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I don't think I even want to know. 😳 My exercising has been non existent, my eating hasn't been the greatest, I've been on my period and I haven't been to toilet in just over a week (sorry TMI). Recipe for a gain really lol. I have been thinking of weighing fortnightly lately. Seems my weightloss pattern always goes good bad good bad. So hopefully doing it fortnightly will stop the scales from dictating my mood! weighinwednesday weightlosssurgery gastricsleeve vsg wls plussize change vsgcommunity inspiration wlsuk vsgsupport healthy transform bariatricsurgery win curves wlssupport verticalsleevegastrectomy effyourbeautystandards vsginstacrew pcos wlsmentalhealth sleevedfamily vsguk feb2018vsgbabes

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by farahdhukai 📩 DM for credit modification Cannes inspired Makeup makeupbymario kimkardashian FACE- coverfx cream foundation G60 mixed with 2 drops of farsalicare Rose Gold Elixir blush: nars lip cover - overheated highlight: hourglass illume sheer trio EYES- beccacosmetics ombre nudes palette maybelline gel eyeliner - black lorealmakeup voluminous superstar mascara LIPS- nars lip cover - overheated makeupaddict nails beautylover makeupartist makeuplover beautyjunkie weddingmakeup eyebrows makeupartistsworldwide beautybloggers greenbeauty nailstagram organicbeauty gelnails beautyandthebeast nailsofinstagram halloweenmakeup effyourbeautystandards naturalbeauty makeuplovers eyebrowsonpoint eyemakeup eyelashesmurah eyelashextension beautytips naturalmakeup makeupporn nails2inspire lipstickaddict lipsticks

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"До свадьбы заживет" Ахах, до моей свадьбы не только заживет, но и успеет разложиться на плесень и липовый мёд.© effyourbeautystandards саматыжирная

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Today is a makeup free maxi dress kinda day. I went to Malmö for a long weekend the week before last and the sunshine did wonders for my skin! I get prickly heat if I spend too long in the sun so I usually look like Snow White’s distant cousin but I’m loving this new sun-kissed glow. Might have to go away more often!⠀ 👙👓☀️⠀ Photo: My Own⠀ 📷⠀ myjigglyhips bodypositive bodypositivemovement bodypositivity bodypositivebabe effyourbodystandards effyourbeautystandards bodydiversity loveyourself bodypositivewarrior bopo bopowarrior radicalbodylove allbodiesarebeautiful allbodiesaregoodbodies stophatingyourbody bodyconfidence beautyatanysize healthatanysize flauntyourcurves losehatenotweight stopbodyshaming stophatingyourbody nobodyshame nobodyshamecampaign

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Self explanatory 🔥❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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Repost lexinimmo with get_repost ・・・ I'm going to Full Figured Fashion Week! . . When I started modeling one year ago I never imagined that I would be traveling to New York City to model in private meetings with magazines, networking with industry professionals and influencers and assisting the owner of a clothing company in a professional fashion show!. . I've wanted to go to New York City since I was a little girl. I would grab my grandmas purse and put on my moms heels and head for the door saying "I'm going to Yew Nork!". And now I'm packing for a trip to the biggest fashion event I've ever attended to shake hands with people I never thought I'd get to meet!. . If your dream seems too big, if your goals seem impossible, if the ceiling seems unbreakable I need you to listen closely... you're wrong. Absolutely anything is possible if you want it badly enough I think Walt Disney said it best when he said, "if you can dream it you can do it". in one year I've gone from TFP shoots to working with 10 different companies and getting paid to do this amazing job! And this is only the beginning! If you are determined to succeed and you put in the work it will happen! you just have to trust the process and continue to get up even when you get pushed down. I ask myself all the time "why not me?" Because the truth is there's room for everybody at the top and that includes you! Chase those dreams baby!. . standuptobeautystandards plussizemodel fffweek effyourbeautystandards newyorkcity loveyourcurves hustle followyourdreams

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Hips-ter 🍑 Truth is I took a few weeks off IG lately because I gained on weight since I moved to Canada and I needed some time to get to know and accept this new body of mine. Body positivity is not always easy, some days it’s just more difficult to love what you see in the mirror, but in the end our bodies are to be cherished and loved and cared for no matter the shape or the size: I just needed to be reminded of that ♥️ selflove bopo confidence

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So yesterday I was flexing in the mirror like the typical d bag that I am 👏🏻🌺 and out of no where my whole stomach just sucked up into my rib cage! Can anyone else do this? Or what is something crazy that your body does??

