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A ve E Vitamininden 300 kat, balık yağından 48 kat, Coenzyme’den 34 kat fazla antioksidan özelliğine sahip olan Krill Yağı, Karidese benzeyen, krill adlı küçük bir deniz canlısından elde edilip, Omega 3 kaynağı olarak bilinmektedir. Faydaları: - Yüksek Kolesterol - Kalp Sağlığı - Beyin Fonksiyonları - Regl Öncesi Sendromu - Eklem İltihabı - Cilt Kanseri - Yaşlanma - Depresyon Kril Oil ürünlerimize sitemizden ulaşabilirsiniz. vitaminler saglikliyasam healt krill healty saglik beslenme fit nature krilloil krillyagi

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Couple of front shots from my check in video this morning. . . Adding a small amount of carbs in today to see what’s happens, then the plan is to take each day as it comes. . . The most important thing for me at this stage is managing stress. Trying to be as relaxed as possible coming into Sunday. . . I’ll keep y’all posted ✌️ . . What you guys saying about how I’m looking?! . . . . 🌐 www.fitnesswithlewis.co.uk 🍩 Fitness & Nutrition plans 💪 Online Coaching 📩lewiswidgeryptgmail.com 🔥Drop me a DM to join the team!!!

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CONSISTENCY PAYS OFF!! Our WCW of the week missmashinkaa Keep pushing past your limits! Beyond proud of this girl 70Kg down so far, that’s an average human being 😱 more to go🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♀️💥

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I can’t never seem to make it look nice 🤷🏻‍♀️ But my god it tasked nice!!! This portion is just 2 syns, but it can be totally syn free is you don’t use nutella (I don’t syn sweetener!!)

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Buon ferragosto fitfam . Che dite il tempo sarà clemente oggi e lascerà che questa giornata venga trascorsa in tutta tranquillita?...Perché qui le previsioni non sono delle migliori e io sto per raggiungere i miei cari amici al mare!😍😍quindi possibilmente nè troppo caldo nè nubifragi, grazie😅😅. . A colazione una mattonella ai frutti di bosco ha saputo risvegliarmi come si deve!!...ma che sia chiaro, la mattonella non era un mattone, ed era sofficissima...e se proprio devo dirla tutta... l' ho cotta anche in microonde!!! . . fitbakeryit buongiorno breakfast delicious healthyfood healthylife recipes ricetta foodblogger breakfastlover foodlover instacake fit healthychoice healthy instagood pancakeaddicted eatclean fitfood fitlife yummy yumyum yummyummy healthybreakfast instafood foodporn nofoodporn healthyrecipes ricette

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Mutlu olmak için neye ihtiyaç duyuyorsunuz şu hayatta? Bana balonlar yetiyor mesela 🤩😍🎈 Eski zamanlara dönüp baktığınızda o zaman çok mutluyduk dediğiniz zamanlar oluyor mu? Peki şu an mutluyuz diyebildik mi o zamanlar? Bence bunu bir düşünelim ☺️ Yemekle mutlu oluyorum diyenler el kaldırsın bakalım aşağı 👋 diyetdem diyet diet istanbuldiyetisyen bahçeşehirdiyetisyen etilerdiyetisyen beylikdüzüdiyetisyen leventdiyetisyen bahçeşehir istanbul beylikdüzü levent fit spor sağlıklıbeslenme sağlık diyabet diyabettebeslenme hamilebeslenmesi sporcubeslenmesi plates yoga kiloverme kiloalma beslenme beslenmeuzmanı akmerkez balon

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This was Nov 2017 ! I'm sure I've made more progress this year on shoulders 👊🏻

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Are you still down

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LOW IMPACT AB FINISHER🙌🏼💪🏼 TAG A FRIEND WHI NEEDS THIS!❤️ You can add these exercises to your ab routine or you can do them together for a low impact ab finisher!🙌🏼😍 . Side plank with reach x12-20 each side . Bug side jumps x20 (Move inspired by: khill_fit and ashnglaum_21) . Hip dips x12-20 each side . Plank with reach x20 . Repeat 3-5 times non stop!🤪🤪🤪 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . fit fitnessmodel fitnessjourney fitnessmotivation fitness fitfam fitspo fitnessgirl fitgirls workout workouts workoutmotivation workoutroutine homeworkout health healthyeating healthylifestyle healthyfood buttworkout butt leg legs abs selflove selfcare loveyourself college goals abs fitlife strong

