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Good morning and happy Tuesday! The past week has been a huge emotional rollercoaster, dealing with the sudden loss of my beautiful nan. It’s never easy when someone you hold dearly to your heart passes, without the chance to say goodbye. 💓 Yes it’s been hard, but it has also opened my eyes to the importance to knowing who will be there for you not only through the good times, but the tough ones as well. Family is everything to me, as I’m sure it is to everyone. This is just a little message to remind you guys- love and appreciate those who surround you. Life is a crazy ride full of triumphs, tears, celebrations and excitement. A gentle reminder that when you start your day with positivity, it can change your perspective on everything around you. List 3 things you are grateful for each day. Greet everyone you meet with a smile. Hug those close to you just a little longer. Always in the present. Be grateful for each and every day ✨🌟 grateful gratefullness grateful🙏 gratefulheart apreciationpost family lovequotes quotestoliveby quotesdaily beinthemoment beinthepresent lifequotes

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📸: iamandreamartinez . “Yellow is my new fave 💛” . Good morning Bali! Happy Tuesday! Hope you all have a great day ahead 😘 . Le Jardin Villas 📍: Jl. Sarinande no.7, Bali

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2years ago this day❤️ family

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family 2 for 1. What a deal!!!! 😘😍

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Душа. Она без паспорта взрослеет, У каждого свой крест, своя судьба. И кто-то после боли каменеет, А в ком-то расцветает доброта. Все чувствует одна, поможет словом, Другая - вечный бег и суета. Есть в двадцать лет душа уже за сорок, Есть в сорок, безупречна и чиста...

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Pork and fennel ragu-fresh cuke salad-leek and fennel blossom family

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This exquisite blend promotes feelings of peace , happiness & calm....the aroma is intoxicating & delicious. I can't get enough ....so uplifting but relaxing at the same time ... can be used in your diffuser, diluted under your feet and temples and wrists...as a perfume..simply delicious 😋... also great for hyper kids as it provides a grounding and calming affect ..inbox to get started today !!!! elevation calm delcious beautiful peace uplifting life doterra doterramom doterraoils doterralove dōterra insta essentialoils essentiallife essentialoillove love healing family

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Repost el_nica_diacachimba · · · Pro government sympathizers are painting the houses that participated in the in protest march, blue and white. Paramilitaries armed with AK-47s can break into the house, burn it or kill them. sosnicaragua gritopornicaragua senbobcorker secretarypompeo nytimes guardian wsj washingtonpost repsires cnn univision humanrightswatch humanrightscampaign ungeneva senatormenendez senatorreid senatortimscott senatorbillnelson senatorleahy senatorbaldwin senatorboxer senatorbillnelson senpattymurray durbincampaign foxnews telemundo bbc aljazeera bloomberg abcworldnewstonight el_pais elmundotoday dailynews_ig abcworldnewstonight libertytimes latimes unicef bostonglobe chicagotribune newyorkdailynews denverpost houstonchron jorgeramosnews ungeneva fdelrincon reuters huffpost cnbcinternational time storyful commishdiaz realdonaldtrump barackobama sentedcruz marcorubiofla senjohnmccain senjohnkennedy marines kevinmccarthytv vp speakerryan nancypelosi ananavarrofl jazminasaavedra kamalaharris elizabethwarrenma chuckschumer justinpjtrudeau michaelfmoore timkaine theellenshow mike.pence georgewbush flotus officialbenshapiro zuck elonmusk usnavy nikkihaley gop statedept usun unitednations unicef savethechildren unpeacekeeping un_ocha careorg foreignpolicymag usaid flacayo luisalmagroficial PauloAbrao amnesty unicef repmaxinewaters repmariodb repcurbelo agbecerra reptedlieu repmoulton repbarbaralee repswalwell janschakowsky repdianeblack repdavidvaladao repjeffries replindasanchez repyvettedclarke repmarktakano repmcgovern rep_rohrabacher repbeatty repkclark repstephenlynch family travel fitness igers tagsforlikes follow4follow nofilter life beauty amazing instamood instagram photography vscocam sun photo music beach followforfollow bestoftheday sky ootd sunset dog

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Você se torna aquilo que você mentaliza 💚

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You don’t have a girlfriend if she don’t rip em on you. Tag your bae. 😂😂 - - - - clapsnocheeks

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Now that’s a big baby 🐶 6 month old Tulsa. . REinventing the XXL 💪🏼 BIG and BEAUTIFUL! 🥇

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Cambiando un poco las cosas.

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Throughout my journey coming back to SoCal from NYC, my rocks have been my family. The inclides the family I was born into and the family I've adopted as my own. . I cant tell you how much John & Alison have changed my life and the lives of so many underprivileged and at-risk youth with ALL they do in the community. The impact rollinfromtheheart has is powerful, inspirational and life changing. . Over the last year, I've been taking a leap from corporate into the unknown guided only by love and passion. I've been grounded by my entire family (including the Rollin fam) during all the losses and struggles.....and I only see the light. . We had a golf tournament on Friday, and my dad won me this amazing custom painted board by Taylor (I will come back and add the last name later) . Life is SO FUCKING beautiful....and hard and full of joy. The mess is the gift. Embrace your life and choose to follow love....you never know where you'll end up. Isn't that the most magical and amazing part of this wild ride? Let go and let love 💙🧜‍♀️ . . . . . . . . . .girlisnota4letterword thankyouskateboarding art supportlocalartists skatephotography nonprofit girlpower girlsshred vansskate vansgirls childhoodmoments fundraiser Golf golftournament inspireothers bethechangeyouwanttosee changemakers childreninneed communityimpact nyc wanderlust_tribe family familysupport

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Staring at a beautiful sunset and life journey stretching behind. I like to think that those family member no longer with us are constantly experiencing beautiful sunsets and have a fun time looking back on their lives.

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Abre los brazos sonríe y recibe la vida que te regalan a dirario. Mis tiempos estan en tus manos. Acá soñando. Bello día Puro love. New day. 💪✌️ Como el Fenix🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Entregigantes Que viva el placer de amar lo que haces. Cine Colombiano🎥🎬➡️➡️➡️ Ya mero. In God i trust ed7deep Esto inspira mi gente. This inspires my people Lo más bonito de mi trabajo conocer seres humanos increibles. GraciasThankyou Danku Grazie Obrigado Merci MahaloKösziTakkKiitos-Arigato An actor 's life kingping familycinedeamigos actor actorslife cine teatrotelevisión filmset film lovemyjobDreams castingcall castingbehindthescenes  castpersonajes-

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Sei que tudo passa, tristeza, dor, alegria e até amor. Mas esse sentimento que tenho pela minha família isso vai durar junto ao meu fôlego 💖💖💖💖family

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Fiesta Juárez!! 🎡🎠🎢

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Frida Kahlo!! 🇲🇽❤️🎨

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A day in El Paso!! 🌞🎨🕶

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