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A poem I wrote. ____ Friends” I’m such a shy kid. I stay inside my shell. I think a lot of thoughts, But nobody can tell. But then sometimes I talk, I start to open up. I let people inside To see what’s on my heart. It’s scary to be frank. It’s hard to be real. It’s difficult to just Let out how you feel. But when you’re vulnerable, You find out what it means To have those true friends Who listen to your dreams. ____ poem poetry friends friendshipquotes coupdemain mypoetry

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Stunning Sterling Silver Wish Bracelet for a Good Friend. . Good friends are like stars, you can’t always see them but you know they’re always there. Thank you for being that special someone I can always rely on. Thank you for being you. . GoodFriend GiftForAFriend Friend Friendship GoodFriendsAreLikeStars SterlingSilverWishBracelet GoodFriend quotes FriendshipQuotes QuotesDaily Etsy EtsyJewlery HomemadeJewellery EtsyFinds AvailableOnEtsy AmazonSeller LuxuryGift SterlingSilver WishBracelet SuedeBracelet StarCharm TheSentimentalCharmCo

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It’s not easy to have an illness, no matter what kind it is. Building solid relationships, having a social life and sometimes doing everyday things can seem impossible. With support I always feel like I can get through anything! Tag someone who has been there through it all 💕🌈🌸 be there reason someone smiles today!

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Kosmische Seelenfreunde finden immer einander 💕 wie schön und bedeutungsvoll Begegnungen sein können - sie haben das gewisse Etwas, ein Hauch von Magie und alles geschieht wie von selbst und ganz selbstverständlich - man fühlt sich vertraut und als ob es schon immer so war und dann kommt doch wieder die Zeit, in der es heißt Abschied zu nehmen. Vielleicht nicht für immer, dennoch schade, so dass es sich lohnt jeden einzelnen MOMENT der Zusammenkunft zu genießen 😊 soulsistersoulsistersliveislovelovefriendshipwiedersehensfreudemagicpeoplemagicplacesechteliebeuniverseseelenfreundlifetimefreundschaftssprüchefreundschaftsoulmateinspirationsinstagoodfriendshipquotessprücheomshanticonsciousnesswisdomherzmenschenspiritualspiritualitymentalhealthawarenessnathaliefoitziktraumzeitcoach 💕🌌✌️

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True friends are never apart. Maybe in distance but never in heart 💖

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Today has been a happy day! I met up with a friend I hadn't seen in years and we picked up right where we left off... it was a bit blustery for a walk... but we did it anyway! It was so lovely to catch up on her news and chat about our dreams for our businesses. So tonight I'm feeling thankful, for friends old and new, who walk beside me in this crazy up and down topsy turvy journey called life and make it so much more fun. friendshipquotes tuesdaystext