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Casi 7 años de amistad con este qlo y primera foto ( casi foto ) que tenemos ctm ... la ultima vez que viniste a iquique te vi como 10 minutos maricon ): y pensar que el play nos unio y el mario 😳 jajajajahajah ❤ santiaguino qlo insta instapic instachile friends playstation iquique

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Momma said I could drink now that I’m older (hiccup) so I had one (hiccup) and here I am. beer

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Bipartisan Debate products promote discussion of ALL perspectives. Check them out!

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When you’ve been taught that a Pro Coach does provide business development to increase income and one person in the crowd who thinks that they can do it all alone says ”no”. Some of you need to really check your priorities because you are consumed on making money and focused on the job you have when the only thing you really have is your health. - I was once told that “Health is Wealth” quote by cedtheentertainer - corporate wellness trainers friends vip travel business trainer training workout work spiritual spirit life live team nutrition healthy health Funny smile boxing box train happy positive financialfreedom finance investment

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Un placer hablar del Oviedo con buenos amigos. Buena gente. Nos escuchamos en breve, a partir de las 23.30 en Cambio de Juego, en la RPA (y también a través de http://rtpa.es)

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Crowd Regulierung

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Bir harabenin penceresinden. sürgün

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Bedenler sevişe dursun, kalpler özgür kalmaya devam edecek

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Your focus determines your reality. So.. your reality speaks for itself. In case that some things don't depend on you.. Let's say you're stuck somewhere you don't want to be, but you have to be at the moment Try not to focus on your current situation but repeat this: my current situation is not my final destination! (Struggles.. I know I know..) In case that things depend on you, but you do nothing to change it.. then you deserve it. Whether is your fear that stops you, and usually is, or any other thing.. Don't blame life or others. Taa daaah . . Follow for daily motivation, story telling from a blonde's perspective. Comment, share or like whatever you find interesting. Let's spread some love and kindness. 🙏🏻🌏💙😍🦄

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Пытаюсь разглядеть светлое будущее🧐 Самое главное, что кофеёчек есть всегда!😀