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اكتب الكثير لعل من سيقرأ هذا الكلام سيعي ماهي الاسرار التي بداخلي ليفك هذه الشيفرة ماهو ذاك السر؟ مالذي يؤلمني جدا لفهمي...الكاتب لا يستخدم اسمه ليقول لقراءه انا اقصد نفسي والرسام ايضا لايفعل ذلك لكني الان اريد الكتابة عني فأنا لا اريد اليأس اليوم سأكون متفائلة اكثر ويائسة اقل لاحب حياتي لاحب نفسي وما انا عليه لا اريد ان ارى كل شيء كلسجن لي اريد حب ابسط الاشياء للتعايش مع كل شي للابتسام لابسط شيء اراه... لانسى تعبي اريد ان ارى الجمال بقلبي مهما كان القبح موجود امامي سأره جميل فأنا سأتبع قلبي وماينبض له في هذه الحياة البائسة ...سأكون سعيدة هذا ما سأفكر به سعادتي لان لاحد سيفكر بها بقدر ما سأحبها لنفسي لتتفتح زهرة الحياة من جديد بداخلي ..🍃💚حب_اخضر خواطر كتابتي rawaa mydrawing tree galaxy نخل منظر_طبيعي colorful sky black blue pink iraq baghdad 💚💚🌃 night

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I absolutely loved the refreshfriday prompt from yourheartbeatsstrong Where you're given the task of rewriting and revamping another poets work, while someone else revamps a write of yours. yourheartbeatsstrong always finding interesting and intricate ways of bringing us writers together!! 😍 woordbeeld_van_anne was given mine and her interpretation absolutely blew me away. 🌌🌠🌟🌟 Repost woordbeeld_van_anne (get_repost) ・・・ For the refreshfriday prompt, I got the difficult task to give my interpretation to this beautiful poem by the talented lunar_escapades I already had the chance to work with this wonderful poetess on the 'Trip to Venus' prompt (so I couldn't resist letting the goddess reappear!) 🌠 1) Interpretation: Stardust, by woordbeeld_van_anne 2) Original: by lunar_escapades 3)Art, in full glory: Unique, by the astounding darkblue.e (I hope she is okay with me using this image 💕) 🌟 wordsbuildbyanne yourheartbeatsstrong stardust beingbrave stars galaxy cels beingbravedoesntmeanyougolookingfortrouble poetry poetsunite poemsociety poetess poetic poetrybyme bymepoetry poetsofinstagram poetryofinstagram powerofpoetry spilledink poetryisnotdead womanwhowrite writing writersofinstagram writer

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astronaut room..... 🌛⭐🌕🌠☀️ galaxy

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. 🦄I apologise that I've got the good side of things🦄 r u waiting for Troye's new album?

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Baita Segantini - 2200m - 16/08/2018 Finalmente dopo tanti tentativi andati male son riuscito a fotografare una Via Latte più che accettabile! C'è ancora molto margine di miglioramento, ma per il momento son più che contento così. Giusto per complicarmi la vita, li al momento ho provato a fare delle foto diverse dagli standard e un po' più creative. Così con il cambio di focale durante lo scatto ho ottenuto questo effetto scia di alcune stelle e dell'inquinamento luminoso sulla parte frontale al di là della baita. Ottenendo un effetto quasi fiabesco. • • • • • photokraken • • • • • milkyway nightphotography canonphotos meandmymanfrotto liveforthestory nightscape skyline travel traveller skyporn lake travelphotography nightlife nasa astranomy astrophotography stars galaxy ig_astrophotography photopills instadolomiti magic_dolomites baitasegantini trentinoaltoadige visittrentino trentinowow ps_dimension landscape fineartphotography

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Seguiremos mirando las estrellas, soñando con que habrá más allá de ellas. 💫 さようならは黒でした .

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Rose cut and black diamond galaxy ring

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Gm we at galaxy west tonight come out and turn up wit us 🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️🧟‍♂️💰💰💰💯💯

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💫🌌🐇Space Buns 🐇🌌💫 is now live on etsy! Digital and physical die cuts in 3 skin tones, 2 page mini kits, 5 page full kits, and separate deco sheets are all available. Every kit will receive a bonus full box! Details are in the listings. I've been working in this for months, actually I finished it once and scrapped it and started over. That's how it goes sometimes. But I'm obsessed with it now and can't wait to use this is my planner next week! Hope yall like it! 🌠