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Looking at this picture always makes me smile. He wanted to walk and stand in the sprinklers. These moments are the best. . . . . . . . . . .

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He is faithful. He is loving. He is just. No matter what the enemy tried to use for my harm the lord willed it for my good. With all the labels the world tried to claim me for I thank you lord for taking me first and making me your daughter. To finally reach this day...glory to the God almighty. I stand before this world and my father in heaven as a Christian woman and mother. A believer in Jesus Christ. Committed to his will for me. Humbled by his hand. Proud willing servant. Forever grateful. In Jesus name Amen. helovedusfirst blessed accept believe confess father son holyspirit whatGoddoyouchoosetoserve? comeasyouare humbleyourself

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Yamato Zaharia, the famous world Kempo champion, have been selected to be part of the EXATLON's celebrities team. He will fight in this amazing reality sport TV show for the next months in the Dominican Republic. Good luck! exatlon kempo mmafighter dream father

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4 dni ciszy na moim FB, jednak jak zwykle sporo się działo! Zacznę od tego, że Tymon już wyczekuje naszego urlopu tak mocno i jak i my! Przecież codziennie, długie ciapu-ciap będzie mega fajne prawda? Poza tym mamy kolejny, upalny poniedziałek i czuć jak chęci do pracy o robienia czegokolwiek opuszczają mnie z minuty na minutę- no cóż – witaj ostatni tygodniu przed urlopem! tatabyc parenting Parentingtips parentingblogger parenting101 parentingblog parentinglife daddy dadlife dads dadecounty dadbod father fatherhood fatherandson fathersday fathers summer summertime summervibes

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TODAY WAS MY YOUNGEST DAUGHTER’s 🧚🏾‍♀️👸🏾START OF HER FIRST DAY BACK TO SCHOOL ✏️🖍📚📕📗📘 AND SHE IS AS BEAUTIFUL 💅🏾🙇🏾‍♂️AS ANYTHING I’VE EVER LAID EYES 👁 👁 ON‼️‼️ SO PROUD OF HER😀🤘🏾...AND SO IN LOVE 💓💗💞💝💖💘 WITH MY DAUGHTERS. Have a GREAT 👍🏾 Day Today Baby Gurl. 👴🏾 Daddy loves you sooooooooooo much‼️‼️ PrincessJaRi MiniMe awesome dad goodtime happy sis life fam love smile siblings instagood photooftheday father family fun children related sister cute kids familytime

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Ebonyi girls in the house, it this true?? 😂😂

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A father is a man who expects his son to be as good a man as he meant to be Frank A. Clark . . . Menginthili 'two of the mases' Mas 1 dan mas 2 😊😍 . . . fatherandson men father son

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Time with my Family. My father. One of the greatest men I have ever had the opportunity to know. My pride and love are beyond words I can conjure to truly do justice that is due. Happy Birthday dad! You are my hero and I strive to be as great. My niece and nephew are amazing people that warm my heart with beautiful, contagious love. Father Family Love

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The works of my daddy’s past twenties. . 昨日、 父のスタジオでパパが引っ張り出してきてくれた、 パパが22~23歳ごろの作品たち。 もちろんフィルム。 ポジ、ってやつですな。 . ええ写真すぎ。 さすが堀田賢治。 ずーっと、ぼーっと、みてられます。 . 堀田賢治 KenjiHotta HottaKenji 写真家 photo photography photograph photographer Japan Germany dad daddy father professional proud love film positive 芸術 arts アナログ analog

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This week’s GreatManChallenge: Work to change the intellectual culture in your home. Turn off the television and make sure there are books in abundance. Studies show that the mere presence of books in a home raises the intellectual activity of those who live there. Help protect your wife’s time so she can read at leisure. Schedule reading nights for your family, even reading contests. And don’t be beyond bribing your children to read. Wouldn’t $10 a book be a fantastic investment in a child’s future? Always be aware of your example. Nothing will inspire your children to read and learn like seeing you doing it first. . . . stephenmansfield mansfieldwrites christianmen greatmen actlikeaman actlikemen domanlythings bandofbrothers buildingyourbandofbrothers manlymen gentleman manly manlyclub manlyman manlylife manliness respectthebeard masculine guystuff realmen realman beingaman trueman actlikeaman read leadbyexample dad father parenting

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A beautiful family doodle for a beautiful family - with a few hidden meanings too 🧡

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Vertrauen findest du nur bei Menschen, die mit deiner Seele umgehen, als wäre es ihre eigene...