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2buln lg dgn tech june...tech say xda sd kwn dia bgduh di kelas n tuition...Ethan

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눈 뜨자마자 원두 바뀐거 생각나서요,

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Ce 25 septembre tu as eu 2 ans!!! Déjà... où est mon bébé 😢 💖😍 Ethan

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Grayson: In..in..my.. Ethan: Licking... Grayson: Why the F**k would u say that. Ethan: What imm lick..licking...your..le..gg Grayson: I WAS TALKING ABOUT MY BALLS! Ethan: *relises......dies* I love Ethan💗 Credit: guchi_dolan 💗 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ethan grayson dolantwins dolantwinmemes dolantwinsedits

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truly thought both tattoos they did on each other from the new video were quite cool, must have really hurt though.

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I just finished watching this short film called “pretty boy” and omg I love. The girl his dad hooked him up with To try and make his straight was so sassy and sweet like omg I fucking loved her so much and I feel bad that she has to sell herself to be able to one day see her baby boy like omg I’m crying 😭😭 and omg the story of Sean and the story of Katie made me so emotional like damn😭😭 I just loved them both so much and Katie deserves all the love in the world. 10/10 recommend you watch it. . . . markiplier  markiplierfan darkiplier markiplieredit crankgameplays jacksepticeye antisepticeye  edit jackaboy wiishu myedit markimoo youtuber youtube youtubeislife seanmcloughlin ethan mark youtubers  fanart jacksepticeye jacksepticeyefan crankiplier cute septiplier prettyboy

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Should I come back or do u guys even care at this point. You can be honest I won't get butthurt it'll just help me more if you're honest bc ion wanna spend all this time if nobody cares so please give me a sec to comment if I should come back or leave. . . . . ethandolan graysondolan dolantwins dolantwinedit dolanedits dolanedits cute dolan ethan grayson edit edits cuteedits ethandolanedit ethandolanedits graysondolanedit graysondolanedits followforfollow likeforlike commentforcomment

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let’s go on a rant for a sec; I truly do not understand why people are hating on _emmachamberlain and ethandolan & graysondolan . Like they where all starting to do better then ever and then the “ships” started happening and you fake ass fans started hating on them like wtf!! Like it or not the sister squad is pretty fucken happy and maybe ethan and emma are dating and maybe their not either way it’s not our fucking business. ~random tags ignore them: emma emmachamberlain emmachamberlainedit ethanisnotgoingtojailparty ethan ethandolan grayson graysondolanedits graysondolan ethanedit ethandolanedit graysonedits mind mindyourbusiness stfu sisters shistar shister shistersquad sistersquad ethanisgoingtojailparty james jamescharles jamescharlesedit dolan dolantwin dolantwins edit

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He’s so cute ahhh Can’t wait for today’s video omg yey ethandolan -Daisy