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Os presento a mi sobri, Abril🌸 Nació ayer, es súper peque, tiene los ojos azules y cuando se le caiga todo ese pelo va a ser muy rubia👸🏼 ¡Qué ganas teníamos de que llegara!💖

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Have a love hate relationship with city chic clothing. I’m too small chested for a lot of the tops, there bottoms don’t fit my belly or bum well and are always too baggy yet will fit well in the waist. And wearing there smallest size (14 how is that even considered plus size) will be a bit too small for me. But they are one of the only places that do a good quality lingerie set that comes in a bra size 20D. due to my gastric issues, if I wear a bra I have to have the band very very loose with no tightness otherwise I feel I could spew. so I need a larger back band, being a size 20. But most back bands that are that large only come in larger cup sizes. but city chic has every size you could possibly need in any cup size and they are constantly coming out with amazing sets that arnt your average white black and beige for the thicker chicks 🐥 This is the opulence set that also comes with a knicker shorty what I’m wearing or a thong ✌️ . . effyourbeautystandards effyourbodystandards curvygirl curves thick thickthighssavelives selfie bodypositive bodypositivity bopo bopowarrior loveyourself selflove selfacceptance whatfatgirlsactuallywear beautyisnotasize selfesteem plus plussize droptheplus stopthestigma plussizefashion alternativecurves chubbybaby ccworldofcurves citychiconline

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A little tip to keep you feeling inspired and motivated today ❤

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I’m crushing on myself today in hopes of letting some other female know that they’re not alone for being different. As a lifetime athlete of sorts (swim, crossfit, competitive Olympic lifter, now a general gym rat) you would think that my muscles would just be part of me and I wouldn’t think twice about it. WRONG! As a female with muscles it is still a challenge to ‘fit in’ or even just fit in clothes so that they fit right. After years of being this size you’d think I’d be use to it. NOPE because being thin and a size 2 is still jammed down women’s throats by the fashion industry and media (gotta love a good fad diet). Having traps and quads bigger than most men still get you looked at or noticed as being JACKED and MANLY. Well today is the day... I’m going to take my JACKED muscles and thick AF quads and own them. I’m doing it for myself and for all the other women who still struggle with this. I also am refusing to fear looking ‘too muscular’ in my wedding dress. TRUTH. I didn’t work this hard for nothing. effyourbeautystandardsjackaffemininewomenwithmusclesdidnthappenovernighlululemonunderarmoursquatsolympicliftinggirlswholiftwiderthanadoorway allkindsofbeautifulbeingmeengagedpinknails positivevibesbodypositivewomenempowerment grrlarmygrrlpower

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"If only people felt as strongly about healthcare as they did fatness. If only they spoke up as much about public policy as they did fatness. If only they rallied against bullying the way they do fat bodies. If only they believed being judgmental was as bad as being fat. If only they worked as hard at being empathetic as they did at being thin. If only their goal was to make others feel seen as much as it was to make them feel envy." . . . My friend _ankita_1998 shared a really nice article with me about body positivity and this is a little excerpt from there. If you'd like to read it I'm leaving the link in my bio. If you do read it, do let me know how you liked it. . . . bodypositive bodypositivity fatandfabulous fatandsassy plussizecelebration plussize psblogger embracethosecurves browngirlbloggers browngirl indianblogger kolkatablogger fashionforallsizes fashionismyfirstlove effyourbeautystandards effyourfashionstandards unpose weightandwin weightandwatch beyourrainbow😍 pridemonth mypride loveyourself plussizefashion stopbodyshaming

