, put all tension on bicep and minimal back swing. 💪🏼💪🏼

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Single leg deadlift is one of my favourite exercises! 🤗 Some benefits of doing single leg dead lifts are: - Works hamstrings and glutes - Helps core stability - Works your posterior chain - Helps correct strength imbalances - Improves balance Add it into your next leg workout and see how you go! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Fitspo Fitfam GirlsWhoLift  Exercise Legday HealthyLife FitLife GetStrong Workout TrainHard BBG Strengthtraining PWR Fitness BikiniBoday LornaJane FitFluential Gym Movenourishbelieve Squats GarageGym getfit hiit activeliving

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💣💣💣 There is No Secret Formula to weight Loss . . It’s that time of year again when everyone is thinking about losing some body fat and getting ready for the party season. Here are some of my Top Tips to help with reaching your goals. . . 👍YES TO ⬇️⬇️⬇️ • Control / Count Calories • Workout 3-5 times per week • Lift Weights • Increase your N.E.A.T. • Get More Sleep 7-8 hrs/night • Increase your Hydration • Build Healthy Habits • Write down our your Goals • Seek Support • Be Patient ............................................................ 👎 No To ⬇️⬇️⬇️ • Quick Fixes • Extreme/Crash Diets • Spending hours on Cardio • Negative Self Talk • Guilt • Giving Up • Excess Processed Food • Peer Pressure ............................................................ . Work on one thing at a time & be kind to yourself. Remember nothing worth having comes easy. . . weightloss toptips gymlife liftweights gethealthy getfit getactive mindset youcandoit training healthyeating fitlifestyle healthylifestyle healthyhabits kildarefitness naasfitness dontgiveup bepatient staypositive tpfa personaltrainer femalecoach

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2 WEK Diet System- By Brian Flatt. ( Science-Based Diet ) * What’s Included in The Diet System : * - INTRODUCTION MANUAL - DIET MANUAL - WORKOUT MANUAL - MINDSET & MOTIVATION MANUAL * * Click the link BIO to learn more!!!! 😊 * * *

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Decline Sit Ups. - You already know what it is.....abs, abs, abs, and more abs. - Steps to remember: 1. Raise your upper body until vertical, while also contracting your abs. 2. Add a weighted object to lift or keep chest level for more resistance. - ‼️ thefitfatcoach

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Are you subscribed to my website? • I’ll be rolling out some fun FREE challenges in November and December. They’ll fill up fast and if you want to be the first to know about them and sign up: SUBSCRIBE! Link is in bio or you can just type in: www.brittneyvachon.com • • • • • • • • • • • • • tuesday happytuesday free coach coaching fit fitness fitnessplan athome workout exercise 25toFIT fun live getfit balance holidays happyholidays subscribe email website momfitness postpartumbody postpartumfitness bodyafterbaby bodypositive canvas signup

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🤔👉Starters tip: JUST START. No worries about perfect this or that. If you feel lost around fitness and that’s why you haven’t started, just know there are so many amazing professionals out there ready to help with whatever it is you need to start. Don’t wait until it’s too late to do and be the things YOU want. Form isn’t perfect when we start but that’s why we practice. Consistency is one of the many 🔑s to success. 🙌🙏💕💪✌️🌙

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Tuesday's Workout: 180925 3RFT 500 mts Run 20 DB Front Squat 20 V-up

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Find your motivation and FIGHT for it!🔥🏋🏽‍♀️💪🏽

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Jeg svømmer bare rundt her de næste 4 dage🙏😍 Takket være Spaniens sol er jeg allerede ved at være godt neger igen, efter 4 timer på standen på 2 dage og jeg er vild med det!!👅🌞 🔹️ 🔸️ 🔹️ followme weightloss weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation weightlifting liftheavy getfit igfitfam igfit healthy healthylifestyle livsstilsændring training girlswhosquat like4like igfollowers follow4follow followmyjourney workout fitmotivation motivateothers loveyourbody beyourownmotivation couplegoals love nature moments beach alanya vacation

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“La vita ha 4 sensi: amare, soffrire, lottare e vincere. Chi ama soffre, chi soffre lotta, chi lotta vince. Ama molto, soffri poco, lotta tanto, vinci sempre” [O. Fallaci] ❤️❤️❤️

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Black and white ✨

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Sweet dreams ✨

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I was having a really good time 🏝

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transformation 10 months difference between these pictures. I have been training for almost 4 years now, but I’ve always been scared to lift heavy. I thought that if I would, I’d get super bulky. But 10 months ago I realized that with the way I was training, I would never reach my goals, so I changed everything. I changed my diet, the way I was training and my mentality. BEST thing I ever did, I have reached so many goals and I’m finally seeing a lot of change. I’m stronger now which feels great. Word of advice don’t wait 3 years, don’t be afraid to lift heavy, you won’t get bulky or get too muscular to fast, it takes A LOT of time to built muscle, so keep trying new things till you find something that’s works for you. 😊😊 - - Gonna start posting more transformation pictures, keeps me motivated 💪🏽

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I find it quite difficult to make nice picture where I live, so I’ll keep throwing it back to the most amazing holiday. Until I find a way to make some nicer pics here. 🧚🏽‍♀️🧚🏽‍♀️

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Today was such a blur.. I’m think I’m catching a cold 🤒 so today will be a rest day! Listen to your body ladies! It’s okay to just let your body recover. So I hope I will be a bit better tomorrow, so I can just do a slow and calm workout. - A while ago I would be so mad when I couldn’t go to the gym and I would think that I would get less results, because I skipped a few workouts. But that’s NOT true, don’t be scared to take a step back when you need it. You won’t lose muscle or progress that fast. It takes a long time to build so it will take a while before it’s gone. Glad I know that now ☘️

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Tibidabo ⛰⛰

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Plaça Catalunya pt.2☘️

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I never really felt “home” in the county were I live, I’ve always wanted to travel and see the world. We do travel a lot every summer and I think that’s where I get it from. But I still never really felt at “home” somewhere. Until I traveled to Spain 🇪🇸 It just felt right. I feel kinda homesick now and I wanna go back as soon as possible. - Not complaining, the country where I live is not to bad, but you know.. 🎃🎃

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Quick morning workout before a nice little family afternoon, - Wearing my new lilac flex leggings gymshark 💪🏽

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Глаза значительная вещь!!! Вроде барометра. Все видно у кого великая сушь в душе, кто ни за что, ни про что может ткнуть носком сапога в ребра, а кто сам всякого боится...........)