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These are my kind of flowers 💐 😋 Follow artist__choice • • 📷 unknown

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No hay mejor manera de despedirse de la buena carne que en donjulioparrilla El lugar es súper lindo y se como la ostia. El menú elegido fue: ▪Entrada: chorizo de cerdo y morcilla (no le saqué foto. No tenía mucho sentido) ▪Plato principal: ojo de bife hiper jugozo y papas fritas! Al postre no llegué... estaba repleta! El tema es que cuando llegas, y mientras esperas tu mesa, te reciben con un espumante bien fresco y unas empanaditas de carne inmejorables. Después viene el pancito casero, el aceite de oliva... en fin, una panzada de reyes! Yo les diría que un día jueguen a los turistas y vayan a conocerlo! . . . donjulioparrilla carne meat argentina lunch comida comer eat eater food lovefood travelgram travelblogger instagood foodie foodlover photooftheday instalike lifestyle feedfeed instagram happy

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Assalamualaikum...🤗 . Alhamdulillah tiba dipenghujung Minggu ini.. hari Jum'at hari yg ditunggu tunggu, apalagi buat para Moms, yg pastinya rindu bermain bersama babys nya😍 . Moms yang dari kemarin sudah kepoin Say Dimsum.. monggo Lengkapi weekend nya bersama keluarga dengan camilan Dimsum.. yang InsyaAllah bikin nagih..😉🏡 . Ready Say Dimsum Kombinasi dan Say Dimsum Specialnya.. . Hari ini order besok pagi masih anget2 langsungg cuzzzz ... . dimsumenak dimsum dimsumdepok dimsumjabodetabek food foodporn yum instafood yummy amazing instagood photooftheday sweet dinner lunch like4like breakfast fresh tasty food delish delicious eating foodpic foodpics eat hungry foodgasm hot foods

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Nuestra experiencia se remonta a varias generaciones. Trabajar la carne es un arte.

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Babo The Drinkshop Black Sugar Milk Tea w/ Pearls - $29 HKD Babo the Drinkshop is a new bubble tea store that opened near where I usually go after tuition. You’d probably realised that I am rather familiar with the area, from the TP Tea, Teppei, KFC and Jollibee posts. The Chocolate Starbucks one was also in Wan Chai. Off topic, anyway, Babo The Drinkshop. I had their Black Sugar Milk Tea w/ Pearls(because I love it and its my craving). First look, it looks okay. The syrup isn’t heavily dosed and the cup is quite cute. After a good shake, I drank it. Overall, it was okay. Nothing special about it. I would say the taste is 60 percent milk, its definitely more Milky. Their pearls are average, but overall the drink was okay. Definitely check it out if you have craving. If there isn’t a cue, why not try? Seeing the3se small shops open in HK intrigue me, I hope that they survive under the extremely high rent. Location:182 Wan Chai Rd, Wan Chai Nearest MTR:Wan Chai Taste:7/10 Overall(Location, feels in the area,price):8/10 food foodporn yum instafood yummy amazing instagood photooftheday sweet dinner lunch breakfast fresh tasty food delish delicious eating foodpic foodpics eat hungry foodgasm hot foods

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I’ve gotta say it...this may just be the best bowl in Baltimore! Old location, new location, either way earthshakebaltimore is just downright dope. HUGE açaí bowls made any way you want, the owner is cool af, and the bowls taste even better than they look! 💯 all around

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Esta es un lindo recuerdo para compartir, somos equilibrados pero nos encanta divertirnos... eat fit couple

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🚩🏈Come to lasorpresabakery and watch eagle vs browns 8:20pm Tonight . 🛑🍺We have Buckets of beers for only $14.99 Heineken and Corona. And don't forget your favorite Colombian Food. . . . madefromscratch eagle nfl football2018 colombianfood colombia calicolombia bakery donuts bakery ri pvdeats pvd pastries heineken coronas bread comidacolombiana broadst centralfalls cumberlandri instagood instfood rhodeisland foodexplorer hungry nomnom vivacolombia eat goodfood lasorpresabakery bakery

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: Poêlée forestière de girolles et trompettes de la mort, crème au lard et oeuf coulant. L’automne arrive avec ses produits de la forêt, les champignons, la chasse, que du bon . 👨‍🍳 Christian Etchebest 📍La Cantine du Troquet, Paris . Mushrooms with chanterelles and trumpets of death, cream with bacon and flowing egg. Autumn arrives with its forest products, mushrooms, hunting, it’s all good stuffs . 8,5/10

