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Nick Drain here. GDPR. Thank goodness that's over

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Its true that calorie in vs calori out is what matters when it comes to losing or gaining weight, but where those calories come from can have a big impact on your results. If you are trying to lose weight, you should try to eat more of non-processed, whole foods which give you a lot of volume on a gram to gram basis as compared to hyper-palatable calorie dense "junk food". On the other hand if you are trying to gain weight and struggle to complete your calories, you should opt for these "junk foods" more often as they will help you reach your targeted daily calorie goals. Remember, no food is good or bad on its own. Its the overall diet that matters. . . . . . . . . . . . diet fitness nutrition losefat gainweight muscleup calories macros protein carbs fat fit fitpro fitness humanize sustainableFitness getsetgofitness GetSetGoCoach empower healthy health healthylifestyle wellbeing wellness bodybuilding bodytransformation nutritionist fitpro fitfam fitspo instafit

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Holy shit balls!!!!!! They're up guys!!!! They. Are. All. The. Way. Up 👖JeansChallenge 25th May 2018 Buzzing 👌🏻 Can't do them up yet, that's my next aim! Bring it on! So excited! TeamRHforTheWin aaaaaaaallllll the way! ❤️ teamrhfitness IIFYM 🥞 TeamRHHustle 👯👯‍♀️👯👯‍♀️👯 TeamRH 🇬🇧 CaloricDeficit ⚖️ LevelTheFuckUp 🔁🆙 NoExcuses 🚫 FightForYourFuture 🏅 Motivation 💪🏻 WeightLifting 🏋🏻‍♀️ SmashingIt 👊🏻 JALAL 💃 Fiber 🥦 Protein 🥚 Carbs 🥖 Fat 🥜🌰 RichieAndRachael 👫 PersonalJourney 🎢

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💟 معجون_شگفت‌آور_خیار_و_گلاب 🔺رفع سیاهی دور چشم 🔻برای مقابله با لاغری صورت 1خیار را رنده کرده آنرا در 3تا4 ق.غ گلاب خیس کنید، این ترکیب را روی کل صورت بمدت 15دقیقه . Laghari.vip 🔙🏆 ┄┅─ . لاغری کلینیک_لاغری رژیم_لاغری گیاه_خواری لاغری_و_تناسب_اندام ورزش تغذیه سلامتی رژیم کالری چربی_سوزی بادی_لاین لیپوماتیک لیزر درمان_چاقی چاقی دکتر دکتر_لاغری slimming calorie fat diet weight

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STUBBORN FAT?? Get rid of it with this amazing treatment!! NO SURGERY NO RECOVERY TIME SAFE & FDA APPROVED Getting back in shape have never been so easy !! . How Cryo Fat Freezing really works? 1. The fat freezing applicator will cool the target area to a certain temperature 2. The fat cells in the target area undergo apoptosis (controlled cell death) 3. Following the treatment, the fat cells are gradually eliminated, reducing the thickness of the fat layer 4. As it is non invasive, full results can only be seen after 90 days . Now RM 698 for 6 Treatments!! . To find out more call us today at 0322849939 or watsapp us at 0166554664 Free consultation is available. eternel natural naturally beautiful beauty facial face young health antiaging slimming body freeze fat lipowithoutsurgery cryotherapy deal promotion lifestyle clinic bangkok thailand jakarta indonesia malaysia malaysian treatment fatfreezing likeforlike followforfollow

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I have a five day weekend (counting today since I didn't go to school) and I already feel a lot better. I have so much more control over my eating habits and exercising when I'm not so upset about school.

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Buona colazione 🥞 Stamane in pigiama, perché farò colazione e poi a letto di nuovo 😎 Questa notte a lavoro 🔥 fino alle 4 in più 🤒 Febbre Da insolazione 🤒🤒🤒🤒 fagetotal breakfastlover goodmorning macros carb protein fat energy motivation gnam solocosebuone fitchef girlfit alimentazionesana reversediet pappabuona health healthyfood foodblogger eatwell eatclean smoothie bread canonitalia instafood buondí onthetable vivereserenamentefelici dimagrirecongustocongae

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After the real dieting side of Instagram just flooded my dm's in regards to my story (complaining about how i can't have a tomato) ive come to a decision. Instead of doing die hard keto, im going to count my calories, watch my fat (170g) and protein (90g) intake and try to keep my carbs around 20-30g without worrying so much about my basic fruit and veges intake. Such a strict diet like keto is setting off some weird vibes lately regarding insta and others opinions. No sugar/bread/potatoes/pasta or rice (etc), low carb, med protein and high (good) fats is where ill be at 👌 Thanks for all the suggestions and suport

