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¡Sorteo cuadro freek de Bender! No te lo pierdas si querés pedir un numero enviame un mensaje para mas detalles 😊 Futurama Art Rifa

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Disenchantment - Spoiler-Free Review! Creators: Matt Groening, Josh Weinstein. Stars: Robin Atkin Downes, Abbi Jacobson, Eric André. Disenchantment follows the story of Bean, a hard-drinking princess and her two companions, a goofy elf and her own personal demon.  The three of them go to many different adventures and have a lot of ups and downs. Matt Groening & Netflix. In my opinion, this show shouldn't have never been created. That sounds harsh but I don't think this was the right option at the moment. We already have hundreds of episodes of The Simpsons still coming out and most of us real Matt Groening fans only want to see the story of Futurama continue. I'm not saying I am not open to new things but this was just not the right move for him. Netflix, honestly, should've just produced a new season of Futurama and that would've made all of the fans extremely happy instead of giving us this mediocre show that lacks originality and personality. Writing/Comedy. Each episode is 20 minutes. In those 20 minutes, let's say there are around 30-40 jokes. From those jokes, perhaps 15 make me chuckle and the rest just fall flat or just aren't jokes, they are lazy excuses to put something not funny in but the writers for some reason think they're funny. Still, I do admit, in every episode there are at least 3-5 jokes that make me laugh my ass off. Some one liners are just hilarious, most coming from either random characters we know nothing about or Elfo. The writing is alright. It's not terrible but it isn't Futurama. That is to me the biggest issue, after Futurama, I have such high expectations for Matt Groening. Anything that isn't Futurama good, to me is just dumb and boring. Animation. The animation is fine. The characters' designs are very, VERY, reminiscent of the ones in The Simpsons. Elfo just seams like Bart/Moe while Bean looked a lot (and had similar character traits) like Barney. Aside from that, the far away shots that display the entire city look so incredibly cheap and badly animated. I just feel it lacks its own style and feel. (Continued In Comments)

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Denna tavla finns fortfarande tillgänglig. Om du är intresserad så är det bara att skicka ett meddelande så får du den på posten! ❤ Jag är också back in business så vill du ha en tavla av mig är det bara att höra av dig så löser vi det! . This painting is still available so if you're interested just send me a messenger and I'll send it to you! ❤ I'm also taking requests so if you want me to draw something for me let me know and we'll work something out! Shout out to thejohndimaggio for being one of the best voice actors out there. Thanks for all the laughs and awesome moments in my life! bender futurama art johndimaggio gearsofwar markusfenix xbox art markers markerart fanart instaart robot scifi scifiart

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Here’s hoping you got everything on the list, friend. carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖

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Summer has ended, and it’s time to bring this alien inside for the fall and winter after being out in the greenhouse. He’s having a little bit of a hissy fit about it 👺

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This is my favorite squarecafepgh plate: Brussels sprouts bowl. I like to drench half of it in Frank’s. I like to scoop it up with ciabatta toast, dripping in butter. I am living my best life. carebearsecrets 👩🏻🧔🏻❤️🤖

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28.03 [the simpsons] fiquei tanto tempo sem postar aqui rsrs qotd; desenho que lembra a sua infância? aotd; shrek, pica-pau, tom e jerry, the simpsons para ser marcado, comente na tag list :3

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information gained via my brother & some friends òwó

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If you go to squarecafepgh and you DON’T get the Dragon Queen latte (vanilla, honey, cayenne), I can’t guarantee that you’ll have a good day. I’m sorry. 👩🏻🧔🏻💋🤖❤️☕️ 🌶