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1 day ago

Goose Fair - England’s oldest fair. It was a week ago now but this time of year we’re always blessed with these gorgeous evening skies - full of fire and energy. I love this time of year in England, the colours, the weather and the fashion - nothing better than a woolly jumper and boots! I’m not even jealous of all my ozzy mates heading into summer 🤦‍♀️ honestly - - - - - goosefair autumndays aseasonalshift englishdays weekendvibes nottingham eastsmidlands prettyskies saturdayvibes pinkskies

1 day ago

I’m slowly settling in to my new house, it’s a little daunting knowing where to start so I’m visiting beautiful places for inspiration. Here’s the amazing hallway, stairs and ceiling plaster detail at the Georgian peckoverhouseandgarden ♡👌🏻 (Thanks for the woodworm advice hannahargyle the bottom of this staircase was also covered in it! 🐛)

3 days ago

En route to the tea room through this beautiful misty scene, autumn is in full swing in England! ☕️🍂☁️🏡

4 days ago

Putting in a bit of Georgian interiors research at peckoverhouseandgarden with mrsxgriggs today. Such a beautiful palette of greens (plus the first electric chandelier) 💡🙌🏻💚🍽

6 days ago

Anyone for cricket? A soaking wet but fun day at the 2018 World Conker Championships 🌧💪🏻🌰🏏

1 week ago

Я немного запуталась в днях недели, месяце, сезоне, времени суток и в каком городе я нахожусь. Но я реально кайфую от огромного количества работы, которая интересная и ежедневно развивает меня как профессионала и личность, круто что рутины стало намного меньше, обожаю людей которые в моей сфере бизнеса и безумно рада тому что снова наконец-то английского языка в моей жизни становится больше. P.S. Одна я - хорошо, а три меня - намного лучше 😜😉

1 week ago

My view from Lion Bridge in the previous photo, plus some mistletoe and berries 🙌🏻💙🏰🌲🇬🇧

1 week ago

Polo necks, boots, and autumn colours 🍂🌞🍁 a few of the reasons this is my favourite season