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N̶ o̶ r̶ m̶ a̶ l̶ g̶i̶r̶l̶💭

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Lucid dreams involving fiends, midnight drives for the sleep deprived.

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⚽️ گریزمان: قلبم گفت که در اتلتیکو بمانم . گریزمان درباره اینکه چه شد که تصمیم به ماندن در اتلتیکومادرید گرفت به شبکه تله‌فوت فرانسه گفت: من (از سوی هواداران اتلتیکومادرید) عشق و حمایت فراوانی دریافت کردم. عشق آنها و قلبم مرا متقاعد کرد که در اتلتیکو بمانم. من می‌خواستم به مردم نشان دهم که ما چگونه تصمیمات‌مان را می‌گیریم. . Football_INT_1Varzesh

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A vibrant and gripping novel by Sonora Jha! Buy 'Foreign' hardcover version for INR 119 only! New book ❤️ . . Plot: . . In a village in India, a forsaken man is about to kill himself in quiet despair. A million miles away, Katya Misra is celebrating a perfect evening in her fine, academic life in Seattle . . . until she is informed that her teenaged son Kabir has run away to India in search of a father he has never met. Contemptuous of her homeland and determined to bring Kabir back where he belongs, Katya must follow her son into the home of a suicidal farmer, in a village where, every eight hours, a man kills himself. Here, as Kabir's father inspires his son with his selfless social work, Katya finds an ally in the farmer's wife Gayatribai, who saves Kabir's life by damaging her own, and in return asks for Katya's help in keeping her husband alive in the suicide epidemic that has gripped this treacherously changing nation. Whipped up in a world of violent protest rallies, mass weddings, inglorious suicides, and a love that demands to be rekindled, Katya must learn whose life can be saved and whose she should just let go. . . books99 readersofinstagram bookstagram bookstagramindia booklover bookworm bookish igbooks bibliophile igreads bookoholic booklove classic bookblogger reading bookstack fiction amreading book booklove bookstagrammer library booknerd readersofig literature bookaddict bookrecommendation instareads literature shelfie foreign sonorajha

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1st bfa Name: Lais Rebeiro Ethnicity: Brazilian 🇧🇷

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🇧🇿 貝里斯 Belice What are we gonna eat at Dragon Boat Festival❓ RICE DUMPLINGS (CHINESE TAMALE) ‼️‼️ 👉 端午節就是要吃粽子啊❗ 為何稱為tamale? 谷歌大神的網民介紹過,咱亞洲人的中式粽子與中南美洲的Tamale極為相似,前者使用糯米,後者則用玉米做的麵糰,裡頭包一樣不管你想吃葷的素的肥的瘦的雞鴨牛豬都可以,再裹上玉米葉,蒸熟後,入口隨即充斥著那濃厚玉米甜美香氣…🌽🌽🌽 🌬️ 啊說著講著介紹著〰️ 🌬️ 不禁讓小編想 再度衝回中南美洲去回味一番 🤣 🔥 【愛吃醋Fiery Hot 辣椒醬 / 語錄】 mariesharps caribbean belize proud distributor taiwan taichung best hotsauce toohot Habanero peppersauce eatdelicious foooodieee onmytable food caribbeanfood recipe peppers foreign hot🔥 spicy🌶 dragonboatfestival ricedumpling chinesetamale tamale corn

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Stay humble For you won't be here one day. And although you think you might have left a legacy, In due time it too will fade with you. You want to be remembered as someone who Was kind. Loving. Respectful. Helpful. Friendly. And above all humble. So take the compliments nicely. Try to always be kind. And try to be forgiving. Although I know it can sometimes be hard. Help others. Stand up for one another. Because those are the true legacies that impact lives. Not just some material thing that will fade faster than you think. just humbleyourself and travel make muisc producer glitch retro video editor beats engneering synthwave newmusic newmusicalert foreign music artista traprock trap vibes goodmusic chill

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“Everything’s wavy when your eyebrows fresh” 😏

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Tryna give these little ones the world 🗺 but first let’s get some ice cream 🍨