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💮こんにちは💮 Добрый день. Сходила на практику, отпросилась уйти чуть раньше и пошла домой. По дороге зашла в аптеку и купила новую упаковку фуросемида. После обеда выпью парочку штук. На завтрак: 🍫Corny Big Choco-Banana - 219кк 🥤Стакан воды Итог: 219кк Сегодня питание на 400кк Как вам кст такие фотографии в окне? 🍥 🍥 🍥 анорексия ана та типичнаяанорексичка похудение худею худоба кости диета дневникпохудения дневникпитания булимия мия бабочка ябудустройной ябудухудой жирунет фудпорн еда fat food fooddiary foodporn diary foodbloger foodblog blog ana

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Iiiiiii am a piece of shit.... I'm terrible at posting guys...huge life update ahead, however: I'm finally getting help for my depression. I'm on meds ans going to therapy, and ive successfully kept my ED a secret from all my doctors. I also lost over 10 pounds in the last 2 month's and I'm v proud of myself. My parents have given me a little more control over my life, and they totally think my appetite loss is from the medication. Which is only partly true. Anyway, how are all you lovelies doing? I hope everyone is okay and staying safe 😊😚

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(tw) I HAVE LOST A STONE!! aa, i’m so happy! and, it’s friday and my family normally don’t eat until late on a friday so maybe i’ll be able to do another 23-24hour fast! i’m so happy because i plateaued at 9stone 9 and i just lost 2lbs in a day :) the only problem is, i can’t do sport or exercise because of this giant ass cut on my foot that i got last night... so i could gain and it makes me scared... - .:tags:. fat fatasfuck fatfuck disgustinglyfat fatty purge binge restrict restrictiveeating ed ednos ana mia anorexia bulimia hatemyself selfhate selfharmmm skinny skinnygirl flatstomach thinlegs thinstomach thighgap sucidal suicidalthoughts killme depression anxiety

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🥔White vs Sweet Potato🥔⠀ ...⠀ White potato got a really bad rap in and around the time the whole "carbs are bad" thing kicked off and somehow sweet potato was drafted in as the super sub. The bigger, better, orange potato that was so much healthier than the white devil. But is it actually better?⠀ ...⠀ Well, it depends? The one that's best for you is the one you like to eat. If it's easier for you to stick with your meal plan when using sweet potato - then yeah it's better. If like me you struggle to slice the bastards (need more gainz bro) or can never seem to get them crispy enough - then the white potato is an easier option. ⠀ ...⠀ The deeper you look at it - they are actually pretty comparable in terms of their nutritional profile. Sweet potato swings it when you get down to the vitamin and fiber content - but then again an argument can be made for the fact that white potato is cheaper and maybe even more versatile.⠀ ...⠀ My point is - the foods you can use to hit your targets while enjoying them are always the better option. Choosing sweet over white potato doesn't means it's "better" - the "best" foods are always the ones you enjoy, that fit your plan and give you the nutrients you need to be at your best. And when it comes to eating out - the sweet potato fries are typically all deep fried just like the regular ones - so not that healthy at all.⠀ ...⠀⠀⠀ Look after each other and chat soon, ⠀⠀ Repost ryanc_fit . . potato sweetpotato fries chips fatloss weightlosssupport weightlossjourney weightlosstransformation healthyweightloss fat healthyfood weightloss weightlossmotivation weightlosshelp weightlossfood diet dieting ukfitfam nutrition corkfitfam dublinfitfam irishfitfam fitness fit healthylifestyle healthy health healthydiet fitfam irishfitness

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💪wanna LOSE 8 POUNDS in 2 WEEKS ??💪 👆👆Link ON BIO👆👆 . hewer4health *I have a long way to go* I've been debating whether to put it up or not but I've bitten the bullet! 2 stone lost in 9 weeks. Even I was surprised by the change. .👊 . . . weightlosstips weightlosssuccess weightlosshelp weightlosscommunity transformationtuesday weightlosssupport weightlossprogress bodytransformation bodybuilding weightlosstransformations body workout gym fitness transformation fatloss motivation fat .weightloss weightlossjourney weightlossmotivation weightlossstory weightlossgoals weightlosschallenge weightlossdiary weightlosssurgery weightlossinspiration

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When the parents make the dinner you make the dessert haha . Keto Kraken Truffles :- each one has 15g fat , 4g protein and 1.5g carb . Coated in walnuts and cacao. Filled with avocado 🥑, coconut oil , organic butter, cream cheese, Flax seeds, kraken black spiced rum , sugar free dark chocolate. They are very hard to stop at one or two lol . Put them in the freezer as they go soft at room temp keto spicedrum rumtruffles lowcarblifestyle fatbomb fat healthyfats ketogenicdiet

