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SORRY FOR REPOSTING LIKE 27 TIMES 💀 ok so this gal right there won a fucking streamy award🤠🤠 i’m shook like tf she has accomplished so much over the year and i love her for that she is literally one of the only things keeping me alive _emmachamberlain love u and keep doing what ur doing<3

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His eyes met mine and they were filled with disappointment. He didn't say anything, just got up and left the room. The door didn't get to close before a female doctor entered. "Hi, I'm doctor Phoenix, good to see you awake! If I could get a few words with Erin alone that would be great." She waited for everyone to leave the room until we were alone. "So, how are you feeling?" Her voice was soft and gentle as her eyes landed on me. "I don't know, I don't feel anything at the moment." I reply playing with the sheets. "That's okay, now what I need to know is what happened last night?" She wanted to know if it was attempted suicide or not. I took a deep breath, almost holding it. "I attempted suicide" Tears began forming in my eyes as it sunk in. She took a deep breath before writing something on a paper. "You have been in therapy for 6 months now, do you feel like it works?" She was still writing on the paper "No" "Okay" she went towards the door yelling eyed that they could come in. They all sat down as the doctor began talking. "We have decided that a few weeks in a mental hospital would be best for Erin." Everybody looked at me, everyone expected dad. He got up and left again. I honestly don't know what I did wrong. "You'll be leaving tomorrow." Doctor Phoenix left the room. ———- dolantwins ethandolan fanfiction suicide graysondolan dolantwinstuesday

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the tea is that I haven’t been watching the Dolan twins videos so I’m going to now :) and 2 I’m having my 2nd marriage with Grayson, Noah and Lorenzo tomorrow 🤠 bye bitches 😘 Vc: demandingdols

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welcome to V3NUS ! we are recruiting for the first time Rules : post this on your story  Tag 2-3 video editors  Post ur edits under v3nusrct (2-3 post limited )  multifandom  6 PEOPLE WILL BE RECRUITED (NO DRAMA WILL BE KICKED OUT)  You have until November 22 !  onmyblock  hannie  bugheadedit riverdale edits audiothomasbrodiesangster thomassangsterthedeathcure omgpage explorepagejustinbieber kyliejenner blackpanthercarlgrimes thewalkingdead twdeditaudiosforedits lovesimon shawnmendesdylanobrien dylanobrienedit infinitywarnewtmasedit thekissingbooth meangirlsethandolan graysondolan dolanedits

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so proud of her.

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posting this throwback of fuckboy era Ethan Bc I went to the gym today and I feel good and I want to make it a daily thing (or every other day) so WATCH OUT RAINI IM ABOUT TO BE THE SKINNIEST OF SKINNY LEGENDS lmao jk no one can replace her - - - - - - - - - - ethandolan grethan graysondolan dolantwins

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Congrats to the twins for hitting 7M I’m so happy for them 😊💖 (ik I’m late 😂) • • • • • • • Tag them? samandcolby dolantwins kianlawley jccaylen • • • • • • • • • dolantwinsedits dolantwins dolantwinsimagines dolanedits graysondolanedits ethandolanedits ethandolan graysondolan kianlawley kianlawleyedit kianandjcedit kianandjc colbybrock colbybrock colbybrockedits colbybrockedit samgolbach samgolbachedit samgolbachedits edit spam popular explorepage

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happy tuesday hoes 🤪 follow bxbybailey_ for more

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- hold on to me cr amorethan

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LMAOOO 😭😭 ☁️

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mine and vel’s convos are not normal and that’s the tea my potatoes 🥔🤗🤠🤪