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46 minutes ago

Lol! Awww my little baby bump!👶💪 I am so glad I did not give in to laziness... It is so easy to say no... But even more rewarding when you say yes to you and your goals! 💪💪💪💪 Check my story on how to make Rebuild.💪 Rebuild gives life to your muscles! Trying to tone it up and allow your muscles to recover after a workout session! Workout Feelsgood Empowerment Motivated Fitmoms Determined Focused Goalcrusher Coach

1 hour ago

I HATE when my company asks me to keep a secret!!! I’ve only been holding this one in since JULY, and FINALLY, JUST NOW I got the email saying I could talk 🙌🙌🙌 SURPRISE!!!!! MK just launched something HUGE!!!!! First of all.... OUR NEW PRO PALETTE!! Completely magnetic!! No dividers. Smooth, sleek and SEXY! AND COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZABLE!! Holds up to 42 EYE SHADOWS, or 14 blushes (or the equivalent)! 🤭😍 shut up. Compatible with all current and past magnetic products(eye shadows, cheek colors, bronzer, pressed powder, creme to powder foundation, etc) AND... here we go! MK has replaced all of our mineral eyeshadows, mineral blushes, mineral cheek color duos, and bronzers with: 🤗ALL NEW CHROMAFUSION LIFEPROOF LONGWEAR 24 HOUR SHADOWS, BLUSHES, CONTOURS & HIGHLIGHTS!🤗 These pigment-rich, life-proof eye shadows, bronzers, highlighters & cheek colors come in a spectrum of sensational shades and holds strong for ALLLLL DAY WEAR. No creasing or smudging. Makeup artist-curated shades evaluated on extensive range of skin tones. Intense color payoff. Glides on evenly and easily. ❤️❤️❤️ You guys are going to FLIP for these colors. Intense, rich, smooth, and SO MANY MATTE SHADES! ❤️🧡💛💜💚💙🖤. THIS IS THE “MAGIC” I referenced in a post from yesterday. Be one of the first to wear it! Special gift with all orders through FRIDAY💓 mymklife chromafusion mkjustgotevenbetter marykaymakeup marykayface businesswoman businesscoach entrepreneur mompreneur wahm motd girlboss bossbabe bosslady goaldigger tothetop feelsgood

2 hours ago

Getting some much needed natural pain relief, moving my body & enjoying nature!

2 hours ago

🍁🍃As the weather changes we begin to feel the changes too. This has been my go to stone to help with the seasonal changes.🍃🍁 Scratchy throat, a little post nasal drip. Swipe to the left to see all the wonderful properties this beauty can help with.🤓🧐 🎁 Blue chalcedony 🎁 (Available now in my Intentions Jewelry line. FREE SHIPPING ALWAYS $12) carenescreations intentions naturalhealing gemstones healwithenergy bluechalcedony feelsgood naturally naturalremedies healingstones yourreikipractioner energyhealing balance balancedchakras throatchakra releaseworry relax dowhatmakesyouhappy blessed reikienergy

2 hours ago

Join me tonight at 4:30 for reformer class and at 5:30 for jump board class at pilatescollectivedenver!

3 hours ago

Haven’t been in the gym due to some minor injuries and health setbacks not allowing me lift, jog etc.. but still able to spin and this was twenty minutes of beginner class of sweat feelsgood

3 hours ago

Went for a play around this evening. It's been soooo long since I've climbed regularly and I've really missed it. My injury (almost a year ago) knocked my confidence more than anything. But, with my imposter syndrome on overdrive, I pushed myself and got on with it - it went much better than expected and I now have that sweet post exercise uphoria climbing bouldering feelsgood 🤘

3 hours ago

Had to get my hair done one more time, before this fabulous stylist I have moves away! Couldn’t stay that dark for too long. I love the way I feel when I leave the salon! haircolor sofreshsoclean feelsgood