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My Momma Aint Raise Up No Quiter💪❤My Daddy Made Me a Go Getter❗

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3 saat uykuyla duruyorum☹️ –fatma😴

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2018/07/21 day off accessory's🇱🇷✨ wallets & hoorsenbuhs RHC original bangle

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Пишите в комментариях по буквам T W I N S Нравится - сохрани❤️ • • • • •

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Đố biết mét bao nhiêu đấy 😂

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It’s crazy to think that 20 years from now when we’re still supporting Shawn & going to his concerts, we can look back & say “I’ve been supporting him since he was 15” I’m emoshawnal

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YOYOYOYOOOO PEEPS I'm sorry that I'm not posting yesterday, cuz yknow, scHOOL is already started and it STRESSED THE HELL OUTTA ME ugh. I get home at 3pm yesterday then I'm doing homework and I fell asleep at 5pm jsjsjsj, then I woke up at 5am in the morning HHHAUBSHABSBDHSB F LIFE. It's stressing me out😪 so I hope y'all understand why I'm kinda inactive. ❤️ p.s. i think i can't be so anymore cuz schoooool so... SOWWYYY i love you all 💕🌟

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yoooo yknow how everyone you see in your dream is someone you've seen in reality?? well that means that if you’ve ever met shawn or even been in the crowd of one of his concerts, there's a possibility that he’s seen you in one of his dreams SJBZSJSNDN - - anyways NEW THEME PEEPS! I really hope you'll enjoy it :) - (tagged some of my fav people❤️)

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hi peeps, it's 9:43 PM and i just woke up from my 7 hours nap. Preach me

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Shawn peter raul mendes is turning 20 in less than a month iM WHEEEEZIIING - p.s. I'm watching ant-man today yoo

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this day is so tiring oof

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☕️Cube Latte🥛