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H I I T 🔥🔥🔥 hiit nopainnogain ____________________________________________________________⚠️ rappel : L’entraînement fractionné de haute intensité est un mode d'entraînement fractionné qui vise un renforcement de la condition physique par de brèves séances (de 15 à 30 minutes) d'exercices en aérobie (également dits "de Cardio"). Une séance d’entraînement a la particularité d'être composée de très courtes périodes d'effort intense alternées de périodes de récupération. ▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▶️Mon Training : 45s d’effort intense / 15s de récupération sur 9 mouvements >>> 1 minute de repos à la fin des 9 mouvements = un tour 😉 >>> 3 tours au total 💪🏻 ▶️échauffement : squats à vide Pompes Fentes pistoles Épaulé jeté 1500m course à pied sur tapis 👟▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▪️▶️💥 corps de séance 🔥: Battle rope Fentes sautées Élévation latérale en isométrie Burpees Gainage sur coudes TRX dos Kettle Swing Montées de genoux Chaise

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La mutation en zèbre est en route 🦓 , ça commence par l’avant bras, et bientôt je pourrais enfin dire que je suis monté comme un cheval 🤣🤣🤣

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Hallo alle Zusammen! Sorry das ich mich eine ganze Woche nicht zu Wort gemeldet habe, aber ich hatte leider nicht's zu posten... Der Grund dafür ist das ich mich die letzten Tage wegen Rücken/ Piriformis Schmerzen leider nicht sportlich betätigen konnte😞 Wie ihr sehen könnt bin ich zur Zeit nur am dehen...Mein Musculus piriformis ist total verspannt, schmerzt und reizt meinen Nervus Ischiadicus. Hier eine etwas genauere Erklärung... Piriformis Syndrom: Der Musculus piriformis (übersetzt: Birnenförmiger Muskel) ist ein sogenannter Skelettmuskel der Hüftmuskulatur. Er verläuft an der Innenseite des Beckens zum Oberschenkelknochen. Etwas genauer gesagt vom Kreuzbein bis zum großen Rollhügel des Oberschenkelknochens. Dieser Muskel wird z.B. durch langes sitzen, laufen, Radfahren...stark beansprucht. Wodurch er mit der Zeit verspannt oder verkürzt. Die Muskelmasse bleibt gleich, der Muskel wird nur dicker, wodurch er mehr Platz benötigt und so den Nervus ischiadicus (Ischiasnerv), der in Höhe des Gesäßes das Becken verlässt und über die Rückseite des Oberschenkels seine Äste bis in die Fußspitze schickt, reizt. An der Austrittsstelle zieht der Nerv gemeinsam und unmittelbar unterhalb des Piriformis Muskel durch eine knöcherne Öffnung des Beckens, wodurch es aufgrund des erhöhten Platzbedarf des Piriformis Muskel zu einer Schmerzhaften Reizung kommt. Drückt mir die Daumen dass es bald wieder weg ist damit ich endlich wieder trainieren kann🙏 . . . . . rennradtour running racer runhappy fit ride fitfam musculuspiriformis workout motivation garmin fitnessmotivation cardio racergirls rennrad blackroll getoutdoors runfast picoftheday fitspo fitgirl sport instabike streching bikelife cycling fitness runninggirl instacycling lovecycling

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Day 2 I’m still on my fast 🙈 and it’s getting easier. After some research I’ve made last night I decided to push it till 72 hours (3 days) which means my first meal will be on Friday at 11pm. Looks like around 70/72 hour mark magic starts to happen in our bodies. Body is starting to lower white blood cell counts, which in turn triggered the immune system to start producing new white blood cells which means the entire immune system reset. 3 day fasting might reduce the harmful side effects of chemotherapy. Also longer fast will give the much needed rest to the entire digestive system to repair and heal itself. After 3 days your body gets into ketosis which is a critical phase of the fast where your body starts to burn stored fat as its primary power source. From energy and hormonal point of view I feel great. Energized and hunger is entirely under my control. I also had the best night sleep ever (full 8 hours 💤). On down side I feel extremely cold (since last night). At this point it’s been 48 hours, so not long to go. Let’s do this 💪🏻 • fasting fastingdiet cleaneating cleanse bodybuilder bodypositive bodycare fit fitmom fitfam fitness polishgirl brunette diet dietitian belfast cavegirl healthylifestyle healthyeating summer walk sunny outdoors nature bodyweight challenge positivevibes positive happy selfcare