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Put a lot of trust into my boy Jose, dude has put in crazy hours on me. Kid me not the guy is talented just go check out his work dementetattoos

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My favorite t-shirt to wear to the gym. Not just because it’s a meatheadnation shirt but it speaks volumes about how I feel about training. Though, I need to get a new set of wireless headphones since the ones I have won’t charge anymore. | You can pick up the tank top version of this shirt at the link in my bio. Also, use T10AharonS to save 10% on your order | redcon1 tieroperator rc1operator redcon1tieroperator onemissiononeteam weareredcon1 higheststateofreadiness meatheadnation bodybuilding powerlifting strongman gym exercise flex muscle strength swole fitness gains weights noexcuses gethuge fitlife

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Good set of workouts today. Chest and cardio in the AM and shoulders in the PM. Starwars: solo, comes out Friday so that means starwars shirts/tanks will be making an appearance this week. Naturally swolo shirt was a must. Training is getting harder but i sure do love it. Never skip a Monday and enjoy what you do! Have a blessed week! . pafitness risingphoenix fitbyeze gains power aesthetics fitness chestday workout training physique bodybuilding npc npctexas motivation nodaysoff shredz hardwork dailygrind flex flexcomics starwars soloastarwarsstory stormtrooper conroe

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From this morning. 💪🏽

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Push till you cant nomore💉🦍

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From a couple weeks ago💪🏼 I’m ready to put in work after 3 days of no gym and mindless eating while I was away camping( Was a nice break for my body and brain though👌🏽)Obviously 3 days isn’t enough time to do a lot of damage but I want to do a 5 week summer cut and bring the muscles out a bit for summer 🙌🏼 I have a few tips that I always go by when dieting and losing body fat 1. Don’t look at the big picture and all the work ahead of you, and get overwhelmed. Focus on doing the very best you can that day. 2. Prepare. Prep those meals and go into the gym with a plan. 3. Don’t try to rush it. Cut cals little by little and add in cardio little by little. I like to make little adjustments weekly if needed. You need to have room to pull from. If you cut all your cals at once, you’re going to be at a stand still and have nowhere to turn. Your body hates stress so ease into things. 4. Diet and strength training are priority and cardio is an add on (this is what works for me anyway)Cardio is one of those things that I have to find the “sweet spot” if I do too much, I look like shit, if I don’t do enough, I look like shit. 5. Have patience for God’s sake. Human beings are so inpatient and in a rush for things to happen immediately. Be prepared to work hard for nice things. (Nice bodies included) Day 1 of my diet was a success (checks for abs 😋) Ready to kill a new week 💪🏼mondaymotivation

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To be honest, when I first parted posting fitness stuff on insta I never really thought I could help people... it was kinda just for fun and because i was proud of myself. When I saw that fearstofit was doing an ambassador program, i thought about the way she inspired and motivated me and it hit me that I want to have that impact on other people. My fitness journey has made me so much stronger mentally - I’ve learned to push myself past my limits, love my body even during the setbacks, and stay on track with my goals while still having the time of my life & eating all my fave foods 😜😜I have created a lifestyle that makes me insanely happy and I want other people to experience the same thing. Having goals bigger than just myself is an amazing feeling and I’m actually so hype to see how far I can take this ❤️

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✨Enjoy what you do, but enjoy who you are more. Enjoy life!💓 mondaymotivation 💫 “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.” …. Growing season has been good to me so far 💪🏼🤩 It will be closed to a year when this picture was taken. Still on the grind ✌🏼 consistency 📸 Thank youseannelsonphoto for capturing this! 🙏🏼 …. photooftheday photoshoot lean bodybuilding bodybuilder figurecompetitor fitmom athlete passion flex ifbb ifbbpro ifbbfigure npc npcfigure npcfigurecompetitor muscle goals process journey girlboss inspire motivation musclesaresexy💚

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how can you fail if you've never attempted⁉️ 90lbs x 6 🙏 I still remember being in my high school gym dropping a 70lbs db on my chest thinking I was "the man" 😂 I have such a long way to go but this journey WILL BE WORTH IT, next step is to rep 100lbs db's ⏳ let's get this work yall ↗️ ••••• motivation bodybuilding bodybuilder flex bodybuildingmotivation health fitness fit workout gym train healthy instahealth healthychoices active strong motivation instagood determination lifestyle

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I can't even begin to express how sore I am from the SpartanBeast this weekend. I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. I limped to my closet, put my workout clothes on, then headed to the gym for a chest/shoulder workout... Brutal. I have swollen feet and blisters, bruises on my hands and my joints are killing me. . This race was a real BEAST: 13.1 miles up and down the ski slopes starting at 8,000 ft. Elevation. 30 obstacles varying from rope climbs, to army crawls under barbed wire, 8 ft wall climbs and my least favorite- bucket of rocks carry up and down the ski slope. And I paid to do that! 😂 . I finished 158 out of 1,396 females which, for not being a runner, I'm pretty happy about 🙏. . PS... This is a picture of me training, not the race. Unfortunately there aren't any on their website 😩. . . . . .yogagirl yogachallenge yogaeverydamnday cardio flex girlswholift yoga spartantraining motivationmonday raceday girlswithmuscle igfitness wod fitmom workoutvideo spartan trainhard strengthtraining backmuscles muscles outdoorworkout fitspo fitness strongwomen sunsoutgunsout

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Kevvo always got the 🔥🎧🔥 for me..big back day with the bro _gymflow_ ....ima shred this back word to Pedro...you heard!!?!

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For some reason, I really like this picture! 🤷🏽‍♂️

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I do what I do to show people what you can do with a little consistency. Everybody has different motivations and reasons for why they go to the gym. Some lack the motivation and it’s those people I aim to inspire. Even making a slight change can make all the difference. The transformations I’ve made to my body in the last year can be the same that you’ll make to your own. I know it’s possible because the only things I’ve done are eat cleaner and hit the gym. There’s no secret except hard work day in and day out💪👌

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BICEP 💪🏼 TRISET Say that ten times in a row 😉 I finished off my cardio workout yesterday with some quick and easy bicep movements. Complete all three movements back to back {12 reps of each} for a total of 3-4 rounds 1. Hammer curl 2. Bicep curl 3. Hammer twist Have a great Monday night! 🌙

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W4d2 dEaDLiFt: 170kg 4×4 Binch: 85kg 5×5

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Dang that back bling is heattt. 💪💪💪💪

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That backbling 🔥🔥🔥🔥. Selling the account for $50. DM if interested