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~ You do not have to be a fire for every mountain blocking you. You could be a water and soft river your way to freedom too ~ I think it’s a great metaphor for any kind of relationship! 🙌🏻 Sometimes it’s really exhausting to fight and discuss permanently everything and to be the only fire all the time holding on and trying. It’s interesting how ‚the blocking mountains’ get used to it and get totally upset when one stops the flame. I have to remind myself more often that softness and gentleness is far more my kind of behavior than this constantly burning. The fire isn’t strong enough to move the mountains anyway! 🤷🏼‍♀️ So you pay with your inner peace for no result at all. And you all know, if it costs you your inner peace it’s too expensive! ☝🏻 So let us be kind and soft like water more often. Cause we all deserve some inner peace 🕊 mood balticsea ostsee warnemünde happyplace lifeisbetterbythesea thinkaboutit fireandwater kindness relationships killthemwithkindness staygentle gentleness quote quoteoftheday ifitcostsyouyourpeaceitstooexpensive innerpeace plussize plusisequal plussizeblogger lifethrowcurves loveyourself makeyourselfapriority effyourbeautystandards happyisnotadresssize

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I am so in love with my retreatyourself_box I posted a few sneak peeks on my story over the last few days of products I was trying from the box but here is everything! For $59.95 you get around $200 worth of product to treat yourself! I couldn’t think of anything better. Who doesn’t want to pamper themself! I got to try new brands (that I am now in love with) and treat myself to a pamper day! retreatyourself retreatyourselfbox - - - bopo bodyposi bodypositive bodyconfidence bodyconfident bodylove aerie everybodyisbeautiful curves curvygirl curvymodel fitcurves nonairbrushedme summerofcellulite girlpower feminism feminist effyourbeautystandards selflove bikini bikinigirl celebratemysize honormycurves plusisequal alternativecurves allbodiesaregoodbodies bodyacceptance

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I seriously could not love this tylerfeder illustration any more and I’m sharing because of a segment on thismorning that just made me ugh which was presented by ellemacphersonofficial on how to get ‘beach body ready’ 🙄 WELL LOOK AT ALL THE GLORIOUS REPRESENTATION HERE ⬆️! Body positive magic ✨ and you DO already have a beach body, every single one of you! 💛💗❤️🌈☀️ beachbody bodypositive bodypositivity selflove honormycurves effyourbeautystandards equality

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🌞 Here’s a picture of me from four months ago - February 26th. My boyfriend and I had taken a day trip to the beach. Last month, I looked back at this picture and was horrified. How could I have published this on social media? I felt embarrassed that I’d exposed myself like that, and deleted the picture from my page. • • It wasn’t until a few weeks of restricting my diet, planning to fast and eventually ending up on a pro-ED website looking for weight loss success stories that I realised that I’d been tricked again. I was reducing myself to just my physical size, and almost prepared to sacrifice my mental health for temporary weight loss another time. • • Luckily I managed to realise the link between my mood and my food restriction, and since then I’ve been making an effort to be kinder to myself. When I see this photo with a clear mind, I remember the joy I felt, the beauty of the ocean, our picnic of cheese, grapes and cider. It was a perfect day, and I don’t recall thinking about how I looked at all. I’m please to now look back and know that I look beautiful here because I look like myself - comfortable and happy. Now I just need to make it up to myself for all the cruel things I’ve said in the past. • • bodypositive bodyacceptance bodyacceptance effyourbeautystandards realwomen everybodyisbeatiful bodyposi bodypositiveblogger youarebeautiful beautystandards dietculture dietculturedropout intuitiveeating feminism feminist

