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Had to bust the baby out for a little ride since the rain cleared up. Nothing clears my head better than rolling down the road Kentucky fields all around me not a care in the world except those bugs that keep trying to bullseye into my mouth since I still can't close it all the way. Stay strong my friends Together we can win win harley backroads ride fun bugs smile twowheels

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Oh my goodness, today was nothing short of amazing. The excitement of the children seeing old friends and meeting new ones was the best. So much fun! fun heartfull natureschool beachcamp

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ᴘᴏxᴀ ᴛᴜᴍʙʟʀ 🦋

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You are a Warrior & don't you forget it💗💗 nenaandco

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How is everyone’s Summer going? 🏝🏖🏝

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Душа. Она без паспорта взрослеет, У каждого свой крест, своя судьба. И кто-то после боли каменеет, А в ком-то расцветает доброта. Все чувствует одна, поможет словом, Другая - вечный бег и суета. Есть в двадцать лет душа уже за сорок, Есть в сорок, безупречна и чиста...

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Barbie Tingzzz💕! bowandbauble is the plug this cropover with the 'Milan' Statement Earrings in Rose and Navy👅🔥🔥👅!! To purchase, just shoot us a DM or click the email tab📲!

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Gingerbread Houses, Martha’s Vineyard...

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watching the sunset from what appears to be a shore when in reality its a cliff that's located 30 feet above water

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thats why i love my meal replacement: simple, complete for supporting all my activities, healthy and yummy.. ALASAN MENGAPA KITA SANGAT MENCINTAI ISASHAKE SMOOTHIE 😍 😍 😍 Karena superfood ini sangat padat nutrisi, vitamin dan mineral setara dengan..... 8g Fiber = 4 sdm Linseed 24g Karbohidrat = 1/4 cup Quinoa masak 24g Protein = 4butir telur 240mg Kalsium = 1.5 cup cottage cheese 70mcg Asam folat = 3/4 cup brussel sprouts 2.5mcg Vit D = 200g cod fillets 3mg Iron = 170g tenderloin steak 4mg Zinc = 2 cups baked beans 380mcg Potassium = 1 pisang 54mcg Iodine = 1 sdm seaweed masak 187.5mcg Vit A = 1 red capsicum 80mg Magnesium = 1/2 cup bayam masak Anda mempersiapkan ini semua bukan hanya bayar minimal sekitar Rp. 250rb tetapi ribetnya bisa sampai 2jam blm jamm makannya. 😳 Bagaiman dgn kandungan hormon, kimia, pestisida, herbisida dan segala macam toksin di dlm ini semua? 🙈 🙊 Kita mempunyai 'keajaiban' yg terkandung di dlm 'Superfood Smoothies' dan hanya membutuhkan 1-2 menit utk disiapkan. 🙏  60 mikronutrisi essential  11 asam amino essential  2 fatty acids  13 vitamins  21 minerals  7 enzymes  6 probiotics Makanan sehat tdk pernah senikmat ini!!! 😘 😘 Menjadi sehat tdk pernah BENAR2 terjangkau dan semurah ini ... hanya kurang dari Rp. 40rb rupiah saja. 😃 love instagood photooftheday fashion beautiful happy cute tbt followme art me selfie summer instadaily follow style girl fun ootd make model cat pretty motivation gym lifestyle funny instapic herbalife isagenix

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Manten tu mente activa😻

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“Trust your own judgement, live with it and love it.” – Nas

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I love being on the beach it's my favorite place ever.

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It’s a beautiful life!! 🇲🇽🕶🌞

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⚠️.🎧 use and ..""Get The Feeling"",..☯️ . . 📖✒DDMOF to be continued ➡️DDMOF ( DEAR DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND ) story will connect to next page ... Let's take a break ... ___________________________ ▶️Life is a Theatrical Stage, The Story is Easy to Change Every Man Has a Script Story to Play, What Should We Do? ".. ✒honesty" 🤔 GOD Creates People All the Same Physically the same as the same Body Organs Only One Who Differens Human One And Other Humans That is A Heart The Hearts of Humans Are Different The Human Heart Moves Sending Messages to the Brain to Mobilize the Human Body Organs to Do Something Good and Something Bad He's the Actor Who Actually Behind the Human Body I am 27Roem There Is Not A Price That Should Be Paid For A Kindness That Is Called True Goodness . 🚫I'm Not Buying Follower. . .