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This design is fully customizable to any colour you desire. To order, see the steps below. We can also print your design atomsngstore. The logo and other design elements come with the design. If you want them, you can have them. www.instagram.com/atomsngdesigns www.facebook.com/atomsngdesigns Steps to order: 1. Take a screenshot of this design. 2. Send that screenshot to this WhatsApp number: +234 810 040 0825 or via DM. 3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for other designs you want. Check our main page here: atomsng Check our other designs here: atomsngdesigns Check our eStore here: atomsngstore AtomsDidIt AtomsNGDesigns AtomsNG AtomsNGStore JohnAtomsLimited ProudlyNigerian NigerianBusiness YellowCow GraphicDesign ArtDirector CreativeDirector GraphicDesigner Branding Brands CMYK artoftheday EveryOrganizationNeedsMe Photography Photographer naijabrandchic glamour naijaphotographer music marketing fashionable fashionblog photojournalism videos naijabrandchick love

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Lengkapi Perayaan Asian Games dengan boneka Maskot Asian Games dari Ada Buti & Ada Fashion ini.. ___________________________________________________ For updated information about us please check and follow Instagram bencoolenmall_bengkulu and FansPage Facebook Bencoolen Mall. BencoolenMall Bengkulu bengkuluinfo infobengkulu food culinary hangout familytime cinema gather sophaholic sale discount diskon promo tees clothing fashion fashionable exibition Fun kulinerbengkulu Festivalkuliner VisitBengkulu adabuti adafashion asiangames jakarta palembang

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Texture | Tatemorrison wears our Chamber Crew Grey Double layer fabric long sleeve, perfect for this winter weather annexbondi sale

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I used to get mad when I get asked for my ID to prove I'm of age, but now I'm just flattered. Here's my secret 3 steps to everlasting youth. . ☝) Have no regrets in life. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. It happens to make you a better person, to teach you a lesson, to put you back on your path; it happens for a reason you may not notice until much later. . ✌) Work hard, play hard. Find a career that you are passionate about. Money is important but if you love what you do, I guarantee you money will come. At the same time, don't forget to have fun. We end up conditioned that when you are in your teens you must behave like this, and in your 20s you must be that and in your 30s you must have this and that in order. One receipe doesn't work for everyone. Being silly, free minded and playful doesn't take away from your maturity. Take some time to explore life. Be a goofball. Make people laugh and have a good time! . 👌) Spend your time with people you truly care for. Our time is limited and precious, so why waste it pleasing people you couldn't care less about. Instead, be present for those you love and make memories that will last you a lifetime. aanchalwadhwani aanchal matryoshka actress hkmodel hkactress hongkong singapore india india_gram

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L E O P A R D .

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fashioninflux is definitely our ultimate style goals! ✨💗💗

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1 or 2? 🇬🇷💙

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مساء_الخير 😍✋🏻 . اليوم بطرح لكم فكرة استخدام نفس القطع لكن بتنسيق مختلف و اليقنت 👌🏻 طبعاً لو بنطول البحث بنلاقي صور كثير لكن حبيت استعرض معاكم ثلاث نماذج جميله و بنظري اختلفت فيها الطلّة بشكل كبير .. . نبتدي مع السيدة الأكثر اناقة بنظري ولاحظوا كيف استخدمت نفس البلوڤر و بكل مره شكلها مختلف😻👏🏻 .. today I’m gonna show u how to use the same pieces in different looks 👌🏻 . To be fashionable u must be able to wear ur clothes more than ones and looks different everytime .😻 . here we have this gourgous lady 😩❣️ she wear the same items and looks different ✨😻

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You think posing will save your day 💎

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Blue skies & Cupid’s bow on point

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Balenciaga: Shaping Fashion 👗❤️

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opera singer 🌷

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