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The new challenge is to getting to know a gentleman; trying to change a "bad boy" to a good guy is ass backwards but it happens often, then the good guys that get pushed to the side are almost obligated to treat women like trash. The cycle is pretty sad but it's apparent... facts sitdown fuckboy

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How tf can I hide, im standing infront stores , posted onna blenock 🐍❗️......where you be at fuck boy ??? housemanwife fuckboy slitternation 🐍🏂

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You should let me love you 😍

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"If you wanted to speak, you would've done so. If you wanted me, you would've came home. If you wanted to know, you would've asked though. And while you might regret it one day, In the end, I know I'll be happier with how things turned out this way." . . . . . . lgbt believe transboy ftm gay thoughts transgender jawline handsome gayman 21 prettyboy aesthetic submit Tumblr illinois hmu cute gayman tumblraesthetic fuckboy transmenofinstagram boyswithtattoos photo thoughts happiness want regret poem

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"International Fuckboy And Wasterman Awards" I hear so much foolery, from friends and remembering past experiences, I decided to make a lil piece commenting on this.... 😂😂😂😂 I can make other pieces with different categories. . Scroll for close ups. igart art instaart artistsoninstagram sketchbook arttherapy everydaymatters todaysart dailyart 365daysofpaint fuckboy wasteman practicemakesperfect 365art workinprogress showyourwork learningtopaint artpractice createdaily illustrator doodle artist theprocess keepgoing expressiveart artbrut ilovetopaint lisa_m_h

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When you're trying to enjoy the music at a festival but it's mating season for f%kboys. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 matingdance

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This is so true I feel guilty for laughing! My ex acted very suspicious with his phone. One day, beside my better judgment, I decided to go through his phone, not whatsapp or insta dms (which btw I regret not checking because I am sure if I had checked it the first time I would have saved myself so much heartbreak). I found crazy shit all over his phone. Be it camera roll or other social apps. It broke my heart. I couldn't wrap my head around what I saw. I refused to believe it. As it began to sink it I got so confused. I didn't understand why he was doing all these unacceptable things. For a long time I avoided confronting him. However, when things unfolded I realized that he wasn't even ashamed of what he had been doing. I continued to love and nurture him. I continued to hope he will stop loving those 'other "things".' It is clear that he didn't stop. He continued to abuse my love and I continued to allow him to do it. He justified his cheating and I justified staying by saying I love him and he loves me. Truth is, you don't treat people you love like this. You don't blame them for your infedelity and deny being a cheat. It is a no-brainer that you are sincere towards the person that you love WITHOUT THEM HAVING TO BEG YOU FOR YOUR LOVE AND SINCERITY. If you are in a position like I was, please do something about it. Don't tolerate bullshit excuses. Don't blame yourself. Speak to them, try to work things out. If they can't be reasoned with then respect yourself enough to walk away with dignity.

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Pool chills sun