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Because when you stop and look around,life is pretty amazing 💕

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Having the perfect garnish on a drink is the same as having the perfect side next to your dish! Details create perfection! MykonosGrill

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Brood; wat kan ik genieten van elke stap in het proces van het brood maken. Geen brood is hetzelfde. En elke keer weer is het een verrassing hoe het brood de oven uit komt. Juist dat maakt dat ik het zo leuk vind. Brood bakken is nooit saai. Integendeel, het is en blijft onvoorspelbaar, elk brood is een uitdaging, desem is lastig te sturen. En daar hou ik wel van; want elke keer hetzelfde, dat is niets voor mij. Ben wel benieuwd of jij weleens brood bakt. En als....gist, desem of beide? Of waag je je er niet aan? Er is niets moeilijks aan hoor, gewoon kwestie van gewoon doen. 💖

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Looking for healthier options at a cafe? We highly recommend this White Truffle Scrambled Eggs at Craftsmen - served with sun-dried tomatoes, roasted nuts, toasted multi grain loaf and fresh sprouts. The highlight here is the soft scrambled eggs - as Agnes from Despicable Me would say, “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die!” 🤪👍🏻 foodporn sg instasg foodie foodgram eat eatstagram foodies foodiegram foodlover foodphotography foodpics foodsg foodstagram foodtrip goodfood igfood igsg instafood lovetoeat sgeats sgfood sgfoodies sgfoodporn sglife timetoeat sgcafe sgcafefood

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This is happy food 😋

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FRIED PICKLES!! Available in regular and our Nashville Hot. 📍 flippingoodchicken 👇🏼TAG A PICKLE LOVER👇🏼

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Вирішили спекти печива, але не хочете сильно заморочуватися? Тоді я маю для вас ідеальний рецепт ТВОРОЖНОГО ПЕЧИВА, яке готується на раз-два🍴🍪 Всередині воно виходить слоїстим і дуже ніжним. Цукор, до речі, в саме тісто не додається, натомість зверху печива він утворює хрумку шкоринку. ✔ЗБЕРІГАЙТЕ✔ рецепт і готуйте разом зі мною😉 . РЕЦЕПТ: Творог - 175 г Масло - 110 г Мука - 190 г Розпушувач - 1/2 ч. л. Дрібка солі Цукор для посипки . ➡ХОЛОДНЕ масло поріжте дрібним-дрібним кубиком і змішайте з творогом, вилкою перемніть. Додайте муку, розпушувач, дрібку солі і замісіть тісто. Надто довго вирішувати не потрібно, всі інгредієнти повинні залишатися холодними, повної однорідності добиватися не потрібно. Загорніть тісто у плівку і відправте у холодильник на 1 годину. ➡Охолоджене тісто розкачайте у пласт, товщиною 0,5-0,6 мм, виріжте круги, притрусіть цукром і злегка його втисніть у тісто. Випікайте у розігрітій до 180°С духовці до золотистого кольору (~20-25 хвилин). СМАЧНОГО!!! . . foodblogger foodartchefs pastrychef foodaddict culinaryart foodiegram foodism gastroart pastryart pastryinspiration patisserie foodfotografer smoothie smoothiebowl наталі_готує oatmeal healthyfood healthyeating behealthy veganfood bevegan hugge chef_battle_show foodartblog heresmyfood autumn

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🍐 Rolled pork loin bathed and roasted on a bed of pancetta medallions and autumnal vegetables; celeriac, shallot....& pear! The type of sauce you want to mop up with a big ol’ chunk of bread, which we did...rosemary & garlic sourdough to be exact 💋. If you want to be really e x t r a, serve the next day on a wedge of 🥖 with a big chunk of Stilton 🧀. 🔭 We’re on the lookout for some local pork suppliers so if you have any recommendations steer us in their direction in the comments below🍴 . . . . . . . . . . foodbeast eeeeeats meat eatfamous feedfeed farmlife ranchlife dailyfoodfeed organic onthetable heresmyfood buzzfeast eattheworld tastemade eater foodiegram foodielife foodgasm foodpic foodlover healthydinner hunting foodblogger lodgekitchen countrygirlcooking dinner mycostanova

