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Honestly, before you came along all I knew was darkness. Now, with you gone, I am back in it. I no longer reach out to people. No longer trust people. I am on my own. Maybe this is just my fate. Maybe this is just what I deserve. Some twisted type of punishment for all the mistakes I have made. I have never felt so empty before. Hell, even alcohol doesn't help rid the urge to kill myself. But, I don't want to be one of those people. Those people that gave up. I don't want to be a statistic. A percentage. A quitter. I just hate that whoever I talk to, talks back, like fuck i just want you to hear me out. Just fucking hear me out and comfort me. That's all I want. I am not someone who can save someone else. I want to be saved. I am not...I am not as strong as I look. I wish people would stop thinking that I can save them. I can't. I can't even save myself. I need help... and the only person that could keep me feeling again is gone. That shit always happens. I feel like I have finally found happiness and before I can finally ease into it, it vanishes without warning. I am done. I am done trying to find that one person. Fuck everyone. Fuck all of you. I am done with humanity. With bonding. I will survive. I will fight. On my damn own. fucklove fuckeveryone fuckhumanity onmyown lonewolf dontneedanyone depressionawareness psychosis mentalillnessawareness suicideawareness alcoholicproblems lonelinessquotes instaquote illdoitonmyown myfate rant venting confession emotional reality realshit donewithpeople lookingoutformyself

16 hours ago

Hey im going to stop posting a while cuz...i need to clear my head from FUCKING people that keeps hurting me. So have a great FUCKING day everyone :) fuckeveryone jonnythehomicidalmaniac

16 hours ago

No hay letras, solo yo dejando muchas preocupaciones atrás.. fuckeveryone

18 hours ago

don’t really give a shit anymore 💔😞❤️🤷🏿‍♀️fuckeveryone

21 hours ago

I feel nothing and I have nothing in my mind it's just blank I feel like I have lost the ability to smile or do my fake smile which makes it harder to hide how I'm truly feeling deadinside depressedmess donewithlife depressed depressedgirl depression killme alone suicidal suffering selfharm suicide sad stranded suicidalthoughts insecure fucklife fakesmile fuckeverything fuckeveryone fakehappiness cutterslife cut lifesucks letmedie numb worthless iwanttodie emotionless giveuptrying

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They are weirdos until they blow up. — Now they are Icons that the world copies. — Be and let be. But don’t be a hypocrite we have enough of those. — Understand?

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As a cat, I know that life is too short not to be doing what I want. Always pleasing other people, always being scared, always being nervous. What good is it if you don’t enjoy yourself? ... In other words, everyone else can go fuck themselves. I’m too busy being me 😸❤️ • momo nyanko🐾fam momo mozart tuxedocat tuxedokitty catsofinstagram cats_of_instagram dailycat cutie fatty 턱시도고양이 집사 냥스타그램 냥스타 기요미 neko chat gato kawaii healing catlove anxiety fuckeveryone fear positivevibes depression

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E devo stare attento Per uscire in tempo da questo tunnel buio Perché mi hanno detto che pensare uccide più del fumo💭💥💣 fuckeveryone blackandwhite rain

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I don't want friends I want ounces👌🔥 fuckeveryone

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Ready? I speak real authentic truth based on experience. Paid for tailopez ? You wasted your money. It’s age old Spiritual principles. He capitalized on it, which is very smart. I was always taught to never charge for sharing what was so freely given to me. Enjoy, new Videos up Daily. ambition socialauthentic garyvee successmindset hustle instagram workethic giveitaway 10x tedtalks brandidentity socialmedia advice nyc drake spirtual trending losangeles free authentic seo marketing branding losangeles trending invest fuckeveryone basketball inspiration hiphop nyc igtv