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christianpoetryblog christianpost christianpoetry christianart christian JesusChrist Saviour grace faith fire feelings flowers broken heart healing rest soul comfort cross familiarity santuella poetrycommunity poetrysociety poetry //Faith is always calling me out...// "for we walk by faith, not by sight [living our lives in a manner consistent with our confident belief in God's promises]-" 2Corinthians 5:7 Faith is about stepping out of the safety of the comfort zone we've placed ourselves in. Familiarity can be a problem sometimes because we get used to being in control yet faith is about losing control to Him. It's so easy to want something different but it's difficult to get to that something. I think faith is all about that active process, past the wanting. Faith is easy and that's what makes it difficult - paraphrased words from a book I read.

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last day of spring 🦋 what’s your favorite season of the year? can you guess which one is mine?

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“Lo que yo deseo, la fuerza que yo busco, no es aquella que te lleva a perder o a ganar. Tampoco quiero una muralla para repeler las fuerzas que lleguen del exterior. Lo que yo deseo es una fuerza que me permita ser capaz de recibir todo cuanto proceda del exterior y resistirlo. Fortaleza para resistir en silencio cosas como la injusticia, el infortunio, la tristeza, los equívocos, las incomprensiones.” Haruki Murakami.-

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Perspective is huge to us here at TRF. Listening emphatically allows others to feel heard and to feel comfortable expressing their needs and feelings. We believe teaching perspective is a key component in communication and healthy relationships.

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Do your feet hurt?

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Tag someone extremely beautiful!🦇💕

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Looking at people that don’t make a sounds, looking like soldiers waiting to drown🌗 • • • • • • This concept is such a beautiful one, to feel alone even when your surrounded by people, the feeling of being so disconnected to someone so physically close is crazy. Thank you leighannakennett for portraying such an important feeling that isn’t talk about much and allowing us to express it in our own individuality. 🎙: No Reasons si_bonobo & nickmurphy *I do not own the rights to this music 🎶 * 💃🏾: julz_nation mikiesophia alicesinclairdance xokarensita mayaefrat_ lydiaburnett savy09 theroyalone_ tayballerinaa 👟: leighannakennett 🧚🏼‍♀️ 📽: mytypolife 🔥 🏢: idahollywood ida idacpspring18 graduated certified jazz rudelove beckyhill jazzfunk dance dancelife danceislife art fun allblackeverything ballet hiphop contemporaryart humpday🐫 noreason bonobo feelings lost alone solo mood

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من شدة خوفي من إقتراب أحداً مني أهرب حتى يذهب ‏لا أعلم هل هذا جيداً أم سيء 👑👌💕 . . . . _____ explore follow loveyourself love feelings woman photo ï͂͑̉͆ͧͮͩ̓ͧ̒͒̉̎̂̊͆͑͐̊̓̊̅ͭ͗̐̄̏̾̄͊ͭͥ̐ͭ͊͐̉͗ͪ͐͊̽ͮ͑ͬͨͤ͒ͦ̿̈̽ͭͤ̃͌͂̅̄ͨ̐̐ͮͭͪ̈̑͐ͥ̊ͮͩ͋ͫ͂̇̐ͣ͒̊̅ͥ̓ m̓ͧͬͪ͂̓ͧ̄̈̓̔ͮ̇̿ͭ̚͜͜͡. t a first explant huge 💕💕 __________________ اكسبلور فولو دقائقي فلسطين الاردن العالم احبك بحبك عملاق حي احتضان مشاعر 💎💎 mta_mta_9 💎mta_mta_9 💚

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CONNOR😎|| My favourite character and my LOVEEE!! I LOVE this game so bloody much!!💜✨bryandechart love youuu Q: Do you watch Detroit: Become Human? A: Yessss *MUSIC (that makes me remember this): arms (again)🎤🎼 *EDIT QUOTES: -I'm your deviant|| 💜 -RK800|| Connor 😎 -I was afraid... But I can't, I'm not a deviant|| Connor 😢💜 -It's me Connor|| tipical quote 😂😂 -You're a MACHINE, you were designed to obey, so obey!! || Angry Connor 😂 * * [Tags]: detroit detroitbecomehuman human android connor rk800 kara markus free please divergente feelings diviant

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I actually had some hope for a second 😂 • Follow deepertentoes for more 📥

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In the End, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. ...

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They say, if you no get money, hide your face. Well, I'll say if you no get money, show your talent. Most people go after money like it's everything. Very wrong. You are a servant to what you give yourself to. Ill rather give myself to serving humanity and adding value to people than to making money. If money is my greatest focus, then I'll wake up someday and realise I have hurt people without feeling it, all in a bid to make money. Go on and make money, but do it with the right heart. When you focus the most on making money out of life, it's a matter of time, money will focus on making a slave out of you. Good day thinkers. money makemoney moneymaker slave humanity love value life thisisnigeria thisisamerica marketplace bitcoin feelings

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I'm often embarrassed to say I'm American when I'm internationally traveling, now being home it breaks my heart every day. As Americans we're allowed to fight for change linkinbio to how you can help! babies are being separated from their families and they have no system to ensure who is who's! step out of your privileged life for a second and bethechange