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With Maybank's QR Pay, you can get 31% discount or up to RM10 whichever comes first. Trying the Ultimate J&B, a double beef patty burger that's beefy and succulent. Wales Looks Fishy is a salmon burger, you can choose medium-well or well-done, this was medium-well, where you can taste the salmon taste. Personally, Jack's Best was quite good as the bun was seared to crisp that added the burnt taste, the Sloppy Joe sauce (minced beef sauce with herbs and spice) was quite tasty. All-in-One Fat Chips was mediocre as the fries was not crispy. The Vanilla Shake was nothing to shout about either. The Peach and Cheese Blondies was a sample, and boy was it good. Though on the sweeter end, the flavour and texture was very pleasant in the mouth, a mix of soft and moist but also crispy burnt sides that adds to the flavour. The total bill came up to RM88.00 but with Maybank QR Pay, you can enjoy up to RM10 discount. food foodie foodism fooddiscovery foodtravel foodstagram instafood burger UltimateJB WalesLooksFishy JacksBest AllInOne PeachandCheeseBlondies Blondies JackandTheBrunettes SS15 SubangJaya SJ GalaxyNote9 Camera MaybankQRPay

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The foods you must try when visiting Madrid. Jamón Ibérico (cured Iberian ham) which comes from black hoofed Iberian pigs that are fed exclusively on acorns; the tastiest tapas which are a variety of appetizers; Valencian paella which consists of round grain white rice, green beans, meat or fish, beans, and seasoning such as saffron and rosemary. maryskitchen514 👩🏻‍🍳 instagood food yummy delicious foodie homemade thefeedfeed foodpornshare goodeats hungry eat culinary foodgasm foodphotography foodpics homecooking foodlove foodporn foodstagram tasty foodism foodaddict foodisfuel eating eatstagram foodshare

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Puding Cokelat Kuburan 🍮⚰👻 ——————————————————⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Puding cokelat? Udah biasa. Nah, saatnya kita buat yang berbeda! Karena kami membuat puding cokelat yang sedikit menyeramkan dari tampilannya. Tapi tenang, ini hanya tampilannya saja yang menyeramkan, tapi rasanya tetep endeus banget dong pastinya. Simak videonya ya. ——————————————————⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ▼Bahannya▼ - 10 buah mangkuk aluminium ukuran 6 x 12 cm - 100 g cokelat chip - 1 l susu cair - 200 ml krim kental - 75 g gula pasir - 1 bungkus (7 g) jeli bubuk rasa cokelat - 200 g dark cooking chocolate, cincang - 200 g biskuit cokelat, haluskan - Daun mint, untuk hiasan - Sendok es krim kayu, untuk hiasan ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ▼Langkah-Langkah▼ 1. Siapkan gelas/mangkuk puding, masukkan ± 1 sdt cokelat chip ke dalam setiap gelas, sisihkan. 2. Didihkan susu dan krim kental. Masukkan gula dan jeli bubuk ke dalam panci, aduk hingga gula dan jeli larut. Tambahkan dark cooking chocolate aduk hingga mendidih dan cokelat leleh, angkat. 3. Tuang adonan puding ke dalam setiap gelas berisi cokelat chip secara merata hingga ¾ penuh. Sisihkan hingga puding mengeras. 4. Taburi bagian atasnya dengan remahan biskuit cokelat, taruh 1 batang daun mint di atasnya. Hias dengan stik es krim. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Mudah, ringkes, endeus! —————————————————— Untuk resep lengkap dan cara membuatnya, bisa langsung lihat di website kami, www.endeus.tv Atau, kamu bisa juga langsung KLIK link di bio👌 —————————————————— EndeusTV MasakEndeus resep masak halloween belajarmasak masakmudah JKTfoodbang lapar lezat laperbener kuliner foodism wowlaper dietmulaibesok foodporn jajanan cooking gagaldiet yummy instafood resepmasakan instafood Puding ResepPuding

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Yes, ayam goreng Indrawati gak pernah salah. Selain enak banget rasa ayam dan bumbu taburannya, petai goreng disini itu beda rasanya, karena digorengnya di minyak penggorengan ayamnya yang super wangi dan gurih, rasa pete gorengnya juga jadi harum dan nikmat. Ati goreng dan ampela gorengnya juga enak, gak amis atau bau, tentunya rempah dari bumbu rahasia si ayam gorengnya ini yang bisa bikin ati ampela gorengnya terasa nikmat dan sedap. Dari kecil sampe sekarang, gak pernah bosen makan ayam goreng ini. . ladyfoodlover foodie foodism foodlover foodblogger bandungjuara kulinerbandung foodphotography foodphoto igers fooddiary instafood ayamgorengindrawati ayamgorengenak foodblog makanenak

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Ragù domenicale 🍷🍷enjoy

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This is what I mean... 😜 lategram