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PANINI NAPOLETANI INGREDIENTI 500 gr di farina 00, 100 ml di acqua, 100 ml di latte, 1/2 cubetto di lievito di birra, 3 cucchiai di olio di semi, 1 cucchiaino di zuccheri, 1 cucchiaino di sale (o q.b.) Per il ripieno: 200 gr di salame, 100 gr di prosciutto cotto, 200 gr di provolone piccante, 50 gr di parmigiano grattugiato, 1 uovo intero per spennellare PROCEDIMENTO: Sciogliere il lievito nel latte tiepido. Su una spianatoia setacciare farina, sale , pepe e zucchero, versare il lievito sciolto e l'olio. Lavorare il tutto fino ad ottenere un panetto liscio ed elastico, lasciare riposare al coperto per 1 ora. Riprendere il panetto e lavorare ancora per qualche minuto, poi stendere fino ad ottenere una sfoglia di circa 3 mm. Sulla sfoglia versare il misto di salumi, provolone, premere con le mani sui cubetti affinché questi penetrino un pochino nell'impasto e cospargere con il parmigiano grattugiato. Avvolgere la sfoglia formando un rotolo, a questo punto tagliare il rotolo in pezzi. Adagiare i panini ottenuti su un teglia ricoperta da carta da forno e lasciarli lievitare al caldo fino al raddoppio ( circa un paio d'ore). Preriscaldare il forno a 180°C, spennellare i panini lievitati con un uovo sbattuto e cuocere in forno caldo per circa 20-30 minuti. IO HO USATO SOLO IL SALAME E I FORMAGGI PERCHÉ SOLO QUELLO AVEVO A DISPOSIZIONE 😉😋 cucinato_e_postato instagood photooftheday photoeveryday instafamous picture beautiful followme explorationgram follow fashion htfla picoftheday like4like toptags food foodofinstagram foodie instafood yummy sharefood instaeat foodstagram heresmyfood foodiegram foodlovers amazingfood foodforlife tasty foodpictures

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Trust your instincts when the cravings hit you. Check the LinkInBio and choose your favorite from our menu. Sushumai

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Kebab? Yes please! This T42BodyChallenger has certainly hit the spot with this lamb kebab. Low carb, macro friendly and most of all delicious. ⠀⠀ Pump 7pm Tuesday evening. . . . . . . . . . . fitspiration fitnessgoals fitfam fitlife getfit training fitnessmotivation fitnessforlife strongnotskinny nopainnogain workoutmotivation fitspo gymmotivation fruits foodbeast eatfamous onthetable eater foodielife foodiegram forkyeah foodpic foodlover smartfoodchoices kebab lchf lowcarb lowcarbbread ketogenic keto

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So these delicious gingerbread ganache chocolates were delivered today to applegatesfarm for their bistro evening tomorrow! I had some samples left for my friends who loved them too 😊 sorting my to-do list for tomorrow, then an early night for me! chocolate thekitchn gloobyfood theheartofplating foodstyling eatsagram ganache truffle patisserie delicious instasweet soignefood sweettooth chocoholic food52 f52grams forkfeed foodgawker foodiechats foodiepics igfoodie igfood foodiegram foodielife foodography foodoftheday foodartchefs foodgram gingerbread foodbloggers

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POLPETTE DI MELANZANE 500 gr di melanzane 1 uovo Mollica di pane (oppure circa 4 fette di pane da tramezzini) 4 cucchiai abbondanti di Parmigiano Reggiano pangrattato sale Pepe Aglio a piacere Olio di arachidi 80 gr di scamorza a cubetti Lavate le melanzane e tagliatele a cubetti. Cuocetele per una decina di minuti in acqua bollente. (Devono ammorbidirsi). In una terrina sminuzzate il pane, aggiungete il parmigiano, delle foglie di basilico, l’aglio a pezzetti (a piacere) e l’uovo. Mescolate bene. Unite le melanzane ammorbidite e che avrete fatto ben scolare. Impastate con cura e aggiungete del pangrattato (2 cucchiai circa). Formate le polpette mettendo al centro un pezzetto di scamorza e chiudetele con cura. Passate le polpette nel pangrattato e poi friggetele in una padella dove avrete scaldato dell’olio di arachidi. Scolatele e mettetele su carta assorbente. Gnam!😋 • • food foodofinstagram foodie toptags instafood yummy sharefood instaeat foodstagram heresmyfood foodiegram foodlovers amazingfood foodforlife tasty foodpictures foodlover delicious foodstyle foodpic foodie foodpics foodblog foodtime all_food_passion foodheaven foods foodblogger igfood

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What do you think about this awesome view? Don’t wait any longer, come and taste it! SamsPlaceNYC LinkInBio

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Kvällens sallad med olika meloner, fetaost, tomat, solroskärnor, olivolja, avokado och kyckling 😋

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BAO BUNS 🍘 These are a modern twist on the classic pork belly bao. They are sweet and spicy, and definitely full of flavor! Check them out in this cozy ramen spot!

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Purchase of the day from yesterday... pomegranate!! I was so happy when I came across these during my unsuccessful search for balsamic vinegar. Pomegranates are one of my favorite fruits and they are not always available here in Cape Verde, which makes them a treat that can’t be passed up. They will also be going in my smoothies 😋! ❤️💛💚🌊🌊🌴🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *