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Introducing the SPRING 2019 LAYKE MADISON COLLECTION . . A close up look at our one-of-a-kind, exclusive, resort wear coverup designs available for purchase 💵 at the "Go Red For Women" 👠runway event July 14th at miamicurvesweek! Limitedavailability . . 💎 B. Sexy, B. Confident, B. You . Click link in bio or visit www.bjcfashion.com . . swimbody bodypositive loveyou confidence beyou swimwear shopsmallbusiness smallbusiness plussizemodel jojowest bjuledcouture trending plusswim plus plusswim plussizefashion effyourbeautystandards swimsuit designer designerswim coverup resortwear miamicurvesweek resortwear exclusive goldenconfidence plusmodelmag

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Sleepy girl survives Wednesday 👌🏻💤

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I feel great, and I love looking like a woman. I love being curvy and having big beautiful boobs and hips. It's hot. I don't ever want to be size zero. Meet cute big and beautiful singles in your area with our BBW dating service. click on a bio link bbwgirls bbwmodel plussize bbws sexyanysize bbwlove bbwlovers instagood instadaily bbwgram plusisequal effyourbeautystandards bbwsupremacy bbwsarethebest bodypositive bopo allsizematter fatbulous fattastic bbwshoutouts bellystuffing bigandbeautiful bigbellygirl plus_size bbwfinder fatdating bbwclub bodyconfident

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Quick reminder-it is officially summer, meaning it is H-O-T (well at least here in the swamp we call Virginia😒) . Don’t fall for this fat-phobic “beach body” crap. EVERYONE deserves the right to wear what they want this summer-regardless of body type. . No one should ever have to feel ashamed of their size or pressured to lose weight to feel worthy of wearing clothing that is cool and comfortable🙅🏻‍♀️ . Got a body? Get yourself to the beach. Congratulations you are now the proud owner of a beach body⛱ . Image artist: KHW 2013

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Ok so this is one of my favourite fitness quotes and it is so true. I went to crossfit this morning after not going for two weeks due to injuring my knee and being on holiday. It was a great work out today. I managed to bench press 30kg! Which was awesome and I'm so proud of how far I've come and how much further I can go. I've accepted that I will never be skinny but I am going to be fit in the body I'm in! fitness progress proud crossfit castawaybox2 goals happy inspiration fatbutfit effyourbeautystandards

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I feel great, and I love looking like a woman. I love being curvy and having big beautiful boobs and hips. It's hot. I don't ever want to be size zero. Meet cute big and beautiful singles in your area with our BBW dating service. click on a bio link bbwgirls bbwmodel plussize bbws sexyanysize bbwlove bbwlovers instagood instadaily bbwgram plusisequal effyourbeautystandards bbwsupremacy bbwsarethebest bodypositive bopo allsizematter fatbulous fattastic bbwshoutouts bellystuffing bigandbeautiful bigbellygirl plus_size bbwfinder fatdating bbwclub bodyconfident

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Sis, what would happen if you decided to spend the rest of this year focusing on improving the the things in your life you usually ignore? . The first half of the year has been an emotional blur, from reminiscing on my late Mother to chasing things and situations that didn’t want to be caught, to also allowing my past to negatively resurface. It has been a blender of emotions to say the least. . Last week, I decided I am going to be a little more selfish for the rest of the year. Which actually is not selfish at all when I think about it. Just a simple act of making myself a priority, doing the things that heal me and to seek complete peace and more moments of Joy is my current necessity. . By doing this, I realize that it will be equip me to handle other aspects of my life such as; Love, Parenting, My Educational journey, dream building and so much more. All of these things need to grow from a healthy foundation and it all starts with me. . Who else is on a healing journey? . . 📸: i.mays . . Swimsuit: forever21 . thesucculentsix thisismybeachbody effyourbeautystandards thesucculentsix plussizefashion mayaangelou mayaangelouquotes bbbg plussizebloggers visiblyplussize bopowarriors bigandblunt celebratemysize mysizerox honourmycurves goldenconfidence mystylishcurves tcfstyle fashionforwardplus daretowear bbbg mysizerox yyzblogger torontoblogger daretowear plusmodelmag wfgaw andigetdressed blackgirlmagic melanin travelmom blackgirlmagic daretowear