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Dinner couldn't be more better than this😍 Relaxing at thegrillavenue with this huge non-veg buffet at ₹569 Unlimited starters- Chilli Chicken Fry, Reshmi Chicken, Mutton Seekh, Paneer Fry, Fish Finger Main course- Rice, Dal, Naan, Chicken Butter Masala, Paneer Curry, Bengali Fish Curry, Veg Noodles, Chilli Chicken Gravy, Two types of salad Desserts- Ice cream, Rasgulla Please do try this super duper buffet at thegrillavenue Location: Rajgarh Road, Opp Sainik Bhawan, Guwahati Haven't followed yet? Please follow the_delightful_food_point for more food updates I come up with new pictures everyday be it from my daily home food or street food or fancy restaurants. goodfooddinnerbuffetyummyinmytummyfoodislifefoodie_featuresfoodismfoodgramfoodcomazingyzestfoodiesofinstagraminstafoodieinstafoodinstadailyfollowmenowpleasefollowerslikeforlikesfoodbloggersfoodblog

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Siccome sono fermamente convinto che il cibo sia parte fondamentale della cultura di un Paese, il mio penultimo post sull'Islanda è dedicato proprio a questo 🇮🇸. In ordine: -zuppa di pane, Reykjavik, svartakaffid. -noaseafoodrestaurant , Akureyri, antipasti crudi di pesce e di carne secca e carpaccio, stinco di montone, trota e merluzzo. Tutti freschi del giorno e del luogo. -theseabaronrvk Reykjavik, balena, zuppa di aragosta, spiedino di salmone, gamberi. -tris ayce di zuppe Dimmuborgir e Hákarl, alias lo squalo putrefatto, solo che non ho capito se putrefatto di suo o dalle 15 ore che ha fatto in valigia per tornare a casa dall'aeroporto a Siena, beh, fatto sta che tutto molto buono ma questo evitatelo come la peste che sto tipo ancora male solo a ripensarci. -merluzzo da noi pescato in barca nel fiordo di Húsavík e cucinato al cartoccio la sera stessa. Nonostante la totale mancanza di olio, che dire? Son soddisfazioni. __________________________________________ iceland icelandfoods

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Are you a Superhero fan? Then this cafe is for you 😍 Burger Point is a cafe based on a super hero theme 😍 and they serve some of the best burgers and sandwiches in town. Do visit their cafe to enjoy some scrumptious meals and also get amazing offers on your orders. Their meal starts from Rs. 35. In frame 1st Picture - Maharaja Paneer Burger 2nd Picture - 1. Mexican Cheese Sandwich, 2. Surprise Burger, 3. Maharaja Paneer Burger. Where burgerpointengc Ratings 5/5 burger cheeseburger meal sandwiches burgerlovers paneerburger burgerpoint sunyaarday foodaddict foodlovers foodcoma foodmatters foodlovers indianfood indianfoodbloggers foodoholic foodoftheday foodsofinstagram foodstagram promotion offers foodieforlife foodism foodinspiration

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Ending my sunday on a sweet note😍😎 🍴Desserts Scenes Are you a dessert lover? Tag Someone whoc can never say NO to Desserts😎 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ LIKE|COMMENT|SHARE|REPOST Follow thejourneyofafoodie for more amazing updates🍴 . . . . indianfestival foodlover gourmet Eeeeeats foodcoma indianfood foodgram foodspotting foodshare foodart foodforfoodies foodoftheday hungryfoodism foodaddict foodography foodtime breakfast eating eathealthy eatwell eatright dailyfoodfeed eatinghealthy foodporn picoftheday nomnom eatstagram desserts thejourneyofafoodie sodelhi saadidilli buzzfeedtasty thisisinsiderfood dessertbae foodtalkindia foodnetwork tastemade foodbeast eattreat foodgod

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Chhole Bhature is one thing SHE can have every single day. Literally! Everytime we visit any place, the first thing HE suggests to order for HER is CHHOLE BHATURE. 😂 . Which is one food item that you're ABSOLUTELY addicted to? . Yes, of course, PIZZA is one things we MUTUALLY love and order! Par Chhole Bhature ki FEEL hi alag hai. ❤️ . Comment below with a '👍' if you AGREE! . photoftheday foodvsco like4likeback nomnom indianfood eeeeeats foodism buzzfeast feedyoursoull spoonfeed delhigram eattreat 20likes

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Pork Chow is one dish which can be considered as an easy to make simple meal or a dish which can be savoured in between the meals to kill the hunger pangs. I have used the meat stock to make a soulful soup to relish along with the pork chow. The soup has sliced cabbage, carrot, onion rings, spring onion greens and seasoned with salt, pepper and garnished with chopped coriander leaves. Served the pork chow and soup with chilly tomato garlic chutney, vinegar chilly and soy dip. atmykitchen chowchow chowmein pork porkchow noodles northeastindia nagaland northeastdelicacy oinkoink instagram instagrammer instafood instapic instagood foodgram foodism foodgasm foodporn foodphotography foodplating foodstyling chefsofinstagram foodie foodblogger chennaifoodblogger foodbloggersofindia followme plattershare plattersharefoodphotocontest monita_sidhu jangelina20 just_love_baking_ neha.dua.313 therecipetailor_

