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This me

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Don't be afraid to step out of your comfortzone and fail. Failure makes you stronger. Close the door on your past and use it as a stepping stone to get even further in your journey. faillearn succeed

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The reality of filming

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Trying my hardest to not look like a constipated scarecrow .......... fail

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No, Just No. 😂 I was crafting yesterday and thought I would make myself some Snowgie ears. I adore the Snowgies and thought it would be a simple and quick craft to create. I made the file, cut the vinyl, ironed them on, and then looked at what I had created. They didn’t exactly come out kiddie friendly 😳 They look more like something I would wear to a bachelorette party. Oops. DisneyFail Frozen Snowgie WhatKindOfSnowgieIsThat Fail Craft DIY

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Quick fail video 😂 🏇🏻 need to improve my posture and cantering... 😅 fail

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This was really bad and I was wearing white socks 😂 and I sorta slipped in mud at the end tumbling gymnastics fall fail

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Everything was going so well... until seconds later there was a fall from the wheelbarrow into a patch of nettles 😓🍁🎃