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Holà vous ! ____________ . Je reviens aujourd’hui pour vous parler de lovesimon ____________ . J’ai déjà vu le film 🍿 et j’ai vraiment adoré ! J’ai donc lu le livre (en VO) . J’ai vraiment adoré cette histoire 😍 ____________ Je n’aurais peut être pas du regarder le film avant de lire le livre mais à quelques détails près c’est exactement la même chose alors en résumé : lisez ce livre 😊 ____________ . roman gay simon lovesimon red oreo cookies love lovestory book novel

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Ashram de la Creatividad. Imaginari Kiku Mistu. Segura, Conca de Barbera-Tarragona. www.creativity-ashram.com www.kikumistu.com www.escuela.kikumistu.com Ensalada y cous-cous, intégral y ecológico. Retiros y cursos de meditación y creatividad todos los fines de semana. Mira nuestro calendario en la web, seguro que encuentras el retiro ideal para ti. Besos y Amor, Amai Vecino Coordinador. creativo kikumistu mindfulness huertoecologico cursosytalleres ashram creatividad escuela ifsu meditación retirosespirituales bio catalunya tarragona barcelona girona lleida pueblos comesano saludable cuidarteelalma gay encanto cocinavegetariana belleza naturaleza meditation cocinacreativa cocinaconamor retirosdeyoga

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[🇬🇧 in the stories] Buongiorno people! Io e il mio adorato Spock (e il piccolo Kirk ♡) oggi vi presentiamo il diciottesimo post dell' everykindoflove 💕 • Aromantico • L'aromanticismo è quell' orientamento in base al quale un individuo non prova nessuna attrazione romantica verso altri individui. Un termine informale per una persona aromatica è aro. Una caratteristica degli aromantici è che nonostante sentano poca o nessuna attrazione romantica, possono comunque desiderare rapporti sessuali. Gli aromantici non sono necessariamente incapaci di provare amore. Ad esempio possono ancora sentire l'amore familiare o il tipo di amore platonico che si esprime tra amici. Alcuni aromatici possono affermare di essere in grado di apprezzare il tipo di amore o romanticismo che esiste nella cultura popolare, come nei film, nei libri o nelle canzoni romantiche, ma solo indirettamente, e che essi stessi non provano intuitivamente questi sentimenti. L'aromatismo riguarda principalmente l'emozione piuttosto che la sessualità o la libido, quindi può essere associato a qualunque orientamento sessuale. Gli aromantici a volte affrontano una sorta di stigmatizzazione e sono stereotipati con etichette come essere senza cuore o insensibili. L'amatonormatività, un concetto che eleva le relazioni romantiche rispetto alle relazioni non romantiche, è spesso dannoso per gli aromatici. La rappresentazione di aromantici nei media però è in aumento, cosa che fa sperare ad una possibile valorizzazione anche di questo orientamento romantico. Esistono inoltre anche gli acoromantici, ovverso persone che sperimentano l’attrazione romantica, ma hanno una forte avversione a intraprendere una relazione romantica a causa di brutte esperienze, ansia, o altri timori. ••• qotd Avete letto questo libro?In molti mi hanno detto che è bellissimo,non vedo l'ora di leggerlo 💙 startrek spock kirk wearetheants shaundavidhutchinson aromantic aromanticpride lgbt lgbtq lgbtq+ pride pridemonth lovewins freelove sharelove gay lesbian lgbtmovement bookstagram lgbtbooks reader lovereading bookslover bibliophile bookblog loveislove lgbtcomunity bookphotography bookish

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I’m very sad and upset right now that not many people know this, a to youtuber and a Twitter artist by the name of Rizzydraws tried to commit suicide over some 4chan edgelords to get him killed for being bisexual, basically doxxing him. Riz lives in Indonesia where it’s okay to be lgbt+ but their religious laws are extremely firm and sometimes you can be punished for simply being lgbt. There’s alot of stuff to explain but there’s also alot of info in Twitter to look into it. Riz is okay and survived surgery, his family is also trying to take legal action since what these edge lords decided to do can be charged heavily. I know not everyone is religious(including me) but please keep Riz in your mind and hearts, he didn’t deserve this at all, these people literally attacked and doxxed him because they didnt like his art and they were being homophobic assholes, so please try and spread the word and support Riz and his family-Oliver lgbt lgbtpride lgbtq lgbtqpride gay gaypride lesbain bisexual transgender genderfluid nonbinary asexual pansexual intersex lgbtqia queer loveislove equality lovewins comingout pride polyamorous support nohate feminism

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Quiero prometer y prometo ..... que en el intento antes del vídeo conseguí mantenerme !!!!! (Pocos segundos pero lo hice) Joer .... con lo fácil que parece !!! 😤😤😤

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how is dua lipa so hottt?

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Ahhhhh-MAZZZZING. Wall sculpture works made of shaped hand-cut and painted canvas in various shades. These are works change depending on where the viewer stands/moves. More from Stallman at link in my bio. ROCKYOURWALLS

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Breakfast in bed & morning tv!

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this is a young boy clueless to the fact that Beyoncé would drop an album 2 hrs later on in the day of Sunday morning which means it was taken before me crying in the middle of MAHI

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♡ ROUND 3. I think I accidentally skipped some votes for Skeet but KJ was eliminated last round.:) ⤍ Veronica ( ℰ ) . ❭ Follow riverdale_princesses for more daily posts!! . ⤍ ❭ leave a comment & tag a friend who’ll enjoy this . ⤍ ⤍ ⤍ c: owner tagged ⤍ .love instagood like4like followme cute tbt fashion riverdale follow4like like4follow a art beautiful follow sexy follow4follow hot instagram fashion makeup model diva photography me anime gay happy selfie photooftheday lovers instadaily

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Koffie koffie tijd ☕️

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I decided to try my hand at some themed pride flags. These are Eight Ball themed! Your interpretation of it may be different from mine, some view eight balls as fun, some see them as smart, some see them as mysterious, or maybe aesthetic. Either way, I made the Bi flag, lesbian flag, gay flag, and trans flag in eight ball themed colors. Feel free to use! Hope you enjoy!! Sorry the gay flag got kinda cut off at the end. If you wanna use the full thing, DM me for the picture! 🎱🏳️‍🌈 trans gay bi lesbian pride pridemonth eightball themedflags themedprideflags prideflags eightballbi eightballlesbian eightballgay eightballtrans transflag biflag lesbianflag gayflag lgbt

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Funny ʍɛʍɛ boi🔥 AliA😩🙏🏻 . 🎥 grandayyyyyy . MemeBT . ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ - █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ ★ ᴛᴀɢs ★ dankmemes dankmeme memes cringememes cringememe cringeymemes gaymemes memelord memepage gay lgbt meme fortnite fortnitememes dank edgymemes edgy edgymemesforedgyteens cringe reddit roblox minecraft offensivememes lilpump esketit musically thicc oof cancermemes. ▂ ▄ ▅ ▆ ▇ █ - █ ▇ ▆ ▅ ▄ ▂ 🔥𝕯𝖒 𝖋𝖔𝖗 𝖖𝖚𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖔𝖓𝖘🔥

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Sunday pose 😌