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Some people say Ceviche is for the summer. Not me...I say Ceviche is for summer, winter, fall, and spring 👅 🐟

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店名は敢えて載せないけど、値段の割にちょっと塩分高めの前菜と接客がイマイチ。店内の雰囲気と釜焼きpizzas は美味しかったけど...家族揃っての会食だったので残念... akihabara ディナー 前菜 サラダ イタリアン pizza ピザ ピッツァ japan lunch italianfood diner pasta パスタ 美味しかったイマイチだった foodstagram tokyo ランチ food foodporn cafe カフェ秋葉原グルメ 秋葉原ディナー

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C’est la vie.

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肉もやし中華そば 9/22の限定。 2.6/5.0 胡椒の味くらいしかしない…残念。 点数はド素人の個人的な評価であり、信用することはお勧めいたしません。 ラーメン ラーメン部 ラーメン倶楽部 らーめん倶楽部 ラーメン好き ラーメンインスタグラマー ラーメンパトロール 麺スタグラム 中華 スープ チャーシュー noodle noodles noodlelover noodleporn instanoodle instanoodles food foodporn foodie foodstagram foodasia tokyo 東京 調布 つつじヶ丘

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•T I M E O U T• Happy Hump Day! What are you doing today to get you through the rest of the week? — Whether it’s sitting down for a cup of coffee by yourself, taking a yoga class, or planning a date night with your SO, remember that putting yourself first sometimes is the key to keep from burning out. — Take care of yourself so you can take care of others 💜

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今日のお弁当 ・ ・ ステーキ弁当 のっけ弁 ・ ・ ちょっと、夏の疲れからか 体調崩してまして😂😇 ・ ・ 乗り切りたい時に お肉食べるやつです😆 ・ ・ その時だけでも元気出る そんなお弁当をつくろ٩( ¯ᒡ̱¯ )و ‪𐤔𐤔 ・ ・ ・ 黒毛和牛悪くない🤤シャワーランちょっとだけハシリマスタグラム走る人曲げわっぱ弁当ランチ昼メおうちごはんクッキングラムrunningmorningrunjogjoggingworkoutobentofoodiefoodporn

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🌙 매장 찾아오시기 어려워 하시는 분들이 있어서 ㅎ 저희 매장은 "전주 향교" 가는 길목에 있어요 어려우시면 전화주세요 :-) 🙆💜 . . ✨쟁카롱 추석 이벤트✨ 21 (금) 부터 ~ 26 (수) 추석 기간동안 쟁카롱을 구매하시고, 후기 남겨주시는 분들 중 5분을 추첨해 쟁카롱을 선물로 드려요 ( 6구짜리 5분 추첨 !!! ) 예쁜 후기 남기시고, 선물 받아가세요 💝 . 위치를 모르시겠다면 010.4617.8253 번으로 연락주세요 자세히 알려드립니당 😊 . 🌷늦은 방문 예정이신 분들을 위한 팁🌷 1) 예약제 추천드려요 :-) 2) 예약은 전날 라인업 올린 후 부터 가능하세요 3) 예약은 카카오톡 플러스친구 love쟁카롱으로 성함 , 연락처, 원하시는 맛, 갯수 , 픽업시간, 개별포장&박스포장, 아이스팩 포장 유무 기재하시고 카톡주시면 됩니다 🙆 4) 배달도 가능하니 문의 주세요 💞 (전주지역)

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Among the authentic German feast in last weekend's sanmigueloktoberfest at okadamanila, the Schweinsbraten stood out. 🐖🍖 Roast pork parin talaga ang isa sa pinaka-solid pulutan sa inuman. 🍺 More on MBites.ph BeFullAndInformed

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Llegar a casa por esto 🤤🔝💓

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진챠 핵존맛탱이야아앙😍

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Tried out a new granola bar recipe today and they turned out so good (and the ingredients are amazing too!!) I used: . 1 1/4 cup oats 3/4 cup dates 1/4 cup maple syrup 1/4 cup chocolate chips 1 tbsp chia seeds 1 tbsp hemp seeds . Directions: Place oats onto a cookie sheet and bake them at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 minutes. Next, blend the dates up in your blender or food processor (you can add a splash of almond mild to help them blend easier if you want). Combine the oats, dates, and maple syrup. Finally, add in the chocolate chips, chia seeds, and hemp seeds. Place the mixture in a parchment paper lined pan and press down firmly. Place it in the freezer and allow it to set for about 20 minutes and that’s it guys, no baking necessary! Let me know how you guys like them if you try this recipe out!

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마시가 조아부러어 엄망이는 손부터 나가네 ㅜ

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Matcha & Mango Smoothie🍵 Perfect Energy Boost any time of day🌱 When mixed into a smoothie, latte, or tea, Matcha is a perfect caffeinated alternative to coffee that won’t give you any caffeine jitters! 1-2 Bananas 2 Cups of mangos 1 Tbs Matcha 1/2 Tsp hawaiianspirulina (topping) 1 Tbs Moringa Leaf Powder 1/2 Tsp Maca Powder 1/4 cup Coconut Water 1/2 cup Water

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Comment 🧀 if you love grilled cheese sandwiches as much as I do🙌🙌 Haven’t really been feeling so well today, been stuck in bed with a nasty cold all day, hopefully all will be better tomorrow and I can get back to my regular posts!

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Woke up with a migraine so didn’t feel like cooking, I ran through thehabitburgergrill 👏🏼 and had some left over butternut squash 😋

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Conocí su boca y fui quedándome