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Earlier today I left my apartment with the intention of buying balsamic vinegar to make my own balsamic glaze. The plan was to make a pan seared balsamic glaze tuna. When I got to the supermarket where I usually purchase it however, there was none! I looked around at a couple of other places but no balsamic vinegar. I really wanted some kind of sauce on my tuna today, idk why guys I just did 😂, and it was too late to change dinner plans. So I had to find an alternative. I remembered that I had some “Mel de Cana,” sugarcane molasses, at home and started to wonder if I could make something for my tuna with that. The result is this pan seared tuna with a sugarcane molasses glaze that I made by reducing wine, sugarcane molasses and margarine, (a cool trick I JUST picked up the other day watching one of hubby’s Facebook live cooking vids), with baked yucca and squash. Even though I was really in the mood for balsamic glaze this sugar cane molasses glaze was the perfect substitute. The second picture is from last year when I used sugar cane molasses to make my own brown sugar. I just wanted you all to see what it looks like. The taste and texture is lighter than the regular molasses you may be used to seeing. ❤️💛💚🌊🌊🌴🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *

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Smoothie of the day... ingredients: banana, papaya, and avocado. Delicious, organic and locally grown in the Cape Verde Islands. Enjoy 🙂! ❤️💛💚🌊🌊🌴🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *

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Dinner tonight... personal recipe. I got the original recipe from hubby, chef João, where he made it plain and as a side dish. Over time I’ve made some modifications to mine and make it as a main dish. I am callling this a sautéed cabbage with baked squash and daikon radish and pigeon peas served with a little jasmine rice. Packed with health benefits and so delicious. You can’t beat that. 💛❤️💚🌊🌊🌴🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *

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TACOS 🌮 Let’s taco bout it😏 Shrimp and avocado creme make the most delectable combo especially at Miti Miti! My fav Brooklyn spot for Mexican food😩🤤

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Smoothie time 🤗... ingredients: strawberry, avocado, blackberries, raspberries and passion fruit. So good! * * * * *

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Dinner time 😏... black eyed peas with fresh and local tuna, with potatoes and carrots. One of my favorite things to cook. You guys are probably more used to seeing me make it with chickpeas but it is just as good with black eyed peas. ❤️💛💚🌊🌊🌴🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *

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On repeat... ingredients: strawberries, banana, papaya, coconut and passion fruit. Delicious 🙂! * * * * *

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BURRATA TOAST 🧀 Head on over to refineryrooftop for amazing views of the Empire State Building, enjoy a Frosé and some seriously insane food! There’s nothing I enjoy more than good food, refreshing cocktails AND a sick view 🧀+ 🍸+ 🏙= 🤤😩

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Smoothie life... ingredients: strawberry, banana and watermelons. Delicious 🙂. * * * * *

2 weeks ago

Dinner time ... pan seared locally fished tuna with pan “roasted” carrot strips and a cucumber and tomato salad. Delicious! * * * * *

2 weeks ago

Smoothie life x Evening light 😌... Ingredients: papaya, avocado, banana, and fresh coconut. All fresh and all organic. I also used the water from the coconut to make this smoothie and it was so delicious. ❤️💛💚🌊🌊🌴🌍☀️✨ * * * * *

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Traditional Cape Verdean food for dinner today. This dish is called “catchupa” pronounced “cah-choo-puh.” The two main ingredients are corn hominy and beans. ALL catchupa must have corn hominy and some kind of bean or it is not authentic catchupa 🤣. With these two base ingredients you can customize and make it as you like. You can add your choice of meat or fish or make it vegan and your choice of vegetables. You can also mix it up and add meat and fish together to make “catchupa rica” or “rich catchupa.” There are many ways to make catchupa and that’s what makes it such a fun but simple dish. Depending on how you make it, it can also be VERY healthy. I usually make mine vegan, with chicken or fish. I made today’s catchupa with pigeon peas, carrots, cabbage, kale and mackerel. And it is delicious!! * * * * *

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Smoothie life from my porch today... chasing the perfect lighting as evening approached. Ingredients: fresh papaya, banana, avocado and passion fruit. Organic and delicious. 😊☀️🌊🌴🌍✨ * * * * *

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Match your outfit to your smoothie ingredients Part 2... Ingredients: -papaya, fresh dates, avocado and passion fruit. * * * Ok everyone listen to this. Yesterday night I picked out the outfit that I was going to wear today. That part came FIRST! Then early this morning I was scrolling through my albums and THIS picture came up of the smoothie that I made exactly 1 year ago on this day. And to my surprise the smoothie was an almost EXACT match to the outfit that I had picked out the night before[see previous post]. How about that for some amazing synchronicity? I just had to share☺️🥑🧡💛💛. * * * * *

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Ital/Vegan stew tonight with dark red kidney beans with carrots, cabbage, squash and daikon radish. SO delicious 🤤😊! * * * * *

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Dinner time 🙂... vegan days featuring lentils with carrots and red potatoes served with rice. Delicious and so quick to make, just perfect for busy days. * * * * *

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Smoothie life in CV... Ingredients: -mango, banana and passion fruit * * * * Since our new apartment is just 5 minutes away from one of the main produce markets here in Mindelo, “Praça de Estrela” or “Star Square,” I took a nice walk there this afternoon to buy smoothie and dinner ingredients. Unfortunately it looked like it was a slow day and there wasn’t much variety in terms of what was available but I did manage to find some good stuff. To top it off everything was organic so how can I complain? How was your day? * * * * *