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The leaves in my town are officially trading in their green for the gold. Sweater weather has arrived. 🍁 fall itsofficial enjoyeverymoment 🍂

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Some people eat with passion and joy, I should know because I am one of them! 😅 And though I am cooking a lot I don't really get to eat that much because I am always sharing my food with the people around me. My best partner in crime is the lovely Frau Meyer. She cooks with passion, she eats with passion ans she gets extremly excited everytime we dine together. Last evening we sat down and enjoyed a very delicious Chocolate Pudding with Fresh Figs and Granola, and she was delighted.

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Лавандовое настроение 😍😍😍💜💜💜 Кстати, вы спрашиваете меня знает ли мелкая какие-нибудь команды 😎 Знает и много, причём как на русском, так и на англе 👌 мы учили с ней с детства 😉 Вот одна из них - дай лапу 🐾🐩 😘 lavender pomeranianworld pomeranianpuppy померанскийшпиц шпицуля doggy awesome wow super amazing beautiful красотаспасетмир любовьспасетмир happiness enjoy enjoylife enjoyeverymoment unforgettable preciousmoments mylife gorgeous goodvibes canadalife canada🇨🇦 photooftheday cuteanimals animalplanet realbeauty instadogs

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Cozumel is so beautiful! Loved spending the day with christinahales at Playa Azul. What a trip this has been! Thank you MojiLife! enjoyeverymoment

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Those little feet may be small but so big is the imprint they have on a mama’s heart 👣// Savoring these days when my babies are still little enough to hold in my hands, before I can only hold them in my heart. ❤️ . The other day, as I was putting my 2-year-old’s sandals on her feet, I couldn’t help but notice how big her tiny foot had grown. And in turn, it almost took me aback to take in how much she had grown as a whole. It wasn’t that long ago that she was still a chubby little baby learning to crawl, to cruise, to walk. Yet here she was now - talking up a storm, laughing and joking with her mama, and running around like a big girl. . As she looked up at me with her sparkly eyes and her huge sweet smile, my heart couldn’t help but melt (break) a little. It’s funny how those moments just hit you at the most random times, but it struck me that it was going by way too fast. . With our new Fall rhythms, especially with school starting, our days are feeling packed. I feel like I’m constantly rushing around. It doesn’t help that this girl just started going through a phase where she is super attached to Mommy and wants to be held like a baby all the time. She’s so big now that my arms get tired trying to hold her while getting stuff done around the house, and I find myself not-so-secretly wishing for a break. . But in that moment, it was a sobering jolt for me. She is only getting bigger. She loves her mama. And all she simply wants is just to be with me. . This precious time when they are little is only for a short season. I so easily get wrapped up in *doing* parenting instead of just simply the being of it - just being a parent, just being Mommy. No one else gets to be Mommy to my kids. It is a privilege and blessing; the time, a gift. In all our momming, may we not miss out on the best part. ❤️ . mamalife momlife momming motherhood thedaysarelong theyearsareshort growingup growinguptoofast toddlerlife enjoyeverymoment holdon liveinthemoment justbe sandiegomom socalmom realmom workingmom instamom mommyblogger mindfulparenting mindfulmama parenthood parenting

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Let me tell you something about myself. Well, always 🙈. I’m actually super emotional lately. The ups, the downs, the FEELS. Every conversation and encounter, I’m valuing it more. Every meet up, I’m sadder when leaving. Every movie or tv show, I get super invested in the story line. So today, I went for a walk after reading Present over Perfect (a book that’s helping me be more present in every day life instead of so anxious). I noticed a couple yelling at each other. I noticed a man hard at work at the coffee shop. And I noticed myself enjoying the MOMENT more. Emotions were still deep- I got upset hearing them argue. I felt the stress of the man at work. But overall, I noticed myself breathing, listening and loving. And that’s a nonscale victory I’m really proud of. I’m curious, anyone else get super invested in things around them that it’s hard to focus on yourself sometimes?

