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2 hours ago

Happy Birthday to the baddest muddafucka on the entire fucking planet!!!! The master of manifestational magick.. you’ve been my mentor, my guru.. you have taught me so many, many things.. the gifts of wisdom you have given to me I hold absolutely fucking sacred and I would not be who I am today if it weren’t for you and vi$$y.. your music has literally saved my life.. my sanity.. pulled me out of the absolute depths of darkness.. when the entire universe is crumbling around me all I have to do is put on “Never Le Nkemise 1” and I find strength unparalleled to anything I have ever felt before.. Thank you for sharing your incredible gifts with the world.. Thank you for your relentless authenticity.. Thank you for showing the entire world that you should never compromise who you are for fame and fortune.. for anything.. and that you don’t fucking have to.. That no one else can tell you what your dreams should look like.. or how you should live your life.. That if you follow your truth and chase your wild weird dreams that anything is possible.. And that if anyone doesn’t fucking like it they can GET FUCKED🖕🏼🖕🏼 I love you man.. and I’m going to take every ounce of wisdom and guidance you have given me and I’m going to make you proud.. one day you’ll see.. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINJIIIII!!! dieantwoord prawn_star daddy ninji rotgot sensei zef zefkid zefling fuckeveryone zef2def ratzrule prettywise uglyontheskinlovelyfromwithin

8 hours ago

« ¡ Bebesita ! ¡ Tu hombre te ama pero tú le ere' infiel ! ¿ por qué ? ¡ Porque tú eres una diabla dentro de una mujer ! ¡ Y cuando se esconde el sol tú quiere' beber; hija 'e Lucifer ! » 6ix9ine Bebe OneLife UneVie FuckEveryOne

8 hours ago

Made him a Kash marinated & seasoned steak dinner wit mashed potatoes and gravy, This how we livin baby👫❤️ livinmybestlife fuckeveryone

20 hours ago

Some people write songs or books about the traumas they’ve suffered. Some go to therapy and some allow it to eat them alive for years. I put it on my skin. In the form of pretty pictures and quick words. I feel the pain it causes me to suffer in a physical form so I can let the emotional go. Then I’ll live with the memory on my skin until the day I die, reminding myself that people will always use and abuse you.. but you are the one you have to live with forever. You yourself is the person you must love forever. Fuck everyone else. Fuck the people who don’t bring you joy. Fuck the people who cause you pain. Be your own fucking majestic creature. 🦄🦄 unicornsarecool fuckeveryone loveyourself selfcare mentalhealth tattoo inkaddict ink

1 day ago

I'm never alone I'm alone all the time Are you at one Or do you lie We live in a wheel Where everyone steals But when we rise it's like strawberry fields If I treated you bad You bruise my face Couldn't love you more You got a beautiful taste . . . . I don't know what my purpose is anymore depression fuckeveryone bush

1 day ago

I can’t even begin to express how fucking done I am with half ass people in my life. If I cut you off it’s because your a half ass piece of shit and I don’t need you around anymore. Your either there for me always or your not. Least you can do is answer a fucking text. I’m fucking done. Beyond fucking done. done pissed fuckeveryone tiredoftrying

2 days ago

This is what I feel like right now... Im soo tired of all the bullshit school/family/the whole fucking world... "Im not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit!!" mmmarilynmansonfuckeveryonethefightsong