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~ yeah, we shouldn’t let a girl get between us ~ ac | when the party’s over - Billie Eilish :,( |au : Ethan and Grayson get into a fight over how distant they’ve been since Ethan started dating Emma. E yelled out “I quit the Dolan twins” but instantly regretted it and remembered all the amazing times they’ve had , and that no one can replace his brother. They finally said goodbye to their channel and parted ways. Sorry this is so sad , hope you don’t take it to heart it’s just an edit you all know I ship Ethma <3 ethandolan graysondolan emmachamberlain dolantwins ethandolanedit graysondolanedit emmachamberlainedit dolantwinsedit ethandolanedits graysondolanedits emmachamberlainedits dolantwinsedits sistersquad sistersquadedits ethma ethmaedits

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Hi guys! How are you all?? I know I’ve been away for a long time but I’m so busy with my school stuff I literally can’t even have time to breath. I’m gonna try my best to post more. Love you all have a great day/night!!! - - - - - - - - - - - ethandolan graysondolan dolantwins dolantwins graysonbaileydolan graysondolan graysondolanedit ethandolan ethangdolan ethangrantdolan camdol 4ou 4ou2 ethandolansnapchat graysonslaugh graysonandethan dolantwinstuesday dolantwinsedits dolantwinsedit dolantwinsfanpage dolantwinsfandom ethandolansnapchat ethandolanimagine ethandolanedits graysonbailey graysondolanimagine dolantwinsimagines thedolantwins f4f fannation funny ethanandgrayson ethan grayson

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Dolan twins X supernatural My four favorite people in the world 😏 Guys me and my sister actually made this edit but I'm posting it and getting credit for it. Sorry sis. But she knows that I'm posting this so I think we're good *nervously laughes* Hope you guys like it as much as we did Ps:don't mind the mouse pointer in the corner. Our app doesn't export the videos so we have to screen record it so just don't mind it... ethandolan graysondolan dolantwins dolantwins ethandolan graysondolan ethandolanedits graysondolanedits dolantwinsedits supernatural supernaturaedits

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emma pretending to be a boy for 18secs straight.🤪 - ignore the fact that my shakes are terrible, this will also flop;) - ac: /acefamilysfate dt: anyone & everyone lmao - tags | emmachamberlainedit emmachamberlain emmachamberlainedits emmachambie girdies youtuberedits dolantwinsedits youtube gremma memeedit elliethumann graysondolanedits ethandolanedits shistersquad hannahmeloche jamescharlesedit lizakoshyedit acefamilyedits daviddobrikedit grethan codyko emthan diza shanedawsonedit antoniogarza omgpage

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🔥tag _emmachamberlain jamescharles ethandolan and graysondolan also they can maybe see this one day🔥 I’m gonna start doing these more often😂❤️🤧🔥🤪☕️ - DO NOT REPOST!! **lmk if you see anybody repost without giving me credits** - ♡GRIND♡ ———————————————— ♡MATTERS (line thru)♡ ———————————————— ♡CREATE♡ ———————————————— ♡ANIMALS (dripping)♡ ———————————————— ☻︎Tag them? graysondolan ethandolan ☻︎ ———————————————— ☻︎ Explore page? ☻︎ ———————————————— ✗Grayson ✖︎ Bailey ✖︎ Dolan ✖︎ Ethan ✖︎ Grant ✖︎ Dolan✗ - - graysondolan ethandolan dolantwins dolantwinsofficialmerch eeteeweeteeee jamescharles sistersapperal emmachamberlain bryant cubsport - -TAGS graysondolan ethandolan grethan dolantwins graysondolanedits ethandolanedits dolantwinsedits tish ursuchaluckyboy hacomedy dealwithit dt 4ou 4ou2 camdolan camerondolan lisadolan seandolan tunesdays tuesdays dolantwintuesday dolantwinstuesday youtube youtuber youtubers ripvine viners vines bromieomie bromieomies - - ✗like comment on this post✗ ✗follow wheezedolanz [me] for more daily posts✗ ✗no hate✗ ✗Dolan Twins stan✗ ✗account by one person✗ ✗explore page?✗ ✗don’t let this flop:/✗

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now that’s a lane! watch the whole thing 💸 dt celine kat rae elena malak calida bianca electra kai & ana - my audio ( dolansaudios ) oc elliptix / cc kagune grpmedusa mattersgrp convexgrp

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appreciation post for this cutie💘 ac: drizzyaudios dt; emina no wm because this is terrible & rushed:(

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• miss me with that bullshit• • tag arbinn_ • • I have another edit coming tonight later on• xx

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The love of my life

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could be a sinner or a gentleman - - QUALITY SUCKSSSSS - -ib: shushdols| ac:svnfvl |dt:in the comments|[norvina2 omgpage omgpageedit]

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Make up my Mind cc: grethansweet ac: divxnize on sc

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this took so long and it’s gonna flop but it’s all good ig. dt multi.spooky b.oujeez