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Is that a smile at 6 AM?! ... I am NOT a morning person, BUT I gladly carve out time every morning for myself. It’s not easy, I’m not overly motivated. It’s just routine and I’ve created a habit—that’s IT! ... Here’s the deal. I’m a teacher. I serve students and teachers ALL. DAY. LONG. While I love my job, it can be exhausting. I know so many of you can relate to this regardless of your career. ... I choose to make myself a priority in the morning. To fill my cup, so that I can best serve others during my day. Before I even get to my workout, I take the time to get my mind right and focused. ❣️Devotional ❣️Gratitude Journal ❣️Read 1 chapter from my book ... I love to give, help, teach, and lead. But I can’t do it from an empty cup. That’s how you run yourself thin, winding up drained. ... Everyone’s schedules and circumstances are different, this is just works best for me and my schedule. I challenge you to fill up your cup + figure out what works best for YOU. ... P.s I REALLY need to start remembering to take my makeup off before I go to bed, holy moly 😆

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Love this girl so much :) we had fun chopping wood and then she wanted to go through the woods and find sticks for the winter she said :) ❤️😍my hard worker! Keeps me goin non stop till bedtime everyday hahah love it and wouldn’t have it any other way! lovemygirl shesamazingbeautiful enjoyeverymoment liveinthemoment woods choppingwoodhardwork hardworker jolly tuesday daddyslittlegirlallsmiles goodvibes mycabinlogcabinlakepondredwagonnpcfitfamigfitinstafit bodybuilderbodybuildinggreen getoutsidesunnydayblueskies

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Life is special Enjoy it One step At a time 😊 . . . . enjoyeverymoment

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"Young girls with dreams ⠀ become women with vision."⠀ ⠀ Linh's session was full of leadership and memories that will last a lifetime! She arrived with her entire family and it was such a great day to celebrate your accomplishments! ⠀ ⠀ Hair and makeup by Amber.⠀ ⠀ behindthescenes bts enjoyeverymoment beinthemoment rebeccahoulihanphotography memoriestolastalifetime printyourphotos michiganphotographer michiganportraitphotographer michiganseniorphotographer michiganseniorpictures lansingphotographer seniorpictures printsareforever michigannewbornphotographer newbornphotography gonetoosoon michiganengagementphotographer michiganbeautyphotographer brandingportraits seniorportraits uniqueseniorportraits classof2019 seniorphotos lansingmichigan

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I don’t plug authors often...well maybe I do, but only the really really really supremely good ones. This is such an enlightening read, sure to spark a conversation- both on a personal level and social one as well johann.hari Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions . . . “We have lost our tribe and our hope for a meaningful future and so we drown our misery in the white noise of social media and electronic screens, in ravenous consumption and materialism (“the KFC of the soul”). Instead, we need to reconnect, knit together a broken web. This can mean anything from cutting down on social media and avoiding advertising to meditation or even joining a community garden, a choir, volunteering.” unplug nosocialmedia beinthenow findyourtribe reconnect realconnection humanconnection bepresent embracelife contemplation equanimity findingpurpose detachment disconnecttoconnect presentmoment johannhari lostconnections connectwithothers dowhatyoulove enjoyeverymoment

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Мне удалось побывать на интересном мероприятии и пройти дистанцию в 21км и запечатлеть красивые пейзажи. Забег проходил по удивительно красивому хребту Крака, а точнее, по его северному узлу, отмеченному на картах, как Большой и Малый Крака. Немного поднявшись вверх, начинаешь ощущать красоту самого хребта и его окрестностей. champion_rc беговойклубчемпион крака трейл trailranning ябегузначитживу уфабежит ӨФӨ слабоумиеиотвага enjoy enjoyeverymoment enjoymdvtraining followme me MarseilleDeVerone like like4like instalike nice niceday good Ufa Salavat Sterlitamak Казань фото

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Este fue el closet en la edición pasada de truequedemoda para que se den una idea de cómo funciona 💙👗 la querida lilian_pepper no lo muestra. (versión completa en IGTV)

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[26/09/2018 - 1:00 am] Tea time is a chance to slow down, pull back and appreciate our surroundings. I like the pause that tea allows. I love drinking my tea early in the morning and late at night when everything is quiet, everyone sleeping at home...it's just me enjoying the moment, listening to my heartbeat and just smiling about all my blessings 😌 ---------------------------- Have a good night babes 😘 . . . tuesday nighthome teaisalwaystheanswer teatime tealover lemontea hotdrink apeasing enjoyeverymoment teaholic ilovetea mug tasty teaaddict hot instadrink tealife tea

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" A garden is a great teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness. It teaches industry and thrift. Above all, it teaches entire trust." - Gertrude Jeckyll ( ....from my brother's garden : ) tomatoes tomatoes🍅 tomato tomatolove tomato🍅 tomatoplant tomatogarden tomatoplants fruitsandvegetables fruitsandveggies greentomatoes vegetablegarden vegetablegardening enjoythelittlethings enjoyingnaturesbeauty enjoy enjoyinglife💯 enjoyingthelittlethings enjoynature enjoyeverymoment earth_unlocked

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It’s so easy to say...”I’ve already messed up, I might as well stop.” It’s never a done deal unless you stop trying. Keep at it! A set back is not a failure and life is meant to be lived!