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2 weeks ago

Jupiter, the bringer of jollity | As the whole world seemed to gaze at the "blood moon" (boooring!), i pointed my telescope in another direction. i've looked at jupiter before, so at first this was nothing that special either. but as i examined the pictures i took on the next morning, i noticed four little dots in jupiter's periphery. after checking my star charts i was baffled. big J is joined by his pals Io, Callisto, Ganymede and Europa (from left to right)! what a lucky shot! i was even more excited since i only recently binged the third season of expansesyfy , where ganymede and io are major plot locations. (f'ing great show by the way!!) . . jupiter io callisto ganymede europa jupitermoons galileanmoons astronomy astrophotography amateurastronomy amateurastrophotography amateurastronomer spaceporn skyporn moonporn funwithcelestialbodies galaxyporn space exastrisscientia spacegeek astrogeek spacenerd astronerd telescope gustavholsttheplanets gustavholst

2 weeks ago

Since everybody is posting "blood moon" photos from yesterday evening -which by the way was magnificent- here's...little Saturn with it's little rings, as seen from our telescope in Zurich around 23:30. Lovely night! . . Credits to slashcube Thomas for the telescoping experience and to amalia.t.schmidt for the pic! . . . stargazer hobbyastronomer space stargazing zurichlife solarsystem astronomersofinstagram galaxyporn solarsystemandbeyond saturn shotwithgalaxys8 mobilephotography bloodmoon magic zurich

1 month ago

I was not to be found inside me as I was living inside you . You promised to be a balsam on my scars But then your lies were a manifest of our shattering little stars . A new dawn emerges with its layers and layers of pinks and yellows . As the sun swallows up my bedroom with satin rays of sunlight I wake.... Sweaty and screaming foolish and alone. And so I continue on....living each day feeling his sweat and hearing his heavy breath in the back of my mind every time silence creeps up on me . Later I watch the sun , so naive crawl under the horizon ..and I get restless as dusk approaches for I know that when my head hits that pillow the fight begins ..and he always wins in the end Carrying my innocence off Holding it up to the moonlight kicking and screaming until...finally ..he leaves it and walks away while it is raw and naned shaking on the cold ground . Until a new dawn emerges with its layers and layers of pinks and yellows..-NG♥️ . . . . stars galaxypictures writersofinstagram poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram healing helping shatteredfeels nebula inspiredbykaramacdonald wordporn galaxyporn feed cosmicburst wanderlust universe writerscommunity erruption erruptionoffeelings

2 months ago

Swipe ➡️ for the before! Took a few pics of the moon last night, it’s something I haven’t done in a while and aside from the swarm of mosquitoes stinging like crazy it was nice! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . fullmoon fullmoonparty stars midnight photoshop doubleexposure beautifulearth brighteyes darkmoon craters canon canonphotography moonportrait lunarportraits aovportraits moodygrams portraitgames worldvision artofvisuals worldporn earthporn galaxyporn galaxies stars glows

2 months ago

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