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Ist es Zeit für Veränderung in deinem Leben? . Früher war ich gefesselt von guten Comics, coole Stories und Traumvorstellungen von einem perfekten Leben in der Zukunft. Heute passiert es mir auch noch ab und zu das ich vergänglichen Dingen nachjage und mir einbilde das ich diese brauchen würde. . Die Realität ist jedoch das alles hier auf der Erde vergänglich ist. Es ist nicht falsch viel zu besitzen. Es ist nur falsch davon Abhängig zu sein und sie den wirklich wichtigen Dingen vorzuziehen! . Schau auf die wirklich wichtigen Dinge in deinem Leben! . Was ist die wirklich wichtig? love faith family hope people time god forgiveness

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36 anni di matrimonio in una foto 💙 family home

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‘(T)here’ 2017 by zuzabana ‘Capturing a moment doubles the present in two divergent directions, one runs towards the future, while the other sinks into the past. ‘ ~ Gilles Deleuze I was born when my parents were 40 and no longer together while my siblings were entering adulthood. Looking at my family portraits, I succumb to the illusion of happiness and bliss. Dreaming of a return to my childhood or to the time before my birth, I imagine my family together. Trying to enact dreams of time travel, I question the finiteness of photography, "entering" family photos with the use of projection. I take on a triple role: of the operator, spectator and subject - and in a therapeutic way, I seize control of the crucial fragment of my familial archive, spanning through the 90s. By updating photos that I did not take, I redefine my family history, all the while creating an extensive self-portrait. I cover the past with the present and vice versa, materializing myself both there and here. • • • • contemporary photography art adult childhood illusion family archive past present  engaging poetic absence representation memories upandcoming feature carmelbythegreen wavecollective  exhibition

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Well we’re looking forward to sharing another great Athlete story in writing hopefully tomorrow and in doing so we’ll be introducing you all to Mikel Thomas, who’s not only a 3 time Olympian who represents Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹 in the 110m Hurdles but he’s also a Firefighter. We just wanted to take the time to introduce you to Mikel apart from that story, knowing that that will be focused on everything he’s achieved as an athlete and we just won’t have space to talk about his amazing role as a Fireman. That’s something we hopefully will get to find out more about in the future, as we look forward to having Mikel be here as an encouragement to you guys and a great role model and Father figure with so much experience of what it takes to succeed in life and overcome obstacles. There’s something special about being an Olympian and representing your country at the highest levels, let alone being one for a third time but the fact is, there’s nothing more important than being in a position to save the lives of other people and that’s exactly what Mikel gets to do as a firefighter. Maybe Mikel’s story and what we share with you about him will inspire you to work towards being in a position where you can one day do the same. Perhaps you have dreams of being in the Fire service or a part of the Police or Armed forces or even Ambulance services. Even if like Mikel you just have a passion to help others, then we want to applaud you and encourage you to go after that. You can do anything you set your mind to and as we keep saying if God has put a passion in your spirit and a dream in your heart, then it’s there for a reason.

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self challenge!! Okay, so what’s the self challenge? • This weeks blog is about giving yourself permission to love exactly who you are, all flaws included! • What to do for the challenge? • Post an Instagram story with a blurb about what you love about YOU! You will be entered into our self challenge.... stay posted for prizes! • blog blogger blogs lifestyleblog blogging podcast blog summerblog fallblog bloggers happyblog edmontonblog studentblog relationshipblog guideblog edmonton student uofa grace bestlife family love bloggerstyle selfchallenge self

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This dog has been through so much when we found her someone had shot her in the stomach with a b-b gun and broke her back leg and she had no hair she didn’t even resemble a dog she also has an autoimmune disorder that causes rash and sores to pop up over her body but through all that she has remained the sweetest dog we named her Gracie and have spent over 3000 to help fix her and give her a comfortable life and would do it again in a heartbeat 💗 love lovedogs🐶 animal family sweet oneofmybabies

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⁑ おはようございます🐶 ⁑ ⁑ みなさんはワンちゃんの歯磨きどーしてますか?? ⁑ ⁑ 福二郎は引き取った当初から汚れがひどくて…😵 ⁑ ⁑ 人間みたいに口あけといてくれたら、歯ブラシ出来るのになぁー😬 ⁑ ⁑ 2018.09.26 ⁑ ⁑ 🐶 福二郎 愛犬 保護犬 保護犬を家族に 保護犬を飼おう 元保護犬 dogdogstagram lovefamilyいぬ部lovedogscutefukustagramふわもこ部親バカ家族愛犬ポメラニアンpomeranianpomstagram pomeraniansofinstagram pomeranianworldrescuedog rescuedogsofinstagramポメスタグラム 赤ちゃんと犬パーティカラーエブリドッグ

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1 word - "Execution"

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Наша прелесть, наше очарование, наша любимая доченька. Сегодня самый светлый праздник на земле – день твоего рождения. От чистого сердца прими самые тёплые пожелания. Будь всегда счастлива, и долго – долго радуй нас своею красотой. Расти здоровой и умной. Пусть все печали и ненастья обходят тебя стороной. Пусть Выбранная тобой дорога, будет ясной и прямой. Желаем тебе добра, тепла, всех благ, которые существуют на земле. Ты похожа на принцессу, так пусть жизнь твоя будет сказкой. 🎊🎉🎁🎈🎂🍰❤🎈💃🧚‍♀️ • • 🎈 birthday bday party toptags happybirthday instabday bestoftheday birthdaycake cake friends celebrate photooftheday instagood candle candles happy young old years instacake instabirthday born family

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B O N N E N U I T 🌃 . Encore une petite photo du paysage vers chez moi 📷🌇 sans filtre pour vraiment voir les belles couleurs 😍 . Bonne soirée et bonne nuit à toutes et à tous 😘 . N'oubliez pas le tirage au sort pour le concours demain 😉🍀 . . . . photography instapic instamoment instagram instalife babyboy love family likeforlike picoftheday photographer instalove amour famille life instamaman maman ootd instafollow followme beauty littleman honor10 smartphone love couple sansfiltre paysage coucherdusoleil

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Plan for family time...if it’s not on the calendar, chances are it won’t happen. This is a simple principle that is often overlooked given our crazy hectic schedules we have. Family time is not an afterthought, it’s a priority. Slow down, be intentional and invest in your family. • • SHARE TIME: What are ways you and your family spend quality time together?

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Birthday party success💖

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Great weekend with my Luby ( Jessica ) celebrating her 27th birthday 🎉🎊👑 Yo quiero un pastel asi 😍❤ family friends sandiego

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happyhumpday ! 🎵Rain, rain go away, Zoe wants to play 🎵. Not the best weather today, but long weekend ahead so no complaints:). Here’s few photos from our weekend walk at Sydney Park. P.S. What do you guys do with your little ones when it rains?

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« Fais ce qu'il te plait jusqu’à ce que ça plaise aux autres et pas le contraire.» thedamso

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"Atrévete a ser simple". 🖤

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If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door 🚪🧚🏼‍♀️

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Questo disegno é la copertina ufficiale di “T.”, pezzo di zero.portrait 👍🏻 La traccia la potete ascoltare su soundcloud ed il link lo trovate sul suo profilo! Questo é uno di quei pezzi da ascoltare con una birra fredda in mano, non per tutti!

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¡Feliz y bendecido inicio de semana! 💫

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Nobody will see the way I operate 💔

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Chi è lui? È Manuel Agnelli, personaggio televisivo ma anche musicista con i suoi afterhours_official