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《~Le destin ne de fait pas comme ça, il faut le vouloir et le créer pour que ton avenir puisse ressembler à ce que tu souhaitais lorsque ton destin commençait à peine de se tracer~》 "OUVRE LA ROUTE" comme dirait un soldat passe devant mais ne te retourne jamais et surtout N'ABANDONNE JAMAIS car la vie vaut se quelle vaut mais elle vaut la peine d'être vécu alors soit fier de ce que tu fais et ne t'arrête pas

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How many secrets can you keep? THOSE EYES. 📷 mattia_bordignon love this photo❤

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There has been a few people thinking it’s ok to tell me and other women that they need to cover themselves, and not look so raunchy... BUUUT Phenix is here to say if loving your body after years of hating it, and feeling ashamed of it, and ALWAYS hiding yourself is raunchy.... then count me in. Know the difference between being comfortable and showing how you love your body, and using your body for other reasons (which still doesn’t matter because it’s your body you can do what you please with it) . . . . . . . . . . model fitness lamodel fitnessmodel selflove outfit lascout willyscouts chicagomodel femalemodel fashionmodel phoreverphenix imgmodel fordmodel facormodel elitemodel curlyhair nautral naturalhair curls respectthecurls love repost share follow likeforlike like

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Mi preparo per l’inverno 🤷🏻‍♂️

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We may be living in Cali, but we still party like Wisconsin!!

8 months ago

Love this picture from a tournament over the summer.. grandgirl had her arm in a cast, blisters on her feet, two days of intense games. It takes a squadron of family to get her match-ready, but we love it ❤️ ⚽️