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Got these skinnies from stitchfix, and I loved the fabric but they just didn’t fit quiiiiite well enough to make them worth $78. Close though. stitchfix

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This Belly thoe, I wonder where it came from?🍔🍟🍨🍕🍰haha 😂😁😘

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Brown Butter Filling for my Nut Butter 🍪 Cookies!🤗 This is too GOOD!! For the filling I used > 1 Tb Browned Butter, 2Tb Powdered Sweetener, 1 Tb Heavy Cream or Canned Coconut Milk, pinch of Salt. Blend till very smooth. Used to fill lil sandwich cookies or as a Frosting for Cookies. Make your favorite Cookie or use a Basic Peanut Butter Keto Cookie Recipe. Hope you find the Browned Butter in a Jar. I found at Sprouts, but I’m sure you can buy on line. It’s a very distinctive flavor, quite yummy! keto brownedbutter butter ketogenic weightloss diet healthyfood fitness fitfam lchf banting primal paleo inspire aginggracefully yummy lowcarb lowsugar glutenfree insulinresistance fat heal_clinics diabetes

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Time to get healthy! Want to know more diet and health related facts? Tell us in the comments below!

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anchovy, salted egg yolk fries, tartar sauce.

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Left December 2010(Weight:85kg 187.39lb) Rignt November 2016(Weight:49kg 108.03lb) . I was very fat before. I broke the spine five years ago(2012) I was sentenced to a doctor. “If you can not have if that you lose weight, you will not be able to get up to within three years” That was very very tough. However,This was going to be a major turning point in my life. I have fun fashionable now☺ . 昨日ツイッターで盛り上がったので笑 85(21号 6L)⇔49(9号 M) 小学校高学年辺りから肉付きがいい枠をこえて所謂「お太り様」ジャンルへ移行していき、写真の時代は72,3kgだったかな。 Maxだと2012年の会社の健康診断だと85kg、腹囲111cmという嬉しくないキリ番ゲッターをするなど。メタボ健診盛大にひっかかりましたとも。 なのでMaxの時代はもっとワイドサイズ。 しかしそこまで膨れると、もうコーデ写真撮りたくなくなって、トルソーに着せて現実逃避するなど(^_^;) えるしってるか、女性用サイズは、21号サイズがある(会社の制服の一番大きいサイズが17号でしたが、それすら入らず特注オーダーしたら21号とのことで。 4Lとか6Lみたいな単位以外で初めて自分のサイズがわかりました苦笑) . きっと生涯忘れられない2012年3月4日、弊社からの内定を貰って数日後に背骨をクラッシュ。 入院や手術やら痛いやら辛いやら仕事どうなるんだとなってるところ、なんとか装具、所謂医療用コルセット(ピザだから此方も特注サイズ)を身につけて労働できるようになりました。 同年6月、装具を外すときに医師から 「痩せて筋肉をつけないと損傷した背骨に負荷がかかり、3年以内に寝たきりになる」と宣告を受けました。 医者が言うとどんなブラックジョークも全く笑えません。 帰りはその足でジムに入会しました。 そう、鍛練を積む日々が幕開けました。 . 元々の目標と言うか今も第一にしているのが背骨を守れ(迫真)でしたので、正直Na+H入るようになったのは想定外でした。 やっぱりどんな数値や鏡よりお洋服は正直で、最初ファスナーがスカート部分から1mmも上がらなかったベビドのファスナーが数ヶ月毎に上がっていき、ある日背中の一番上まで上がりました まさかと思ってコルセットやタイトなロングスカート類、ハーフパンツとか家にあるNa+Hのお洋服全て引っ張り出して身に付けてみたら、ちゃんとファスナーが上がってイヤッホオオオウ こういうお洋服や大好きなバンドさん、友達、ゴシックな音楽、イベントを知る全てのきっかけで憧れているブランドのお洋服を身に纏えるのは、やはり嬉しいものですね。 . このワンピースは、太っていた当時からも憧れていて初めてNa+Hのお洋服でお迎えしたワンピース。 痩せる前に買ったり着る無茶もしましたね笑 高校時代からその可愛さに見惚れていて、そして太っていた頃から私と共にいてくれたからこそ、思い入れも沢山 今年はいつ着ようかな。 . beforeafter girl gothic xoxo training fitness diet happy past love i gothgoth instagirl health instagood Instagram hot allblack selfie fat change yeah gothgirl fav goth me beforeandafter fight ダイエット enjoylife