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. . 관계(關係): 둘 이상의 사람, 사물, 현상 따위가 서로 관련을 맺거나 관련이 있음. 또는 그런 관련. . 2박 3일 간의 평양 남북정상회담이 어제로 끝났다. 남북 관계가 급물살을 타고 있다. 급진전 또는 급변하는 관계는 언제라도 뒤집어질 가능성을 내포하고 있다. 그래서 최선을 다하되, 늘 조심하고 주의를 기울여야한다. 비단 국가 관계 뿐 아니라 인간 관계도 그러할 것인데 우리는, 나는 그렇게 살고 있는가. . 만두전골 / 접시만두 / 20170328 . . 평안도만두집 2TV생생정보 수요미식회 수요미식회맛집 광화문맛집 만두 덕후 냠냠 먹방 먹부림 먹스타 먹스타그램 맛스타그램 맛있다그램 eat food instafood igfood north korean style dumplings hungry foodie foodlover yummy delicious delish tasty nomnom lovefood feedfeed foodpics foodgram foodstagram

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Lets talk about dinner 🍽 ITS A SHAME WE CANT SHARE SMELLS. y’all, these sun-dried & cultivar tomato spinach & ricotta stuffed bell peppers are so freaking DELICIOUS & easy! Happy meal time me & mine to you & yours 😊 one more day people. One more day

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Boa noite! Que tal montar um pratinho desses na sua casa pro café da tarde?! Na esquerda o último daquela série de pães de cará-moela (pode ser que tenha mais uma fornada desses ainda nesse ano, mas se não sempre pode contar com algum outro tubérculo da estação!). À direita, pães australianos, e de trás um pão de centeio . . - _ - . levain caramoela cacau cocoa fermentoselvagem lievitomadre realbread eat food veganfood veganfoodshare boulangerie boulanger bread eatvegan vegan veganbakery artisanhomebaker artisanbread rye bakery sourdough sourdoughbread foodpics foodphotography plantbased

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[Parfait in Nagasaki] Parfait Restaurant Hawaii As a Japan's oldest parfait restaurant, they feel so responsible to our health that they stopped using artificial things at all. Chocolates and vanillas are from natural products factories that stubbonly stick to traditional handmaking. Fruits and foods are all naturally grown and even gelatos has no water but fruit juice. パフェアンドレストランハワイ 長崎パフェlovers nagasaki japan Tag your friends 👇👇👇💋 who love Japanese food🔥 . 💌長崎の写真や動画を世界に広めよう!🆒 ✏自分の投稿にnagasakicool でシェア パフェ好きなお友だちIDを コメント欄に書き込んでね。

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Pizza napoletana ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ☆ ☆ Neapolitan pizza with solid mother yeast. The recipe for making it is found on .....https://buonapizza.forumfree.it/?t=75694031 Dough with only mother yeast Baking in semi-professional oven without change to 450 degrees. Ingredients: Flour w280 1 kg Water 700 gr Sale 33 gr solid mother yeast after 2 refreshments 50 gr 5 hours autolysis Dough and breaking with immediate forming of the balls Episode 6 hours Reforming by turning inwards with the thumbs Final leavening 16 hours Preparation and baking in the oven 450 sky and 450 stalls. It is a mixture suitable for high temperatures where it gives the best and gives a nice mako if cooked in F1 with a by pass at temperature over 500 degrees. But even with the F1 series you can get a nice mixture. Excellent dough also in home ovens with refractory stone heated to maximum and then placed under the grill in the top shelf of the oven. ☆ ☆ ☆ Neapolitan pizza with solid mother yeast. The recipe for making it is found on .....https://buonapizza.forumfree.it/?t=75694031 ☆ ☆ ☆ Ricetta e procedimento ................. https://buonapizza.forumfree.it/?t=75694031 ☆ buonapizza pizzanapoletana pizzaislifenapolifoodporn naples pizzanapoletanadoc pizzaverace napoletana flourfoodporn yum instafood yummy wildyeastfirewodsourddoughclub pizzadaytasty food pizzaday foodpic foodpics eat hungryinstagram instabake foodinstagram oven foodsfoodpichomebaker top_food_of_instagrammasamadre