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A beautiful plate of spaghetti for your lazy sunday evenings.i have had a busy and tiring week and it ended on good note.how was your weekend? . . . . Follow bipolar.blogger for amaZing food updates. . . mumbaifood mumbaifoodie things2doinmumbai foodtalkindia foodofmumbai mumbaifoodblogger foodandwine grubzone trellingmumbai trellingfood somumbai navimumbaifoodie delhifood delhifoodie foodbloggers vscofood indianfood desifood indiancuisine indianfoodbloggers vscocam foodism food52 foodaddict fooddiary yahoofood streetfood foodgawker buzzfeast feedfeedu

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It has always been a great pleasure to have you guys in the team. All the best and hope to see you soon.🍀 Thank you so much for the yummy farewell 🍰 • Crostini Bakery & Cafe 📍上水智昌路3號上水中心2樓2201號舖 • • • hkfoodie 美食 食好西 hongkong hongkongfood food foodielife foodiegram foodism foodinspiration hkfoodblogger foodpics foodphotography foodpicsdaily foodphoto foodphotography foodpornography foodismedicine instagood instafood instafollow sunday chocolate cake dessert desserttable dessertporn farewell chocoholic hkig

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Cookie time

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High-quality cafe food‼️ Great place to be in CWB area when you wish to have some down time and get your tummies filled up with good munchies 😇 My favs are the Pan-Fried Halibut w/ Butter Herb Sauce and Rainbow Beef 5-Grain 🌈 lcbexpress cafefood healthyfood feedfeed claieats

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Have you ever eaten rice cake inside a toast? Never came across my mind but its really goood! Since matcha is my fav. so I tried Green Tea Rice Cake Toast from gaza_soho 🤤

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Join us for brunch & enjoy our delicious Pound Cake French Toast! It’s so good you might even order two 😉

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פסטה איטליאנו א- לה ליאת אמסיליאנו. וזאת הפסטה שאני במו ידי הכנתי וצילמתי והיא תוגש ביום הפסטה הבינלאומי (25-27.10) באיטלקיה בפשפשים🍽 פסטה ים תיכונית של ירקות צלויים וקרעי לברק בחמאת אוזו. italkiya ristretto_israel יום_הפסטה_הבינלאומי יום_הפסטה_הבינלאומי🍝🎉 Israeli_kitchen israelfood instafood tasty eat homemade gargeran foodphotography fooodblogger foodstyling foodporn foodblog foodpic foodil food VSCOfood foodshot foodstyle food52 foodism foodie foodstagramspasta italianfood 52grams ouzo

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Le pizze serie del sabato sera 🤤

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• When at Miku, order the Matcha Lemonade! 🍵 •📍Vancouver, BC

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Making homemade gnocchi! gnocchi

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Amici cuochi, siete pronti a sperimentare ai fornelli nuove fantastiche ricette. La domenica divertiamoci senza stancarci però! Oggi vi propongo POLPETTINE TONNO E RICOTTA...😋 La ricetta nella pagina Facebook dolceosalato...link diretto nelle stories dolceosalato_ foodphotograpy foodblog

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Taking it a little light with a mango smoothie and a strawberry smoothie. So tasty definitely give them a good go 🤗🤗 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . smoothie strawberry mango strawberrysmoothie mangosmoothie fruit mangoes strawberry🍓 mangoes🍋 china chinafruit smoothies fruitsalad fruits fruity healthy healthylifestyle healthysmoothie chinafood chinafoodie healtysnack snack food foodie foods foodism foodtrip foodgram foodlove foodgasm

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Souvenir shopping. Just a few bits. 🌶

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/contest for new openin'. Entra sulla pagina ufficiale di dattoloburgerhouse, clicca mi piace e tagga 3 amici, avrai la possibilità di vincere il CONTEST. 📝23 OTTOBRE.

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◾ T-bone steak 350gm We took hot chili sauce and paper sauce. And as sides our pick was Mexican rice and sautéed mushroom. Juicy, tender and flavoursome steak! Undoubtedly the best steak place in Dhaka. . . . . . . . . steakssteaklover steakdinner steakhouse steak steakporn steaktime steak21beefsteak tender yumyumfoodholic foodshot foodcoma foodlove foodtruck foodbeast foods foodpassion foodism foodlover foodgod foodgasm foodstagramfoodofinstagram foodiesfuelfoodfeedfoodblogfoodblogging happyeating

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_________________________ . . . Iya... , Bukan bahagia yang menjadikan kitah bersyukur tetapi dengan bersyukur maka tentu kitah akan selalu bahagia..... . . . . . Fix ya , emak butuh kopih 😁 . . . uploadkompakan uk20oktober2018 uploadkompakan . . . . __________________________________