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what are 5 things you always keep in your bag?💞// dakotajohnson

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what's your favorite flavour? 🍧

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which one is your favorite?🖤// jamiedornan

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TB one week ago. Good morning ☀️

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Ahh Thessa memories 💙🇬🇷

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💭 If you were the Mona Lisa, You'd be hanging in the Louvre, Everyone would come to see you, You'd be impossible to move. It seems to me it's what you are, A rare and priceless work of art, Stay behind your velvet rope, But I will not renounce all hope And I'm right by your side, Like a thief in the night I stand in front of a masterpiece. And I can't tell you why It hurts so much To be in love with the masterpiece. 'Cause after all Nothing's indestructible... Nothing's indestructible... Nothing's indestructible... 💭♥️ christiantgreyyx anastasiagreyrp anastasiagrey christiangrey mrgrey mrsgrey fiftyshadesofgrey fiftyshadesdarker fiftyshadesfreed rp takenrp

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what are you doing today?❤️ have a good day!🌸// DakotaJohnson

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Have you ever seen this movie? I‘ve seen it yesterday night and I really fall in love with it! The final part is so moving 😭❤️ JamieDornan FlyingHome

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English🇬🇧Jamie Dornan {Robin Hood - Origins} Italy🇮🇹Jamie Dornan {Robin Hood - Origins} jamiedornan robinhood november

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