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How to train for athletic performance - . 1. Specificity - demands of their sport, strengths & weaknesses, specific energy systems, injuries, end goal etc... 2. Master the Basics - squats, hinges, horizontal push/pull, vertical push/pull. 3. Quality > Quantity - when quality suffers you are wasting energy and potentially increasing stress to your body above which it can tolerate. 4. Importance of Tempo- train at the correct speed and intensity to bring about the desired adaptations. 5. Rest & Recovery - crucial. . When preparing athletes there is little to no room for entertaining gimmicks or fads. Stick to what’s proven and what works.✔️ . JP ATHLETIC 💯 . . . . . jpathletic football training athletes elite specific habits routine ronaldo cr7 juventis italy fifa ronaldo7 performance train trainer

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JH-Town Weekend 🤘🏻

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🤔🤔🤔❓❓❓ When i first saw this image i doubted its validity!!! Freemasons have sent me this on numerous occasions trying to wind me up!!! But after extensive research on Obama and discovering how much of a fraud he was, I am doubting its validity less!!! The depth of social enginering is so vast that they will infiltrate and spread disinformation, doubt and fear like the bubonic plague!!! And there will always be sellouts along the way!!! I am not sure Mandela was one of those but he was obviously a mason and we know what that means if thats any indicator!!! And if this pic is fake well it just puts emphasis on my point!!! Racism, drugs, hollywood, debt, war, famine, poverty....its all just a system of control!!!! All of it!!! And its all manufactured!!! When will we learn??? 😞☹️😢We must raise consciouness, spread awareness and tell truths where ever we can!!! Only when we are one will we win!!!💪🏽🙌🏽✌🏽 wakeup true truth power control human people earth world disinformation fear doubt hope socialengineering federalreserve rothschild government politics elite mentality consciousness illuminati freemason nelsonmandela

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Fresh bath lookin all clean and extra shiny!! Scroll right to look into the Dragoons eyes =) This is one of my favorite pieces I've created and am deciding to release it let another rock this beautiful wearableart Wear this Talisman from any way u choose. Front, back, top, or bottom. "Dragoon" features *Front* 1 trillion cut Moldavite facet 2x raw Montana sapphire 2x tsavorite garnet facets 2x emerald facets 2x raw emeralds *Back* 2x raw mint tsavorite garnets 1.9gram chrome tourmaline Handcrafted in sterling and fine silver. And 14kt goldfill. Looking for the neck who like to wear this beautiful art. Comes on a sterling silver 26" rope chain (retail 65$) free with pendant. Comes in a jewelry box. madewithlove *Payment plans available *Dm for inquiries forest_wrapz < < < < forestwrapz lovetocreate love oprahsbookclub videooftheday gemoftheday gemporn rockout artwork artsy working workout yoga hulahoop metaphysical meditation cannabiscommunity dablife dmt 710society Highend elite

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"Nunca se termina de conocer a la gente, pero asi es la life putazos"♥️♥️

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Hace tiempo que no usaba mis tenis esos los que compré cuando empecé a ser instructor y dicen LADY B!! Hoy era un buen día para hacerlo... lleve conmigo mis viejos tenis, mis viejos sueños... pero salí con pasos renovados y resultados que me sorprendieron! Más cerca de mi! Con mejor energía para dar! Gracias José Luis Barrón por los consejos! César Ismael Gómez ni que decir... el camino ha sido lento, largo, pesado, no tengo prisa estaré ahí mucho tiempo!! Hoy ya no soy la misma! Diferente pero sigo siendo yo!! aim2 lesmills fitnesscoach ladyb ladybfitnesscoach elite ladybfulloflove happy lesmills lesmillstribe onetribe

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We out here on the University of Akron breaking world records and being ELite gozips

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👹🤘🏻👎🏽🖕🏽😡🤬🤮 Fascist big tech companies like Spotify and Google openly promote satanic and luciferian beliefs through symbolism!!! The google chrome sign is 666, apple uses the genesis apple with the bite symbolising sin and the list goes on!!! This hand signal is to salute their hermaphrodite goat diety!!! If anyone still thinks this means “rock on” you need to wake the fck up!!! 😴😴 Buy a cross✝️ or tasbih📿 and keep it on or at least close by for protection from their bullshit!!! Excuse my language and praise to the most high🙌🏽 wakeup true truth bigtech spotify google facebook apple satanic symbolism handsignals power government politics elite fascism consciousness

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Prayers 🆙🙏 See link in bio...

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I wanted to share with you my personal story. I died when I was seven and when I was flat lined for 5 minutes I asked "Dad are we at church" (after I came back) and he said "no son you're not in church you just got hit by a car" and I said "then why is there a cross in the sky". My dad saw an angel touch my head and the angel said something that my dad couldn't understand to give life back into me. After the angel did this my dad turned around to thank the angel and the angel had disappeared! ‎שבתשלום shabbatshalom shabbat shabbos jewish תמונה ישראל israel תייגו חברים israeldefenseforces waronterror israeli idf uniform israeliarmy k9 specialforces swat dogs elite military army soldier police security operators tactical gear combat